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March 30th, 2021
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1.  photos -  Army Photo Album - Inf Rgt 510 - 293 Inf Division - France Campaign - Nice!
145 photos. Large, well captioned album with metal helmet device on cover. Many identified personnel. Many identified locations in France & Belgium - Orleans, Charleville, Gien,Chimay etc, destruction, planes, tanks, refugees, graves, weary Landsers after battle, good gear and weapons photos, graves, Komp Cdr grave after battle on the Vesle River, French soldier graves, French colonial POWs, Panzers, POWs from Dunkirk, occupation in Tregier, St. Brieux & Le Rosaires, more. Nice album!
2.  photos - Kriegsmarine Photo Album - Zerstörer Z4 "Richard Beitzen"
135 photos. Plus more post-war photos. Has many original sleeve insignia and cap tallies, Well captioned. He served on the Zerstörer Z4 "Richard Beitzen." Good photos from Norway, many good ship images, identified officers, photos of the ship and crew in Spain, photos from BREST, later serving with the 11. Jagd Flottille in Norway, nice portrait of the man wearing Minesweeper Badge and Destroyer Badge, more.
$325 - sold
3.  photos  -  Army Photo Album - France Campaign - 6. Infanterie Division
167 photos. Infanterie Regiment 18 of the 6 Inf Div. Well captioned. Starts with his Westwall service, destruction, vehicles, refugees, weary infantry, many identified locations, portraits, border crossings, photos occupation in Dinard, headquarters photos, more.
4.  photos -  Army Photo Album - Poland, France, Sudetenland
180 photos. Nice HJ portrait of the man, Hitler in Sudetenland, photos from the Poland Campaign, Polish planes, refugees, Jewish man, foxholes, gear, bunkers, tanks, photos from Pairs, more.
$325 - sold

5.  photos -   Army Photo Album - Poland, France, Russia, Balkans, Greece
222 photos. Starts with the man's service in Poland, wounded, artillery, field ambulances, Russian soldiers in Poland 1939, Polish JEWS, funerals, destruction in France, French tanks, locations in the Balkans, graves, winter combat, more.
$275 - sold
6.  photos - Army Photo Album - France Campaign
137 photos. portraits, troops in French towns, photos from Paris, French refugees, vehicles, SA photos, portraits of other comrades, more.
$185 - sold
7.  photos - Army Photo Album - Russia Campaign- 205 Infanterie Division
201 photos. From soldier who served in Inf Rgt 358 of the 205 Inf Div. in a captured Russian album. Many captions. Ceremonies, flags, barracks, armored trans, destroyed towns, troop movements, photos from Smolensk, KO Russian Tanks, artwork, Fieseler Storch airplane with unit insignia, crashed plane, artwork, weapons, holiday cards, general Reinhardt, graves, more.
$285 - sold
8.  photos KDF Photo Album - Kraft durch Freude   "Strength through Joy"
100 photos form a family going on a KDF holiday. Photos from Tourist locations in Norway and Germany.KdF was a state-operated leisure organization in Nazi Germany.[1] It was a part of the German Labour Front (Deutsche Arbeitsfront, DAF), the national German labour organization at that time. Set up as a tool to promote the advantages of National Socialism to the people, it had become the world's largest tourism operator by the 1930s
$85 - sold

9.  photos - Army Photo Album - Poland + AUSCHWITZ - Rare!
65 photos. Well captioned. Rare photos from the town of Auschwitz. also photos from Sanok and other locations in Poland, photos from the France Campaign, vehicles with unit emblem, more.
10.  photos - German KIA Document Grouping
Grouping named to Helmut FLAUAUS. Comes with many letters to family concerning his death, studio portrait, other documents.
$80 - sold

11.  photos -  Luftwaffe Photo Album - Prague, Berlin
168 photos. Well captioned. Portrait photos, original KVK2 ribbon, photos for Prague, then photos from Berlin, more.
$145 - sold
12.  photosHitler Jugend Photo Album - Munich, Zugspitze
100 photos. HJ photos of the boys time in Munich, mountain climbing around the Zugspitze and more.
