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1.  photos -  GEBIRGSJAEGER SOLDBUCH, Award Document & Photo Grouping
Grouping named to Obergef. Konrad OETTLER, born in Munich. He served in Various bicycle infantry and reconnaissance GJ units. Comes with his Soldbuch (pages out of order but all appear present), EK2 award document with original signature general, grouping of good GJ photos (appx 50) showing good combat content, portraits of the man, Officer wearing DKiG, bicycle infantry images, troops in winter gear, GJ insignia and gear content, PAK positions, Krads, MG positions, and more. Soldbuch contains award entries for Sturmabzeichen, EK2, Black Wound Badge and Ostmedaille.
2.  photos - AFRIKAKORPS Grouping - Afrikakorps Cufftitle
Grouping named to Hans BAEURLE. Comes with his original Afrikakorps cufftitle, photos, goggles, discharge, more.
  - sold
3.  photos  - Army Photo Album - Officer - 320. Infanterie Division
101 photos of an officer who served in the 320 Inf Division. Named to Hauptmann Bruno SEIDENSTICKER. Comes with letter to his family saying he was MIA in Aug 1944 in Rumania. Also comes with typed personal history he compiled about his capture and time as a POW. The album is well captioned starting in 1940. Many identified officers, mounted troops, ceremonies, Panzers, General Maderholz (commander 320 ID), and more.
- sold
4.  photos - Army Award Document & Photo grouping - 11. Panzer Division - Good Combat Images
130 photos. Named to Rudi GARISCH who served in Panzer Grenadier Regiment 111 of the 11 Panzer Division. Comes with his EK2 award document awarded for service in Aug 1944 when the unit was fighting the Allied landings in Southern France. Original signature Division Commander. Good photos with content of graves, vehicles, destruction, medals in wear, Russian POWs, medal ceremonies in the field, KIA soldiers, artillery, aircraft, tanks, female Russian soldiers, lots of gear and equipment views, more.

5.  photos -  FALLSCHIRMJAEGER Award Document Grouping - Fallschirmartillerie Rgt. 1
Grouping named to Obergef. Hermann LINDIG who served in Fallschirmartillerie Rgt. 1 of the 1. Fallschirm-Jäger-Division. Comes with his Ostmedaille award document with original signature Hauptmann and his Ground Combat Badge Award Document with original signature 1. Fallschirm-Jäger-Division commander Generalmajor Karl-Lothar Schulz - Oakleaves and Swords winner.
6.  photos - Honor Goblet Award Document - DKiG Winner
Original Honor Goblet award document named to Oberlt. Erich HUCK. Huck was also a DKIG Winner. facsimile signature of Reich Marshal Hermann Göring and original signature of Pour le Merite and Knight’s Cross recipient Colonel General Bruno Loerzer. He served in 11 Wettererkundungsstaffel.
7.  photos - Award Document Grouping - Grenadier Rgt 110
Named grouping to Obergef. Heinrich FENCHEL who served in Gren Rgt 110. Comes with his EK2 award document with original signature 112 Inf. division commander Generalmajor Albert Newiger - commander of 71. Infanterie-Division in Stalingrad (DKIG winner for service there). Also comes with his Infantry Assault Badge award document with original signature regimental commander Oberstleutnant Karl Ullmer.
8.  photos -  Award Document Grouping - OFFICER - Inf. Rgt 36 + Res. Grenadier Rgt. 251
Named grouping to Oberlt. Adolf ANGERMANN. he sereved in 36 IR of the 9 ID and later Res. Grenadier Rgt. 251. Comes with his KVK2 award document with original signature General Baptist Knieß, Silver Wound Badge with original signature Rgt. commander, EK1 award document with original signature 9. Inf Div commander Generalleutnant Siegmund Freiherr von Schleinitz (RK winner), EK2 award document with original signature 9 Inf Div commander Generalleutnant Georg von Apell (RK winner) for service in France Campaign 1940, Black Wound Badge. Nice grouping.
9.  photos -  Luftwaffe Iron Cross Second Class Document - 8./KG 100
EK2 award document named to Lt Armin GARBE who flew with 8./KG 100. He was reported MIA flying a Do 217 bomber on Aug 9, 1944.
