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1.  photos -  WWI Pilot Uniform & Medal Grouping - 11th Aero Squadron - THREE CONFIRMED VICTORIES!
Fantastic grouping named to Charles G. Slauson, Mexican Border War veteran and WWI pilot who served in the 11th Aero Squadron.  He has three confirmed victories!  Comes with his uniform, medals, extensive insignia and his officially engraved Purple Heart medal with official transmittal letter!  Also comes with his French made garrison cap.  Links below detail a lot of his service including letters  in the archives of Rutger's University.  He went on to a career with Delta and American Airlines after the war.   Rare grouping!
$2500 - sold

2.  photos - German Seven Award Document Grouping - 126 Infanterie Division
Named growing to Uffz Rudolf CLEMENS who serve din Inf Rat 422.  Comes with KVK2 document with original signature commander 126 Inf Div General d. Infanterie Paul LAUX, Infantry Assault Badge document with original signature Rgt commander, a second Infantry Assault Badge document with original signature Rgt commander Oberstleutnant Günther Freiherr v. d. Goltz, Ostmedaille Document, Black Wound Badge with signature Rgt commander, KVK First Class with original signature 126 Inf Div commander Generalleutnant Gotthard Fischer (RK winner), Iron Class Second Class document  with original signature 126 Inf Div commander Generalleutnant Harry Hoppe (RK + Oakleaves winner). Very complete grouping.

3.  photos  -  SOLDBUCH Grouping - 5. Jaeger Division
Named to Walter LINCK. Comes with his Army Driver's License and his military discharge.  Soldbuch is original issue with original photo. He served in Panzer Jaeger Kompanie of Panzer Jaeger Rgt 75 of the 5. Jaeger Division. Awards include Black Wound Badge, Infanterie Sturmabzeichen, Wound Badge in Silver, Ostmedaille and Iron Cross Second Class. 
$250 - sold

4.  photosWEHRPASS - 10 Inf. Division - Poland Campaign KIA
Named to Heinrich FREUND. He served in Inf. Rgt 91 and later Inf Rgt 85 of the 10 Inf Division during the Poland Campaign. Awarded the Austrian Anschluss Medal.  He was KIA on Sept. 12, 1939 during the Poland Campaign.
$195 - sold


5.  photos -   WEHRPASS - Panzer Jaeger Abt. 590 - Beute Sturmgeschütz L6 mit 47/32 770(i) - ITALY - NETTUNO!
Named to Obergef. Hans WERNER who served in 3./schwere Heeres Panzer Jaeger Abt. 590. Many great Italian Campaign entries including Corsica and battle repelling the Allied landings at NETTUNO! Awarded the KVK2 and the Black Wound Badge. Als comes with an official typed Wehrpass summary. This unit used Beute Sturmgeschütz L6 mit 47/32 770(i)

6.  photos - SOLDBUCH Grouping - 16 Panzer Division - EK1 Winner - STALINGRAD!
Named to Josef HILGERS. Soldbuch is original issue with original uniform photo.  Assigned to  Kradschuetzen Btl 6 and 16 and then Schuetzen Rgt 64 of the 16 Panzer Division which was destroyed at STALINGRAD!  He was wounded while the unit was fighting at Charkow. Awarded the Black Wound Badge, Iron Cross Second Class, Iron CROSS FIRST CLASS and Bronze Panzer Assault Badge. 

7.  photos - US WWII Distinguished Flying Cross - 96th Fighter Squadron
Original wartime government engraved FC named to Lt. Joseph A. DOLAN who served in the 96th Fighter Squadron. He had one conformed kill on 10-22-1943.   He flew in P-38s on at least 50 combat missions.  Comes with copy of newspaper article that relates his DFC citation.

8.  photos -  Luftwaffe Photo Album - PANZERDIVISION "HERMANN GOERING" - Hermann Meyer Cap - ITALY - ANZIO, NETTUNO, SALERNO, MONTE CASSINO - TOP Rare!
150 photos of a Luftwaffe man who served  in Panzerdivision HERMANN GOERING and later Fallschirm Flakregiment!  Great photos of Hermann Meyer Caps in wear - uncommon!  Well captioned. Starts with his RAD service, good photos of his service in the Alps, nice photos of RAD troops in Alps wearing Edelweiss cap badges, photos of him stationed in Paris and the French Channel Coast, photos from NAPLES 1943, good photos of 8.8cm Flak positions in Italy including ANZIO, SALRNO & NETTUNO as well as MONTE CASSINO!- TOP RARE IMAGES!