$185 - sold
13.  photosFlieger Hitler Jugend & Luftwaffe Photo Album
145 photos. Nice cover with metal LW eagle. Portrait photos, nicely captioned, training at Technische Vorschule, gliders, weapons, Hitler Jugend uniforms and insignia, HJ glider training, crashes, sports, visiting Berlin, more.
$165 - sold
14.  photos - Army Photo Album - 257 Infanterie Division - Poland, Ukraine
125 photos. Original paperwork, letters, officers, well captioned, nice photos of General von Viebahn, photos from SANOK, POLAND and other locations in Poland, vehicles, motorcycles, photos from Ukrainian towns and villages, more.
$265 - sold

15.  photos AFRIKAKORPS Photo Album & Document Grouping - 21 Panzer Division
133 photos. From man who serve din panzer Grenadier Rgt 104 of the 21. panzer Division. Also comes with envelope of original sand he brought back, super large original map used in theater, Die Oase newspapers, photos of ROMMEL, many hand written details, starts with bivouac in CASERTA, vehicles, photos from Naples before shipping to Africa, graves in the desert, artillery bombardment of TOBRUK, desert bivouacs, motorcycles, original death notice of MARSEILLE, graves of comrades at El Alamein, then transfer to Italy, mementos of MONTE CASSINO, original photo from his time at NETTUNO, more!
$865 - sold
16.  photos -  Army Photo Album - Russia
225 photos. Training, portraits, field radios, map from Russia, graves, vehicles, EK2 medals awarded in the field, Russian winter, more.
$145 - sold
17.  photos -   Luftwaffe Flak Photo Album - OFFICER - Russia, Balkans
267 photos. Officer in a Flak unit serving in Russia and the Balkans. Vehicles, mascots, Flak bunkers and positions, refugees, trains, more.
$120 - sold
18.  photos - Army Photo Album - OFFICER 122 "Greif" Inf Division - France, Russia, Norway
510 photos. Mixture of original and post-war photos. Large album from Oberlt Heinz WEISS. Comes with nice typed history of his service. He served in many headquarters positions and at the war's end he was Korps Adjutant in LXXI AK in Norway. During field service, he fount with the 122 Inf Division in France and Russia. He went on to serve in the Bundeswehr rising to rank of Oberst. Many photos of other officers, field HQs, vehicles, identified locations, portraits, photos from France, Belgium and Holland,
nice album
$650   - sold
19.  photos -   Luftwaffe Photo Album - Air Crew
120 photos. Many captioned. Portrait photo of the man, family photos, aircraft, Luftwaffe badges in wear, more.
$100 - sold
20.  photos  Luftwaffe Photo Album - FLAK Unit - France Campaign
179 photos. Portraits, Flak positions being built and manned, Flak cannons, firing at night, planes in flight, Flak equipment, panzers, destruction in France, more.
$125 - sold
21.  photos -  Army Photo Album - Flak Rgt 7 + 33 - POLAND
204 photos. Vehicles, postcards, photos from Berlin, parades, KIA in POLAND, identified locations on reverse of photos, Refugees, more.
$165 - sold
22.  photos -   Army Photo Album - RUSSIA Campaign
117 photos. vehicles, bunkers, Russian tanks, river crossings, identified locations in Russia, graves, destruction, road sign trees, aircraft, Panzerzug armored trains, POWs, vehicles with unit emblems, MG, medals in wear, more.
$185 - sold
23.  photos -   Kriegsmarine Photo Album - PARIS, BREST, LA PALLICE
136 photos. Starts with a nice large photo of a Schnellboot, nice portrait photos of the man wearing medals, many other ship photos, photos stationed in HOLLAND, photos from Paris, photos onboard ship, photos from BREST, LA PALLICE, U-Boat, more.
$175 - sold
24.  photos -   RAD + Army Photo Album - Italy, POW
106 photos. Starts with his RAD service, ceremonies, training in Epinal France, photos from DIJON, artillery, photos from ITALY, mascots, photos from his POW time, more.
25.  photos -   Kriegsmarine Photo Album - Rotterdam, Brest, le Havre
132 photos. Portrait photo of the man wearing medals, many ship photos, mascots, destruction in Rotterdam, photos from Bordeaux, Admiral photos, ceremonies, photos form Brest and Le Havre, damages ships, more.
$145 - sold
26.  photos -   Luftwaffe Photo Album - Balkans, Greece
149 photos. Photos from the Balkans and Greece, ceremonies, portraits, foreign troops, more.