- sold
11.  photos Luftwaffe Photo Album & Document Grouping - Nachr. Rgt. NORWEGEN - Norway, Finland, Lappland
446 photos in an expensive hardback book type album. Filled with original photos, postcards and extensive ephemera from his wartime experiences. It appears that he kept almost every scrap of paper form his service. Combat photos from Narvik, troops interacting with locals, identified towns and cities, medal ceremonies, several original private photos of DIETL in the field, bunkers, destruction, field newspapers, pornography, and more! Also contains his award documents includingSudetenland Medal (LW version), rare Goldkordel zum Ärmeltätigkeitsabzeichen des Kraftfahrerpersonals der Luftwaffe award document, KVK2 (Luftgau Norwegen version), Ostmedaille award document, and also some items from his time in POW camp. Great extensive grouping.
- sold
12.  photos AFRIKAKORPS - Luftwaffe FLAK Photo Album
95 photos in a nice album, Great 8.8cm Flak cannon and crew images, Horchgerat devices, Flak cannons firing at night, portraits, bunker positions, mascots, officers visiting the unit in the field, personnel in tropical LW uniforms wearing AFRIKA cufftitles, themas and comrade wearing newly awarded EK2 in the desert, desert bivouacs, DAK munitions depot, camo MG bunker positions, vehicles with DAK emblems, captured British vehicles in DAK service, kill ring being painted on 8.8 cannon barrel, more.
- sold
13.  photos - LEGION CONDOR Photo Album
262 great photos of a German Luftwaffe man's service in the LEGION CONDOR during the Spanish Civil War. Super album cover with "Legion Condor" printed on cover. Great image s of LC uniforms in wear, Spanish Crosses in wear, includes a typed personal history of his service, great images of LC aircraft, camp painted vehicles, combat in burning cities, destroyed vehicles, great photos of war signage painted on buildings, captured aircraft, Spanish troops, knocked out TANKS, crashed planes, mule columns, photos of identified crashed ME 109 (Knights Cross Winner Walter Adolph's crash in 6 x 43) , bridge repair, parades, building insignia, girlfriend photos, more. nice album!
- sold
14.  photos - Luftwaffe Photo Album - Russia - JUDAICA Content
134 photos. Many captions. Starts with nice LW Standarte & Fahnentraeger photos, identified officers, crashed planes, Krads, photos from POLAND, vehicles, Christmas in the field, captured Soviet signage, POLISH JEWS in forced road labor, KO Russian tanks, KIA soldiers, destruction, Russian POWs, Panzers, mascots, Soviet aircraft, Me 110, Fieseler Storch, Krads, more.
  - sold
15.  photos -  WWI Photo Album
Nice period WWI German album with EK2 embossed on cover. All postcards inside.
16.  photos -   Army Photo Groupings - Nice Portraits
340 photos. Grouping form one family of multiple soldiers. Nice portraits including one large one of a Panzerjaeger soldier wearing EK2, winter warfare images, death notices, postcards, parades, Zwillingssockel MG Wagens on parade, Generals, graves, more.
17.  photos -   German Photo Grouping - Women in Uniform
Grouping of photos of women in uniform.
  - sold
18.  photos  Army STURMPIONIER Unit Photo Grouping - Russia
40 photos of a Stuempionier unit. Good equipment and gear images and operations in Russia. Graves, Sturmboote, vehicle emblems, and more.
- sold
19.  photos -   Army Photo Grouping - 46 Infanterie Division - Russia, Norway, Greece, ITALY
129 photos of a soldier who served in the 46 Inf Div. Parades, officers, tanks, weapons and gear, vehicles, troop movements, destroyed towns , aircraft, funerals, Fieseler Storch, photos from GREECE, photos from PALERMO, tropical uniforms, bunkers, Russian amphibious tanks, KIA soldiers, PAK crews in action, Gypsies, POW camps, Soviet signage, Soviet tracked vehicles towing anti-tank cannons, photos from Norway, more.
- sold
20.  photos  Army Photo Group - DUNKIRK
Grouping of 19 photos of German troops in DUNKIRK in 1940.