9.  photosWAFFEN-SS Photo Grouping - 8th SS Cavalry Division Florian Geyer - RARE!
225 photos!  Extremely RARE photo grouping of a man who served in  the 8th SS Cavalry Division Florian Geyer!  Fantastic content. SS graves in the field, SS commander's grave, Krads, many excellent photos of mounted SS troops in the field, great SS uniform detail, SS officers, SS vehicles, weapons, harsh winter conditions, Russian tanks, Panzers in winter camo, field radio positions, winter camo in wear, many photos of SS camo smocks in wear, Russian POWs, burning villages, and much more!
The 8th SS Cavalry Division "Florian Geyer" was a German Waffen-SS cavalry division during World War II. It was formed in 1942 from a cadre of the SS Cavalry Brigade which was involved in the Bandenbekämpfung ("bandit-fighting") operations behind the front line and was responsible for the killing of tens of thousands of the civilian population. It continued "pacification" operations in the occupied Soviet Union, leading to further atrocities.
$2350 - sold

64 photos. Named to Richard GERSTNER who served in a Gebirgsjaeger unit and was also a Fallschirmjaeger!!  many photos of the man in ARMY uniform wearing LW FALLSCHIRMJAEGER BADGE!   Good GJ uniform details, many photos of medals in wear, GJ troops on KRETA,  and more! Rare content!

11.  photosLuftwaffe Photo Album - Kampfgeschwader 55 "Grief" - KNIGHTS CROSS WINNER - TOP!!
525 photos. Massive album of a Knights Cross Winner! Really amazing album of a He 111 bomber Pilot and Knights Cross Winner.Filled with super photos of He 111 aircraft, crashes, ceremonies, many good photos of the man and crew wearing medals, life in the field, camo painted aircraft, Russian aircraft, photos of KG 55 "Grief" Gruppenkommandeur and RK winner Heinrich WITTMER, planes with unit emblems, great photos of the man in cockpit in flight in flight gear, man and crew posing in flight gear next to their plane after emergency landing with KG 55 emblem, planes with damage, FW 200 airplanes, super studio portraits, foreign aircraft, photos of bombs hitting.missing targets, mission celebrations, Knights Cross Winners, German Cross in Gold Winners, and more! 
$2850 - sold

12.  photos - FALLSCHIRMJAEGER Photo Grouping - KRETA - TOP!
150 photos, all from the same paratrooper who served in 2. Fallschirm Art. Abt! Super content including great combat content from KRETA. Many excellent photos of FJ's in camo smocks, jump smocks, FJ helmets,MP 40s,  in flight before jumps,British soldier POWs on Kreta, photos of very salty looking FJ's on Kreta, wounded FJ's, several good photos of FJ's with KETTENKRADS in the field,  unit graves on Kreta, great original private photos of KURT STUDENT in the field wearing RK, captured British tanks on Kreta, FJ's in winter camo in Russia, other RK winner FJ's, fantastic photo of FJ's in foxholes in the field with MP 40 and egg grenades, crash landed planes on Kreta, FJ graffiti on trains, photos of FJ's jumping on Kreta, panzers in Russia, wedding ceremonies w FJ in helmet and medals, and more.  Fantastic grouping!

13.  photos -  U-BOAT Photo Album - U-248 - RARE!
188 photos from a sailor who served on the U-248.  Has metal U-248 insignia on cover. Named to Maschinenmaat Horst DIETZE. Also comes with his personalized cloth uniform tags,  portrait photos starting in HJ uniform, portrait in Marine HJ uniform, portraits in KM uniform, good U-Boat images, U-Boat crew on deck, celebration dinner inside U-Boat, photos taken at sea on patrol, captain  Oberleutnant zur See Bernhard Emde and officers in conning tower at sea, captain wearing white cap, medal ceremonies, Schnellboot in camo paint scheme, medals in wear, more!