$110 - sold
27.  photos  Army Photo Album - Prague
100 photos. Ceremonies, barracks, training, photos from Prague, vehicle, band photos, more,
$100 - sold

28.  photos Army Photo Album - Poland - Inf Rgt 69
34 photos. English language diary, artistic captioning, newspaper clippings about Poland Campaign, Polish POWs, destroyed towns in Poland, vehicles, graves, photos from Brest Litowsk, tanks, refugees, more.
- sold
29.  photos -   Army Photo Album - Inf Rgt 101
25 photos. captions and artwork. weapons, vehicles, mounted troops, foxholes, field radios, parades maneuvers, portrait photos, more.
- sold
30.  photos -   Luftwaffe Photo Album - FLAK Unit - DANZIG, REMAGEN
150 photos. Flak positions and bunkers, many captions, Flak cannons, photos stationed in France, photos from DANZIG, ships, officers, medals in wear, portrait photos, photos from REMAGEN, more.
- sold
31.  photos - Army Photo Album - France & Russia Campaigns - 267 Infanterie Division
168 photos. Many captions. Starts with the unit stationed in St Quentin, France in Dec 1940, photos from LILLE, captured French artillery, vehicles, motorcycles, destruction in Russia, photos from MINSK, Russian POWS on the march, graves, Russian tanks, winter camp, MG positions, Fieseler Storch airplane, vehicles with emblems, more.
32.  photos - Army Photo Album - Poland, France & Russia - Artillery Rgt 40 - JUDAICA IMAGES
315 photos. Well captioned. Photos from Berlin, equipment and gear, photos of JEWISH MEN in Poland, hand drawn maps, burning villages, knocked out Panzers, artillery cannons, KIA soldiers, crashed planes, KIA German troops, destruction, POWs on march, KO French tanks, artillery positions in action, photos from PARIS, foxholes, Russian tanks, Russian POWs, STUG III, combat photos, HUMMEL tank, more. Nice album!
- sold
33.  photos -  Army Photo Album - KRIM, ODESSA
172 photos. Many photos of a soldier's service in the Crimea, many photos of him on security duty in YALTA, photos from SIMFEROPOL, photos from East Prussia in 1942, photos from ODESSA, photos form the Balkans, unit Kaserne in Allenstein (Olsztyn, Poland), also post war photos.
- sold
34.  photos -   Army Photo Album - France & Russia Campaigns - Good COMBAT Images
195 photos. Man served in Art Rgt 77. Nice album cover with metal Army eagle, French POWs just captured, destroyed French towns and cities, piles of captured French gear, KO French vehicles, trench positions, field radios, Russian POWs, burning villages, mortar positions, motorcycles, graves, bicycle infantry, artillery positions, Panzerspahwagens, KO Russian tanks, officers conferring in the field, aircraft, more.
- sold
35.  photos -  Mixed Dealer Lot of German Photo Groupings
Mixed dealer lot of various photo groupings.
- sold

36.  photos Luftwaffe Photo & Document Grouping Aufklarungsgruppe 11
Wartime field-made commemorative photo book (on photo paper) as well as other photos and postcards.

37.  photos Hitler Jugend Diary - Nürnberg +
Well made diary of a HJ boy, expensive hard-back book type album in original slipcase. Very artistically done. Original art work, covers travels throughout Germany including Nürnberg.
- sold
38.  photos -   2x Third Reich Photo Album Grouping - AUSTRIAN ANSCHLUSS - Hitler in Vienna 1938
Well captioned. Two albums form the same family. Parade for Hitler in Vienna in 1938 celebrating the ANSCHLUSS, nice photos of Vienna decked out in German flags and banners, original photo of Hitler on parade, photos of boy's Boy Scout/HJ service, more.
- sold
39.  photos -   Luftwaffe Photo Album - Luftwaffe Bau Kompanie
184 photos. From a man in a LW construction unit. Many captions. Girlfriend photos, tourist type photos on leave, planes in flight, more
- sold
40.  photos - WWI & Third Reich Family Photo Album
111 photos. Mix of WWI service, NSKK.SA photos, Army, family, etc
- sold
41photos  - Army Photo Album - Russia Campaign
237 photos. Vehicles, aircraft, photos from WARSAW, graves, destroyed Russian cities, refugees, POW Camps, troops in Russian winter conditions, more.
