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1.  photos -  2x  Stahlhelm Bund Photo Album 
145 photos in two albums of a man in the Stahlhelmbund. Well captioned throughout. Good uniform details, marches, parades, ceremonies, officers, identified locations, German towns with Swastika banners, Fauleins, more. 
$265 -  sold

2.  photos - Army Photo Album - Officer - 246 Infantry Division - France Campaign - Nice!
Appx 150 photos of an officer. Well captioned. Comes with a typed page of research about the owner who served in Art Rgt 246 of the 246 Inf Division. Good photos from the France Campaign, crashed planes, French tanks, destroyed french towns and cities, identified locations, French POWs, German Panzers, French armored cars, lots of destruction, German columns on the roll, identified officers including the Regimental commander, Maginot Line defenses, captured French equipment, good photos of captured  French POWs, father and son officers portrait, more. Very good Westfront album!

3.  photos  -  Luftwaffe Photo Album - Poland Campaign
60 photos Well captioned. Studio portraits, guard duty, garrison life, long diary like entries, destruction in Poland, training, beach trips, more.
$70 -  sold

4.  photosArmy Photo Album & Diary - France Campaign
Appx 150 photos. Well captioned, reads like a diary, bicycle infantry, newspaper clippings, identified locations in France, Maginot Line defenses, destroyed French towns after battle, vehicles, captured French vehicles in german service, capture French barracks with graffiti, large fold out map, ceremonies in the field, Maginot Line bunkers, barbed wire defenses, motorcycles, officers, filed bivouacs, troops interacting with French locals, French POWs, and more. nice album!

5.  photos Army & Family Photo Album
Appx 85 photos. Well captioned, Starts with his family childhood photos, then entrance in to the Landespolizei in 1933, nice studio portrait in army uniform with sword, then photos from Greece, Russia 1941, photo of day of his EK2 award in Russia, Studio portrait after promotion to Leutnant, more.
$100 -  sold

6.  photos - German WEHRPASS and  Document Grouping -  14 Panzer Division - KIA Russia 1942
Named grouping to a Willi Mittag who served in Inf Rgt 10 (Jaeger), part of the 4 inf Division and later 14 Panzer Division. Comes with his Wehrpass, many Schiessebucher (Marksmanship record books) Inf Rgt 10 marked, Bierzeitungen, Jugen Hostel ID, and more. He served in Inf Rgt 1, Schuetzen Rgt 108 and well as other units. Nice weapons entires, medal entries for EK2, 1 Oct 1938 medal, many campaign entires for POLAND France & Russia, and more. He was KIA in Russia in August, 1942. Nice grouping
$275 -  sold

7.  photosLuftwaffe FLAK Photo Group - Ground Attack Unit - Russia
100 photos. Good images of 8.8cm Flak cannons and crews in the field in Russia, used as ground attack weapons! Winter camp, good images of life in the field, Ground Combat Badges  & Flak Badges in wear, camouflage uniforms, many photos captioned on the reverse, vehicles with unit emblems, more. very good grouping.
$225 -  sold

8.  photos - Army Photo Grouping - Russia Campaign
69 photos. Good photos of Landsers in the field, Destroyed Russian tanks and trains, long vehicle columns, Waffen-SS unit marked vehicles, officers, units in harsh Russian winter conditions, destroyed Russian towns, Krad elders, Russian POWs, Female Russian prisoners, MP 40, stick grenades, officers, bicycle infantry, winter camp uniform, more.

9.  photosArmy Photo Grouping - Russia Campaign - SEVASTAPOL
71 photos. Salty infantry in the field, bicycle infantry, Heeres Flak positions, EK2 medals just awarded in the field, field kitchens, Krads, Russian POWs, photos form the Crimea and Sevastapol, Maxim Gorky fortress in Sevstapol, Hitler Jugend photos, MG 34, graffiti, medals awarded in field, river crossing, more.
$125 -  sold

10.  photos Kriegsmarine Document Grouping - Kreuzer LEIPZIG
Document & photo grouping of a sailor on the Cruiser LEIPZIG. 