14.  photosU-BOAT Photo Album & Bierzeitung - U-703 - U-364
91 photos and original Bierzeitung of a sailor who served in U-703 and U-364.   Good photos of the officers and crew in U-Boat at sea, captain wearing white cap, photos taken from conning tower, relaxing on deck at sea in calm moments, cap badges in wear, watch duty using heavy binoculars, returning after mission at sea, more.
$850 - sold

15.  photosU-BOAT Photo Album - U-561 - Nice!
241 photos all from the same U-Boat sailor, has original metal U-Boat U-561 emblem on the front!! Rare!  group photos, U-Boat badges in wear, great photos of crew on deck of U-Boat, officers on conning tower, great photos of cap badges in wear, other warships at sea, crew on lookout at sea, on convoy with other U-Boats at sea, returning from missions, KNIGHTS CROSS WINNER posing after mission,  conning tower emblems, captain in white cap, salty bearded crew posing after return from missions at sea, tropical KM uniforms, female KM Helferin, photos of the crew in Athens, U-Boat going through the Corinth Canal, and more. Super album!
. In 15 patrols she sank five ships for a total of 17,146 gross register tons (GRT), plus one ship damaged and a second a total loss. During late July 1941, U-561, along with 9 other German and Italian submarines, attacked convoy OG 69 en route from Liverpool to Gibraltar. U-561 torpedoed and sank the 1,884 GRT British freighter Wrotham. She was sunk by torpedoes fired from Royal Navy's HMS MTB-81 on 12 July 1943 at position 38°16′N 15°39′E in the Straits of Messina.
$2350   - sold

17.  photos -  Waffen-SS Unit Nürnberg Rally Photo Grouping
32 photos of a SS unit attending a Nürnberg Rally.  Good images of SS officers, Great SS uniform details, SS troops marching through Nürnberg Altstadt, Nürnberg Rally grounds, marching, SS troop maneuvers, some photos have "Photohaus Dachau" photographer audio stamp on the reverse. 

18.  photos -   Waffen-SS HOHENSTAUFEN Medal Ceremony Photo Grouping
16 photos. Interesting grouping of a SS-Hohenstaufen unit including great photo of an award ceremony showing large table with many medals and awards!High SS officer awarding medals, SS camo smocks, SS-Hohenstaufen cuff titles in wear, troops in the field, SS mortar Crew in the field, 

19.  photos -  Waffen-SS Unit Nürnberg Rally Photo Grouping
19 photos of a SS unit attending a Nürnberg Rally. Good photos of SS troops on parade, flags, ceremonies, Standarten, good SS uniform details, SS daggers, some photos of LW troops also. 

20.  photos - Waffen-SS Studio Portrait Photo Grouping - Nice!
17 various SS photos including good SS portrait photos.
  - sold

21.  photos -  Waffen-SS Totenkopf Photo Grouping 
18 photos of a SS Totenkopf man. Good portraits, original Hitler photo on parade, good SS uniform details, parades, more. 

22.  photos -  Waffen-SS Das Reich Photo Grouping 
14 photos of a SS Das Reich man. Good portraits. 

23.  photos -  Waffen-SS Officer Photo Grouping - High Personality photos - Hitler, Goebbels. Hess and SS Generals
26 photos. Original Hitler photos (also Goebbels and Hess), SS studio portraits, Totenkopf & LAH officers, and more. 

24.  photos -   Waffen-SS PRINZ EUGEN Photo Grouping 
15 photos of a SS PRINZ EUGEN man. Other good SS uniform details. 
$175 - sold

25.  photos -  SS Polizei in Poland Photo Grouping
11 photos of a SS Polizei man in Poland.
$75 - sold

26.  photos -   Waffen-SS Studio Portrait, Field Photos, SS Death Notices & SS Personenausweis Grouping
52 photos. SS Death notices, SS Personenausweis, portraits, SS Feldpost, postcards, field photos, more. 