- sold
42 photos Youth, RAD, Army Photo Album - France
Starts with Youth Service, visiting the Alps, sports competitions and awards, then his RAD service, then photos from Army Service in France, home on leave, more.
- sold
43 photos - Luftwaffe FLUGBUCH - He 111 Pilot - BOMBING ENGLAND - KG 27 "Boelcke"
Complete original wartime Flugbuch to a named pilot - oberlt. Traugott WEIHRICH. Servce in KG 27 "Boelcke." Many trains flights and then COMBAT starting with bombing of LONDON on March 9, 1941 - This was one of nine bombing raids in which Buckingham Palace was damaged. Other raids on London, Southampton, Glasgow, Plymouth, Coventry, Birmingham, Hull, Bristol, Liverpool, and other locations. Then coming of Russia starting in June 1941.
- sold
44 photos Army Photo Album & Document Grouping - 76 Infanterie Division - STALINGRAD MIA
305 photos. Named to Obergef. Wilhelm STOCKHAUSEN. He served in Radf Abt 176 of the 76 Inf Division. Comes with his EK2 award document (sent posthumously for Stalingrad service as he was MIA at this time) with original signature RK Winner General Joachim von Kortzfleisch, commander Wehrkreis III and distance cousin of Claus von Stauffenberg. Kortzfleisch was arrested by the July 20 plotters when he refused to take part. He as KIA in march 1945 by US soldiers. Comes with letterset man's family about his being MIA in STALINGRAD, photos from the France Campaign, identified locations in France, French POWs, refugees, French tanks, photos from Warsaw, graves, gear, Russian Tanks, Rumanian troops, artillery, JEWS, Sturmgeschutze, unit officers, special unit mentioned he was in - Vorausabtlg Lindemann, bicycle infantry rolling into action, KIA Russians, envelope they sent to him returned, more. Great grouping!
- sold
45 photos  - Army Photo Album - Russia, ITALY
218 photos. Well captioned. Russian Tanks, troops interacting with Russian locals, identified Russian towns, Refugees, officers, photos of him transferring to Italy in Nov 1943, photos from Rome, Florence, photos from Garda 1944, retreat to Northern Italy, more.
$285 - sold
46photos Army Photo Album - Panzergruppe 3 - France, Holland, Russia, ITALY - TIGER PANZER
228 photos in a large album . Many captions, many identified locations, vehicles, crashed planes, destroyed towns, DUNKIRK, French colonial POWs, refugees, French river crossings, vehicles with unit emblems (Panzergruppe 3), Soviet bunkers, Russian TANKS, TIGER TANK in the field, long barreled StuG III, other Panzer photos, harsh Russian winter conditions, motorcycles, halftracks, graves, aircraft, then photos of him in Italy in 1943, more.
- sold
47 photos - Army Photo Album - Infanterie Regiment 10 - 14 Panzer Division - Poland, Russia
115 photos. From man who served in Inf Rgt 10 of the 14 Panzer Division. This Division was destroyed at STALINGRAD! Starts with nice studio portrait of him wearing IR10 boards, starts with photos in Poland 1939, unit emblems on vehicles, unit officers, Russian artillery, destroyed Russian towns, KIA Russian soldiers, field radio positions, Oberst (later General) Richard STEMPEL - later cdr. 371 ID and committed suicide at STALINGRAD , photos show the approach to Stalingrad on the Don River.
- sold
48photos - Spanish Civil War Art Print Book - Estampas De La Revolucion Espanola 19 Julio De 1936
Captions in Spanish, French and English.
- sold
49photos - Army Photo Album - Officer - Poland
30 photos. Well captioned. All from the same officer. Many photos stationed in Poland
50 photos -  Army Photo Album - Poland - Inf Rgt 15
69 photos. Man served in Inf Rgt 15. Many captions. Photos from Poland, vehicles, planes, graves, tanks, more.
51photos - 2x Photo Album Grouping - Russia Campaign
100 photos. Well captioned. Vehicles, weapons, destruction, Panzer uniforms, Russian Tanks, identified locations in Russia, field cemeteries, Russian POWs, photos from Charkow, Fieseler Storch airplanes, more.