- sold
21.  photos -   Army Photo Grouping - 296 Infanterie Division - Good Technical Content
126 photos. Nice large colorized portrait of an officer, many vehicles, tanks, Flak cannons, artillery positions, captured French cannons, crashed plane, KIA soldiers, Krads, Sturmboot, landing craft, captured French munition depot, foreign troops, graves, vehicle emblems, Russian armored cars, bunkers, halftracks, Panzers, girls, more.
- sold
22.  photos -    Luftwaffe Photo Grouping - Lehrgeschwader 1 - Italy, Greece
45 photos of a man who served in LG1 in Italy and Greece. Aircraft, tanks, medals in wear, captured Russian planes, aerodromes, French tanks, ceremonies, tropical uniforms, more.
  - sold
23.  photosGerman PRESS Photo Grouping
10 original press photos. Many with press "slugs" on reverse. Panzers, troops in Greece, more.
- sold
24.  photos -    Army Photo Grouping - BUNKERS
21 photos - man images of Bunkers. Many with captions on reverse.
  - sold
25.  photos -   Army Photo Group - VEHICLES
21 photos - many of vehicles.
26.  photos -   Kriegsmarine Photo Grouping - Destroyer Z25
29 photos of sailor who served on the destroyer Z25.
  - sold
27.  photos  Army Photo Grouping - 45 Infanterie Division - France & Russia
130 photos from a man in 45 Inf Division. Officer, vehicles with emblems, destroyed Artillery and vehicles in Russia, medals in wear, planes in flight, knocked out tanks, Russian aircraft, captured vehicles, Russian armored train, destroyed Russian towns and cities, French tanks, photos from Dunkirk, Krads, medals in wear and more.
- sold
28.  photos -  German WWI Photo Grouping - Reserve Inf. Rgt. 23 - Trench Warfare - Nice!
82 photos. From man who served in Reserve Inf. Rgt. 23. Good front content, trenches and bunkers, weapons, flare pistols, medals in wear, photos taken in combat, shells exploding, spiked helmets, unexploded ordnance, KIA soldiers, destroyed villages, French churches, barbed wire defenses, graves, flags, more. Nice grouping.
$225  - sold
29.  photos -   Army Photo Grouping - FRANCE & RUSSIA
187 photos. Fahnenträger & Standarte. Destroyed towns, French tanks, bicycle infantry, aircraft, medals awarded in the field, Krads, KIA horses, ships, Panzer wedding, halftracks, bunkers, barbed wire, more.
$90 - sold

30.  photos German WWI Photo Grouping
100 photos. Nice mix of various WWI German images. Vehicles, portraits, CDVs, artillery, officers, Pickelhaube, mascots, more.
- sold
31.  photos - Army Photo Grouping - 93 Infanterie Division - France & Russia
120 photos. All from man who served in 93 ID. Bunkers, vehicles, French colonial POWs,French road signage, destroyed French towns, crashed planes, Russian tanks, POWs, Russian artillery and vehicles, medals in wear, PAK cannons, MG, more.
$100 - sold
32.  photos - Army Photo Grouping - BUNKERS
Grouping of 13 photos of bunkers taken by German soldiers.
33.  photos -  HITLER JUGEND Diary & Photo Album Grouping - Nice!
Great grouping of a HJ boy - two albums/diary/scrapbooks. One of the best we have offered. great photos of HJ uniforms, insignias, drums, flags, unit photos, camping, portraits, Marine HJ photos, newspaper clippings, artwork, souvenirs, nice HJ programs, posters, handbills and paperwork, and more. great HJ grouping!
$585 - sold
34.  photos -   Army Photo Grouping - Infanterie Regiment 41
250 photos. All from soldier who served in the 41 Inf Rgt. Also original negatives. Good ceremony photos, Army bands, officers, medals in wear, more.
$175  - sold
35.  photos - SA Brownshirt Photo Grouping
75 photos. Very nice images of a SA unit - ceremonies, parades, SA uniforms and insignia, high ranking officers, SS officers, Standarte, more.