27.  photos -  Waffen-SS Flak Abt. LAH Studio Portrait and SS Junkerschule Book Grouping
Very nice grouping. 
  - sold

28.  photos -  Waffen-SS Totenkopf Photo Grouping 
Grouping of a SS-TK man.
29.  photos -  Waffen-SS SCHWIMMWAGEN Award Document, Feldpost & Photo Grouping - TOP RARE! at least 14 SS Schwimmwagen images!
Rare grouping.  Named to Karl THOMASO who served in SS-Aufklarungs Abt. (Mot.)6. Comes with several pieces of Feldpost. Also his Ostmedaille award document, pass size portrait pf him in SS uniform, rare SS Schwimmwagen images, original photo of division commander Kleinheisterkamp, and more.

30.  photos - Waffen-SS StuG Photo Grouping
Good images of SS StuG uniforms in wear. 


32.  photos -  Waffen-SS Totenkopf Portrait Photo Grouping
Nice SS studio portraits
33.  photos -  Waffen-SS Totenkopf - Studio Portrait, winter combat photo grouping
$375- sold

34.  photos - Female Railway Reichsbahn photo & portrait grouping

35.  photos - Luftwaffe Pilot Photo Grouping - Great Studio Portraits, RK winners + - Large Lot!
Many good studio portraits with medals, original photos DIETL with Knights cross ceremony in the field, SA units on parade in Nurnberg, SA studio portraits, post war SS signed portraits, high officers, Spanish Cross winner studio portraits, generals, combat photos,KM sailor wearing Schnellboot badge,  Panzer portraits and photos, Waffen-SS photos,  Knights Cross winners, DKIG winners, and much more! Nice lot!

36.  photos -  Fallschirmjaeger & Gebirgsjäger KRETA Photo Grouping
52 photos of a paratrooper with content from KRETA. Jump smocks in wear, camo smocks, crashed/landed gliders, FJ's wearing MP 40 ammo pouches, Also photos of Gebirgsjaegers in France and on Kreta, combat, troops in France 1940, foxholes, motorcycles, graves in the field, bicycle infantry, troops wearing helmets with nets, troop using radios in the field, more.

37.  photos -  Panzer Photo Grouping - PARIS - Panzer Abt 233 - Beutepanzer Komp 233 "Versailles”
190 photos. Rare grouping to a Panzer unit using French B-1 tanks w/ German markings! Great photos of the unit with B-1 tank at the gates of Versailles, many other photos of the man wearing Black Panzer wrap tunic at Versailles! Many other photos of the unit at landmarks in Paris, many field portraits of the man, most captioned on the reverse. Great lot! 
$750- sold
38.  photos - Army Photo Album - Austrian (Linz) + Wehrmacht - Balkans
258 photos of an Aistrian soldier who later served in the Wehrmacht.  Content from his time in the Austrian Army through operations in the Balkans, nice Austrian unit photo,  There are photo stamps from Linz which may be his hometown. MG 34, parades, Russian POWs, troop movements in the field, visiting the Alps, destruction, KIA in the field, troops in Bucharest, more.

39.  photos -  Nürnberg Rally Photo Album - HITLER Photos!
148 photos.  Family trip through the Alps, Austrian and later Gebirgsjaeger photos in the Alps, visiting the Oberdonau, then photos visiting Nürnberg, nice photo of the town with swastika banners, many landmarks in Nürnberg, great photos of parades in Nürnberg Altstadt, original photos of HITLER on parade, Himmler in back seat, super photos of the Nürnberg Zeppelin field lit up at night, more.
$375 - sold

40.  photos - Austrian Army + Wehrmacht Photo Grouping 
123 photos. Nice studio portraits, destruction, graves, combat, photos of the man in Austrian uniform, officers, unit photos, mounted troops, bicycle troops, more.

41photos  - German Third Reich PRESS Photo Grouping
15 original press photos. One interesting post war one shows medals being sold at an antique shop in Hamburg advertising RK + diamonds available until officials shut it down. RK winners, Panzers, aircraft including FW 190, more.