11.  photos   Luftwaffe photo Album - Empty

12.  photos Kriegsmarine Photo Album, Cap & Button Grouping
100 photos - a family album.  Studio portraits, ships, family photos, WWI portraits, more.
$120 -  sold

13.  photosSS POLIZEI Photo Album - Sudetenland Campaign + Poland - Jewish Content - WARSAW & RADOM GHETTOS
135 photos of a Polizei unit. Nice studioPortraits, Starts with photos from the Sudetenland Campaign, medals in wear, local refugees, Czech POWs, graves, then photos from POLAND, JEWISH GHETTO in RADOM, Jews wearing armbands, several good photos form the WARSAW GHETTO, SS Polizei officer on horseback (nice!), more!

14.  photos - British RAF DIARY Grouping - India, Italy
Named to A.C. Davies. Interesting entries including D-Day, entries where he was stationed in Italy, extensive entires, needs more research.
$125 -  sold

15.  photos -   .RAF Aircraft Identification Manual
Poignant inscription on frise page. 
$90 -  sold

16.  photos -  British WWII Photo Album - Palestine
Appx 100 photos.  Well captioned. Photos from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.
$100 -  sold

17.  photos RAF Pilot's Flight Logbook
Named to Robert D. MOOR. Starts in 1919 training at Rockwell Field. Flights through the 1920's.
$50 -  sold

18.  photos  British WWII Photo Album - ITALY
Appx 100 photos. Well captioned. identified locations in Italy, crashed Me 109, girly photos, named.

19.  photos -   US AAF DIARY & Unit History - R.B. Hitchcock - North Africa, Italy - 489th Bomb Squadron
Named Diary to Pilot Lt. Robert B. Hitchcock. Comes with his original 489th bomb Squadron unit history. Starts Jan 1943. Detailed entries about bombing missions, life in the field, target details, details from time on leave, movies seen and books read, more.
$200 -  sold

20.  photos British WWII Photo Album - Palestine, North Africa
Appx 100 photos.  nice wooden album he purchased in the field.  Well captioned. Photos from Palestine. Many identified locations, visiting Egypt, graves, more.
$100-  sold

21.  photos WWII 8th Air Force Photo and Post War Grouping
Photos and many veterans post war newsletters. From Walter Kennedy who flew many operational missions - listing with the group. 
$60 -  sold

22.  photos -   US WWII FEMALE Nurse Photo grouping- South Pacific
Large photo grouping of a female Red Cross nurse in the service stationed in the South Pacific. nice uniform photos, portraits, girls, natives, base photos and more. Well captioned on reverse. 

23.  photos -   US WWII AAC Photo Album
Large album with many official AAC photos, lots of camera photos, photos of burn victims, dances base life, training, more. 

24.  photos -  British South African WWII Photo Album & Scrapbook
Photos of ship voyage home.

25.  photos -   British Serviceman's DIARY
Original diary of a British serviceman starting in Jan 1935.    Very detailed! Lots of London related entries but I only thumbed through it.
$100 -  sold

26.  photos -   Nürnberg War Trials Executed Defendants Photo Album
Photos of the Nurnberg War Crime Trials decided defendants with nots written by the owner. Possibly participated in the trials. 
$150 -  sold

27.  photos  British RAF Photo Album & Scrapbook - 985 Squadron
Large album of a RAF serviceman.  He served in 985 Squadron.  Photos from North Africa and Italy, lots of paper ephemera, postcards, greeting cards, telegrams, more.  