$145  - sold
36.  photos 2x Photo Album Grouping - Poland, France - JUDAICA
122 photos. Large original photo of Hitler, troop movements, photos of the Poland Campaign 1939, KIA, troop movements, Russian POWs, destruction in Kharkov, Polish JEWS, Russian commissars about to be hanged, Italian soldier cemetery, more.
  - sold
38.  photos -   German Portrait Grouping
Nice grouping of various studio portraits, postcards and death notices.
- sold
39.  photos -  Hitler Jugend/BDM Photo Grouping
Nice mixed grouping.
40.  photos - German WWI Photo Grouping
$65  - sold
41photos  - German Luftwaffe Photo Grouping - Poland - LODZ
Many images from the Poland campaign including LODZ, many captioned on reverse, more.
50 photos SOLDBUCH - Panzer-Ausbildungs-Verband Ostsee - Serbian
Rare original SOLDBUCH to a Serbian man from Kikinda serving in the Wehrmacht!  Soldbuch is original issue with original photo. Issued Jan 1945.  He served in Panzer Gren Ers.u.Ausb. Btl. 73.  Also comes with some additional documents from the man.  This was a replacement unit for the 19 Panzer Division. In April 1945, it was mobilized and went into action as Panzer-Ausbildungs-Verband Ostsee. The unit was moved to the nearby Oderfront near Stettin in April 1945 before completing the training and deployment and before reaching the planned brigade strength . In fighting with the Red Army , the unit was severely decimated. The rest of them fell into Soviet captivity.
51photos -   WEHRPASS & Award Document Grouping
Grouping named to man who served as a Funker in Flak Regt 25 and Flak Regt 9.  He was released from duty in Feb 1940. Also comes with his Hindenburg Cross award document, TWO Sudetenland Campaign medal award documents and  a nice advertisement for the Hindenburg Cross medal case being made available for purchase.  
52photos -  SOLDBUCH & WEHRPASS Grouping - AOK NORWEGEN + Festung STETTIN
Grouping to a man who served in Verm. u. Art. Abt. 624, part of AOK NORWEGEN till Dec 1944 and then with Verm. Abt. 3, part of FESTUNG STETTIN. Comes with his Soldbuch 7 Wehrpass with original photos, Fuhrerschein, passport (someone else) and more. Campaign entry shows he served in Norway from April 1942 until Jan 1945.
53photos - SOLDBUCH - 8. Panzer Division
Original issue with original photo. Well filled out. Named to Feldwebel Rudi RASEMANN.  He served in Panzer Grenadier Rgt. 8 of the 8. Panzer Division.  Awards listed include Ostmedaille, Black Wound Badge. Well filled out!
$165  - sold
54photos - Kriegsmarine Award Document Grouping -  MARINEFRONTSPANGE
Grouping named to KM sailor Emil LECHNER. Comes with his MARINEFRONTSPANGE in BRONZE with orig. sig. Flottillenchef, MINESWEEPER BADGE document with orig. sig. cdr. 1 Sicherungsdivision Konteradmiral William WINTER, and IRON CROSS SECOND CLASS document with orig. sig. Cdr. der Sicherung der Nordsee Konteradmiral Ernst Lucht (RK winner). 
  - sold
55 photos - SOLDBUCH - Armee Panzer Jaeger Abt 744 - MARDER III Unit!
Original SOLDBUCH and end of war Russian occupation ID. Named to Feldwebel Gottfried JACOB. No photos, never had one as appropriate. However, his ID card does have an official photo. Issued 1940. He served in Armee Panzer Jaeger Abt 744 which was equipped with MARDER III Sd.Kfz. 138 Tank destroyers! He previous served in 4. Panzerjager-Kompanie Schnelle Abteilung
137 which was later renamed 1. Kompanie Panzerjager-Abteilung 137. Entry for the FührerPaket on June 12, 1944, STURMABZEICHEN, Ostmedaille, Iron Cross Second Class. The EK1 was likely added in POW camp so not official. Part of initial unit page is torn off but field units still visible.