- sold
52photos - Army Photo Album & ID Tag
116 photos. Well captioned. Also comes with the man's ID tag. portrait, group photos, photos from Division HQ in Linz, Austria, maps, photos home on leave, more.
- sold
53photos -  3x Kriegsmarine Related Wartime Books
Neue Kapitäns Berichte 1937, Kapitäne Berichten 1938, Nauticus 1941
54photos - TM-E 30-451 US Handbook on German Military Forces - Restricted.
$100 - sold
55 photos - Small German Album Grouping
Four small German albums/groupings. RAD, HJ, Army & KM
- sold
60photos - US Post-War Germany Occupation Photo Album - Germany, Austria, Italy
570 photos. Large album from a US GI on occupation duty in Germany. Barracks life, vehicles, flirting w German girls, planes, destroyed German towns and cities, displaced person market, photos of Mussolini and entourage after execution, visiting Rome, more.
- sold
61photos - US COAST GUARD WWII Alaska Service Photo Album Grouping
Two nice albums from a US Coast Guard sailor during his Alaska service in WWII. Many captions. Nice studio portraits from a Juneau studio, ships, harbors, vehicles, mascots, sea planes, more.
62photos  - US WWII Army Photo Grouping - S. Pacific
Grouping of photos from a US soldier with photos form training and Pacific.
63 photos - US Navy WWII Photo Album - Empty
64photos - British WWII Photo Album - Woman in Uniform - Belgium & German 1944/45
110 photos. All from one family during wartime. Photos visiting London, photos of daughter in service in Brussels 1944/45 in uniform, destroyed cities, more.
65 photos - RAF Glass Framed Portraits
Two nice framed glass RAF portraits. Mother of Pearl look inlay
66photos - British WWII Photo Album - Africa, Middle East
100 photos. From a British soldier in Africa and the Middle East. vehicles, armored cars, planes, desert bivouacs, more.
- sold
67photos  - British WWII Aircraft Recognition Album
Collection of clippings for aircraft recognition purposes.
68 photos - British WWII Photo Album - North Africa and Italy
Named album to FM Johnson in 17/21 Lancers. Content from north Africa & Italy, postcards, ephemera, original photos, great studio portrait taken after Monte Cassino battle, armored cars, Sherman tanks, more.
- sold
69photos - British WWII Photo Album/Scrapbook - 1st Division
Album & Scrapbook to a 1st Division soldier from 1942-46. Starts with service in north Africa, then Egypt and Middle East, many postcards and purchased photos, Italy and more.
70photos -  British WWI Naval Photo Album
Photo album of a British sailor in WWI. Many postcards as well as original photos.
- sold
71photos - British Army Framed Photo
Nice Art Deco leaded glass framed portrait photo.
72photos - Luftwaffe WWII Photo Album - France & Russia
Album of a LW soldier in WWII. many photos during the France Campaign. french POWs, photos from Paris and Versailles, vehicles, planes, portraits, photos from Russia, and more.
73 photos Allied Photo/Document Groupings - Dealer's Lot
150 photos.
Four groupings to four different soldiers.
- sold
74 photos - US WWII Press Photo Grouping - General George STRATEMEYER
18 original press photos, most related to General George STRATEMEYER. He was commander of Army Air Forces in the CBI.
75 photos - US WWII Press Photo Grouping - GENERAL MACARTHUR
16 original WWII Press Photos, most related to Douglas MacArthur.
76photos -  US WWII Press Photo Grouping
35 photos. Nice mix of images and personalities including Doolittle, Eisenhower, Alexander, Stratemeyer, Truscott, Marshall and others.
$210 - sold
77 photos - British RAF Document Grouping - DFC Winner
Grouping of paperwork related to Flight Lt PJ TUHILL, DFC. Mostly post war correspondence and copies of wartime records.
- sold
78. photos - US WWII Photo & Document Grouping - Fighter Pilot Mortimer YATES
Grouping related to WWII fighter Pilot Mortimer YATES. His original P-40 Pilot's Cruising Instructions. portrait photos, Howthorne School of Aeronotics album - which he commanded, more.
- sold
79. photos - WWII Book Collection
Nice volumes, some wartime.