28.  photos -   US WWII Photo Album - 866 Engineer Aviation Btl -  Philippines, JAPAN
Many photos from Manilla combat in the South Pacific, original DOUGLAS MACARTHUR Photos, Japanese surrender signing on the Missouri, destruction, photos from TOKYO,  destroyed Japanese tanks and equipment, KIA Japanese soldiers, US marines, unit rosters, native nudes, paper ephemera, original citation for Meritorious Service Plaque, more. 
$225 -  sold
29.  photos -    US Female Red Cross Nurse Officer Photo Album - DACHAU LIBERATION - Nice!
Large album with MANY photos of a Red Cross nurse.  Well captioned throughout. Starts with many photos from  Luxembourg in Dec, 1944, then photos from BASTOGNE (!) from Jan 30 to Feb 14, 1945 - great rare photos, good photos of German POWs, artillery crews in action,  German children, many good photos from NÜRNBERG, destruction in Igolstadt, CAPTURED GERMAN Photos (she indicates she "captured" them) - good images of German GENERALS, photos of DACHAU taken a "FEW DAYS AFTER LIBERATION" with prisoners still there - rare images!!, photos of tortured and killed SS Guards,  photos from the BERGHHOF and Berchtesgaden, photos of her visiting PARIS, and more. great album!
$850 -  sold

30.  photos US WWII Air Corps Photo Album - Philippines 
Appx 100 photos. Many photos from the Philippines

31.  photos US WWII Air Corps Photo Album
Starts in 1942. Well captioned. Ephemera. 

32.  photos US Army Photo Album - Korea
All in album he purchased in Korea. Base photos, welcome banners for President Eisenhower, USO shows, GIS with Korean kids. more.
33.  photos -   US Korea Era Photo Album
Jet aircraft, color photos, photos form Japan, officers, vehicles, more.

34.  photos -    US Air Corps Photo Album
some color photos, B--24 planes in flight, B-29 NOSE ART, ships portraits, colorized photos, base life, other B-29 photos, KIA Japanese soldier, crashed Japanese planes, more.
$85 -  sold

35.  photos -   US WWII Air Corps Photo Album - 93rd Bomb Group - Great B-29 Photos! 
Album of a member of the 93rd Bomb Group. Named to Harry ZAHN. Comes with a captured 1 October 1938 medal award document. Ephemera, training at Tyndall field, certificates,portraits, discharge, patches, photos from Los Angeles, B-29 unit photo in front of their plane with Nose art "Triflin Gal,"  many other good B-29 photos with Nose Art, B-29 bomb run photos, crashes, KIA Japanese soldiers, Japanese tanks, nice album!
$425 -  sold

36.  photos -   British WWII Photo Album - North Africa, Italy
Well captioned. From man serving in Royal Signal Corps. Starts with his boyhood life in 1928, photos from North Africa and Italy,   post war sports and beach trips, more.

37.  photos -  Boeing B-29 Factory Photo Book
Nice photos of B-29s
38.  photos -   German WWII Photo Album - Norway
Krads, bunkers in the field, vehicles, officers, graves artillery, more.
$65 -  sold

39.  photos -  German WWII Photo Album and Grouping Lots
French POWs, portraits, weapons, bunkers, field HQs, more.

40.  photos - German HITLER JUGEND & Luftwaffe Photo Album - Kampfgeschwader 55 "Grief" - He 111 Crew
Well captioned. Man served in Kampfgeschwader 55 "Grief  Good HJ photos, then LW service, sea planes, Generals, ceremonies, photos from identified locations, good aircraft photos, planes with camo paint schemes, views of crew in cockpit in flight, KG 55 emblems  on aircraft, 
portraits, more.
$265 -  sold

41photos  - 6x German Army Photo Album Grouping
6 small pocket albums from one man. Tanks, many captioned on reverse, harsh Russian front conditions, officers, mounted troops, bunkers, family photos, more.
$150 -  sold

42 photos - Box of German Lead Toy Soldiers
$75 -  sold

43 photosGerman Army Photo grouping - France Campaign
Appx 120 photos. Many captioned on reverse. 
$85 -  sold