$220  - sold
56 photos - SS-POLIZEI Photo Grouping
21 photos of a SS Polizei unit. Nice unit photo with SS officers, Hilfspolizei armbands in wear, good images of SS and SS Polizei insignia, VW Kubelwagen with insignias, more. Cheap
57 photos  -  HITLER JUGEND Document Grouping
Three document grouping to HJ boy Heinrich GRABMAYER. Leistungsbuch, Schiessbuch and K-Schein. Great Uniform photo with musical swallows in wear.
58 photos - POLIZEI SOLDBUCH w/ Original Faux-Leather Cover
Original Polizei SOLDBUCH in original Faux leather cover. Named to Oberwachtmeister Friedrich Arnodt. Nice uniform photo. KVK2 award listed. He served in Pol. Nacho. Ers. U. Ausb. Abt. In EILENBURG.
  - sold
59 photos  - HITLER JUGEND Photo & HJ Leistungsbuch
Photo grouping and Hitler Jugend Leistungsbuch named to Fritz BERNHOLD. Nice grouping!
60photos - TWO NSDAP Membership Books - NSDAP Mitgliedsbücher
Two original NSDAP Party Membership Books. Both with numbers stamps and original photos.
61photos -  Two Brother's WEHRPASS Grouping
Wehrpasses of two brothers. One served in "Feste Funkstelle Prag."
62photos  -   BERLIN AIRLIFT Operation VITTLES Grouping - Nice!
RARE collection of very desirable items from a Berlin Airlift pilot. Comes with Berlin Airlift calendar with cards still inside, group of nice photos, Operation Vittles card, the pilot's Templehof ID cards, and Christmas/New Years card.
  - sold
63 photos - HERMANN GOERING Photo Grouping
Grouping of a Luftwaffe man in the Herman Goering Division. Photos showing white collar tabs of the HG Division.
  - sold
64photos -    Vietnam War Snoopy Patches
Two original Vietnam era patches. From a Vietnam veteran's estate.
$75 each
65 photos - WWII 90th Bomb Group “Jolly Rogers” KIA Medal Grouping - AM, DFC, PH
Named grouping to Sgt Wade WAGNER who served in the 400th Bomb Squadron,, 90th Bomb Group. He was a gunner on a B-24 41-24068 “Jughead” went down on April 10, 1944 on a bombing mission to WEWAK. Comes with officially wartime government engraved Air Medal unnamed DFC and unnamed Purple Heart in Purple Heart case. He was from Greenville, NC. The local VFW in Pittsboro still bears his name in honor of his service. The wreckage of his plane and remains were found in May 1943. I found a copy of the report online.
66photos -SOLDBUCH + POW Art Grouping- Nachrichten Abt. KRETA
Nice grouping named to Obegef. Wolfgang SCHNEIDER who served in Nachrichetn Art. KRETA. Also comes with his Fuhrershcein and POW documents. Also comes with a very nice hand made wood and metal box he constructed during his tim e in POW in in Africa. He previously served in Nacho Komp. 721 of the 721 Infanterie Division, later the 114 Jaeger Division which saw action in Italy. All pages of the SB are present as well as a couple pages of his Wehrpass. He served on Kreta from March 1942 until war's end.
67photos  -  WWII Japanese POW Art
Beautiful framed original art done my Japanese POW in hospital in Manila given to Nurse Margaret Brown Theston.
$50  - sold
68 photos - Luftwaffe Pilot Document Grouping - STALINGRAD
Named grouping with Glider content to Josef SCHOCH who served in 7./Kampfgeschwader zbv 1 his promotion document was issued when the unit was serving in STALINGRAD where it lost 50% of its personnel and aircraft! Comes with two nice glider unit Bierzeitungen, award document for the Ostmedaille with original signature MORZIK (RK winner), promotion document for Oberfeldwebel with original signature GenMaj Rüdiger von Heyking (Heyking was later commander of the 6 Fallschirmjaeger Division and was captured in France in 1944!!), Black Wound Badge (Kampfgruppe zbv Posen), more.
69photos - Army Photo Album - NÜRNBERG RALLY + France Campaign
171 photos, From same man as #57 above. Very nice studio portraits including him in Waffenrock with HJ badges in wear. some photos of him in RAD service including on showing GOEBBELS, photos from his participation in a NÜRNBERG RALLY, MG 34 photos, vehicles, motorcycles, French colonial POWs, captured French H39 tanks, destroyed French towns, more.
$325  - sold
70photos -  HITLER JUGEND Photo Album - ITALIAN TOUR! - Top!
101 photos of a Hitler Jugend boy's service. Contains super photos of his unit taking a trip to ITALY.  Named to Willi GROTH.  #57 and 58 are both from him. Great photos of his unit in uniform, on parade, high ranking HJ officers, flags, great uniform details, then super photos of the unit visiting Italy, photos from Venice, photos from Rome, posing with Italian soldiers, ceremonies with Italian Fascist youth, great studio portraits of him in HJ uniform, and more!
71photos -  Photo Album & Award Document Grouping - 17 Panzer Division - Nice!
77 photos.  Also comes with the man's Wehrpass, Iron Cross Second Class document with original signature 17 panzer Division commander Generaloberst Hans-Jürgen von Arnim (RK winner), Black Wound Badge award document with Abt. Cdr. signature  Major Rudolf Freiherr von Lerchenfeld (DKIG winner), and other documents. the Wehrpass is complete with photo.  Shows he served in Panzer Aufklarungs Abt. 27 of the 17 Panzer Division. extensive list of weapons qualifications, Fuehrerschein Class I, II, III, both medals listed, campaigns in France and Russia.  Photo albums is well captioned, good photos from France, vehicles, bivouacs, officers, graves, nice studio portraits, KO french B1 Tank and KIA crew, medal ceremonies in the field, and more.
72photos -  Original Wartime 3. PANZER DIVISION Posters!
Two original, rare wartime posters, both showing the advance of the 3 panzer Division in 1939 and 1940. The 1939 poster has a chunk out of it but the other is complete.
$175  - sold
73 photos -   HITLER JUGEND & Army Photo Album  - Deutschlandfahrt d. Jungfaschisten 1939 - TOP!
238 photos of a Hitler Jugend boy during a special HJ meeting with Italian Fascist youth!!  Well captioned.  Great photos of Hitler Jugend boys in the Alps, marching, flags, parades, high HJ officers, SUPER photos of HIGH Italian Fascist Youth leaders!, amazing Italian Fascist youth insignia in wear, then photos from the boy's service in the Army in Poland 1939, knocked out Polish tanks, destroyed Polish towns, then photos of his sister in the BDM, photos from Nurnberg, portraits, photos from France Campaign, identified locations, RAF aircraft, good photos from Paris, more! great album!
74 photos - Army Photo Album - France Campaign
100 photos, most from the France Campaign. Good images of Destruction in France, tanks, French POWs,...
75 photos - Award Document Grouping - Panzer Jaeger Abt. 543 - 3 PANZER DIVISION
Award Document grouping to Obergef. Friedrich STREIBER who served in Panzer Jaeger Abt 543 of the 3 Panzer Division.  Comes with his KVK2 award document with original signature 3 Panzer Division commander Generalleutnant Hermann Breith (RK + Swords winner), General Assault Badge award document with orig. sig. Abt cdr., Russian Front Medal award document, Driver’s Badge in Bronze award document with orig. sig. Abt. cdr., Army Driver’s License.
 $175  - sold
76photos -  British WWI Photo Album - London 3rd General Hospital
Very nice official album named to a Captain Cooper. Given to him when he was convalescing in the 3rd General Hospital in London. Album contains large photos of London landmarks with printed histories.
77 photos -   Waffen SS & SS Polizei Photo Album - Russian Campaign - Nice!
167 photos. Nice studio portraits including one with super sharp SS Polizei Division cufftitle in wear,  parades, marching, ceremonies, Standarte, combat in the field, Pak crews moving in to position, Russian POWs, KO Russian tanks, refugees, KIA soldiers, camo smocks, Soviet aircraft, medals in wear in the field, artillery positions,  graves, and more.
78. photos - US WWII  Fighter Unit Photo Grouping - 20th Fighter Group
37 photos. Great photos of fighter aircraft, medal ceremonies, base images, A-2 jackets, squadron patches, and more.
79. photos - WWII US MARINES Photo Album/Scrapbook - OFFICER - IWO JIMA - Bronze Star Citation
Super photo album/scrapbook named to Major Paul Jones. He received a Bronze Star for operations on IWO JIMA. There is a great photo of him receiving the medal from General WORTON with personal dedication. The album is filled with important paperwork, newspaper clippings and ephemera from his service during and post war. Most importantly it comes with his ORIGINAL Bronze Star citation for his service in IWO JIMA. He also went on to command a Marine Regiment in Korea. You can find much about him on the internet.
80. photos - Luftwaffe FLAK Photo Album
227 photos. Filled with good images if Flak cannons and crews in position in the field, good images of their bunkers in the field, photos of then crew using captured foreign Flak cannons, ceremonies in the field, 8.8cm flak cannons, rangefinders, photos from Mont St Michel and other French coastal locations, more.
81.  photos - Army Photo Album - France Campaign
51 photos . Named to Kurt LILL. nice large portrait of him wearing helmet, generals, armored cars, field radios, troop columns on the move, captured artillery, weary troops in the field, destroyed towns and villages, more.
82. photos -  US WWII Document Grouping
Large paperwork grouping named to George W JAMES who served in graves registration. Large color studio portraits, discharges, large amount of orders, ID cards, letters he sent home, and more
$60  - sold
83.  photos - WEHRPASS - Officer - Artillerie Regiment 7
Very well filled out Wehrpass. Many good award entries - Westwall Medal, Ostmedaille, Iron Cross Second Class, Iron Cross FIRST CLASS, KVK2 and more. promotions from Gefrieter to Oberleutnant, Many campaign entries in Russia including Smolensk & Minsk, and more.
84. photos - RARE Czech Nazi Party Banner Grouping - RARE!
Wartime originals!
85.  photos - POLIZEI Document Grouping - Poland - NICE!
Very nice document grouping named to Polizeimeister Alois HIPPER. Comes with his original NSDAP Membership book with great photo of him in Polizei uniform, original NSDAP Ausweis fÜr Politische Leiter indicating he is serving as Block and Marschblockleiter and on reverse, Unterabteilungsleiter and also Schulungsleiter! (uncommon to find in groupings), original Luftschutz Medal 2nd Class award document (large formal version) issued when he served in ZIGENHALS (Głuchołazy Poland, congratulation letters on his 25th year anniversary of service from Polizei commanders in Poland where atrocities against Jews occurred including Zawiercie/Warthenau, Sudetenland medal award document, promotion document from HIMMLER promoting him to SS-UntersturmfÜhrer in 1939 , newspaper clipping about his SS promotion, his Hitler Jugend Dienstkarte, large official award document for 25 Year Polizei Service Medal, more!
86. photos -  Kriegsmarine Photo Album
194 photos in a nice color KM album cover.  Comes with his original Kriegsmarine cap tally on inside cover.  Well captioned throughout.  Good KM uniform photos, marching, ceremonies, identified locations, identified officers, KM Feldgrau uniforms, photos from KIEL, ships in harbor, 8.8cm Flak firing at night, studio portrait of the man, photo of EK2 medal just awarded, more.
87.  photos -  Army Photo Album - Poland, France, Russia - Judaica Content
110 photos of a soldier's service in the Poland, France and Russia Campaigns. Starts with a studio portrait of the man with original medal ribbons, good images of MAGINOT LINE BUNKERS, identified locations in France - DIJON, French Beutepanzers, French aircraft, French POWs, good motorcycle images, graves, photos of JEWS in DUBNO,   other identified locations in Russia, trench positions, troops using captured PPSH sub machine guns, photos of KNIGHTS CROSS WINNERS including RICHTHOFEN, good gear images, field radios, more.
88. photos -  German Photo Album - Bombing of DUREN- HURTGEN FOREST
Very large album, officially recording the Allied bombing of Duren, Germany on Nov 16, 1944. The city of Düren was located on the main fighting front during the Allied invasion of Germany in World War II. During 1944 and 1945, the protracted and bloody Battle for Hürtgenwald was fought on Düren's district area, and on November 16, 1944, Düren was completely destroyed by Allied air bombings. Approximately 22,000 people lived in Düren at that time, and 3,000 of them died during the bombing.
$175  - sold

89. photos -    Army SOLDBUCH, Photo Album & Award Document Grouping - Gren Rgt 695 - 340 Volks Grenadier Division - TOP!
Nice grouping with album with 150 good quality front photos in two albums from France and Russia Campaigns. Comes with the man's original issue SOLDBUCH as well as Iron Cross Second Class and Silver Wound badge award documents. The man served in Grenadier Regiment 695 - part of the 340 Inf Division and later the 340 Volks Grenadier Division. The division fought in the Battle of the Bulge (including BASTOGNE), as part of I SS Panzer Corps, and then retreated into Germany as part of XIII SS Corps before finally being destroyed in the Ruhr pocket in April 1945. Soldbuch is complete with all pages. Awards entered include EK2 and Silver Wound Badge. The album contains many identified locations in France, destruction, vehicles, captured aircraft, French POWs, captured French TANKS, artillery, foxhole positions, General with KNIGHTS CROSS at unit funeral ceremony, and more.

90. photos -  US WWII Blue Devils Association Material
Very nice grouping of Blue Devils veteran membership material including an ID card and other "swag." Sent May 1946 with wartime stamp. Very nice!
$45  - sold
91. photos -  US WWII Nurse's Photo Album Grouping - Nice!
Very nice album grouping named to US WWII nurse, Capt. Martha Viola JONES. Also comes with several original documents related to her service, she served in the ETO March 1944 until war's end. Contains many photos of her in various Nurse uniforms, many well captioned photos form her time in England, France and Germany, and more!
92. photos - US WWII Photo Album - Destroyer USS HIGBEE - Historically Important!
Historically important photo and document album commemorating the commission of the Destroyer USS HIGBEE. This was complied by the niece and sister of the famous WWI Nurse, LENAH HIGBEE, who the USS Higbee was named after. Contains many great original photos of the ship as well as important documents. Also comes with rare original photos of LENAH HIGBEE and a hand written poem she composed. She directed the US NAVY Nursing Corps during WWI and received the Distinguished Service Medal. She is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. one of a kind piece of history.
$265  - sold

93. photos - Large Luftwaffe German Cross in Gold Winner Portrait
Large frameable DKIG winner portrait.  Gert BLUME, LW pilot who won the DKIG posthumously on July 2, 1944. Served in KG 51.  He was KIA on May 25, 1942.
$65  - sold
94. photos Luftwaffe Photo Album - 7./Heersaufklarungsgruppe 13
24 photos of man attached to Army recon unit.
95. photos - Army Photo Album - Panzergruppe GUDERIAN - Nice!
179 photos. Very large, hard back photo album of a man who served in HQ of Panzergruppe Guderian. Contains many printed pages if unit history, original maps, well captioned. Many identified locations in France, photos form Parisl Dijon, Lille, Brugge and other locations, and more
96 photos -  Army Photo & Award Document Grouping - 35 Infanterie Division
Complete grouping to Gef. Engelbert WOLFSTURM who served in Inf Rgt 34 of the 35 Inf Division. Comes with 128 original photos and negatives from his service time, his Iron Cross Second Call award document with original signature 35 ID commander General der Artillerie Rudolf Freiherr von ROMAN (RK+Oakleaves winner), Infantry Assault Badgeaward document with orig sig Rgt commander, Black Wound Badge. Also comes with transmittal letters for his EK2 and Infantry Assault Badge. Also comes with several other documents including his discharge, French ID for when he served as a driver for the French Army, Feldpost, and more. Photos show him wearing his medals, graves, destroyed French towns, POWs, vehicles, KNIGHTS CROSS WINNER photos, bunkers in he field and more.
$285  - sold
97. photos - Luftwaffe Award Document Grouping - Flak Rgt 6
Extensive document grouping to Wachtmeister who served in Flak Rgt 6.  Comes with his original Iron Cross Second Class award document, original Flak Badge award document with signature RICHTHOFEN, portraits of the man, Wehrmacht Driving Instructor License, promotion documents, military discharge, many original letters he sent from POW Camp in Canada, and more.