42 photos - Army Photo Album - Army Doctor - Russia Campaign 
236 photos named to an Army doctor - Oberartz Dr. Richard BEYER.  Studio portraits, letter dated May 1945 concerning his Black Wound Badge was awarded for wounds received on May 3, 1945 and a photo of him received treatment on a leg injury. The Feldpost number on this document relates to Kommando 2. Panzer-Division, Begleitkompanie u. Feldgendarmerie-Trupp 82.  Christmas in the field, ceremonies, mounted troops, troop movements in Russia, Russian POWS, KIA Russian soldiers,  bicycle infantry, MG 34 crews in the field, Russian materiel captured, graves,  vehicles, officers, foxholes, burning Russian villages, MG 34 Zwillingssockel Wagons, more. Nice album.

43 photos - Luftwaffe Photo & Document Grouping - Aufklarungsstaffel 3 (F) 121 - France & Russia Campaigns
298 photos. Large Grouping named to Obrefelwebel Herbert HUNDSDÖRFER who served in Aufklarungsstaffel 3 (F) 121. Good technical photos. Destroyed French tanks, crashed/destroyed planes, Russian POWs, tropical uniforms, medal ceremonies in the field, graves, Flak cannons and crews, Zeppelins, burning villages, POWs, troops in Paris, several He 111 photos, photos taken inside He 111, bunkers, tanks, Russian tanks, vehicles with unit emblems, Ju 87 Stuka, more. 

44 photos - ORGANISATION TODT Photo Grouping
Photo grouping to a man who served in an OT unit. Good images of OT uniform details, ceremonies in the field, graves, Russian POWs, more.

45 photos  -  Luftwaffe FELD DIVISION Photo Album - ITALY & RUSSIA + PANZERFAUST Instructions
169 photos of a man who served in a Luftwaffe Feld Division unit - named to Armin EYRICH.  Interestingly, it comes in an original SA photo album. There is a paperinbtruction sheet taken from a Panzerfaust also in the album!  Unit photos, officers, posing with weapons, manning bunkers on the front, photos of his unit in Italy, tropical uniforms, medals in wear, camp smocks, nice MP 40 photos and more. 
$395 - sold

46photos - Luftwaffe Photo Album - Do 17 AIR CREW
277 photos of a Luftwaffe Aircrewman. Photos of him wearing medals including EK1, Air Gunner Badge and Flight Clasp, good studio portraits, photo of a Fallschirmjaeger wearing FJ badge, photos taken in flight, portrait photos, Do 17 photos, wedding photos, flight gear in wear, funerals, nice field portrait of him in full flight gear, tanks crashed planes, more.

47 photos - Army UNIT PHOTOGRAPHER Photo Album & DIARY Grouping - France & Russia Campaigns - Nice!
Large grouping of 503 photos of a unit photographer. Many photos captioned in the albums & on reverse.   Great example of how servicemen got most of their photos through unofficial unit photographers such as this man. Come with "sample albums" which would be passed amongst the unit, in which you would indicate which images you wanted a copy of.  This grouping is also nice as it comes with his FIELD DIARIES! Extensive entries.  Good images from the France Campaign 1940 as well as Russia. French POWs, identified French towns and villages, graves in the field, French troop graves, crashed RAF planes, photos from PARIS, MP 40, Russian POWs, officers, vehicles, artillery positions, observation balloons, StuG III, schwere Mortar units, hanged partisans, winter camp, Pak cannons, unit emblems, and more! Great lot!

48photos - Luftwaffe KNIGHTS CROSS Photo Grouping -  MARTIN MÖBUS - Stuka Geschwader 5
33 photos of famous Schlachtflieger MARTIN MÖBUS!  Martin Möbus was killed in a car crash in Pori, Finnland on June 2nd 1944. During the more than 800 sorties he flew, he destroyed over 60 Soviet tanks, 5 armoured trains, 18 Flak batteries, 600 assorted vehicles, 1 cruiser and 1 tanker (with 14500 GRT). Great studio portrait photos of him wearing RK+EL, photos of his Ju 87 Stukas & also FW 190 (ground attack),  victrory mission celebration for comrades, MÖBUS' Knights Cross ceremony in the field, other RK winners, photos of his funeral with excellent photo of his medals on display. Also photo of DIETL at his funeral. 
$1165   - sold
49photos -  Luftwaffe OFFICER Photo Album - France & NORWAY/FINLAND
195 photos.  Photo from PARIS, portraits, medals in wear, gliders, more.

50 photos - Gebirgsjaeger Photo Album - Gebirgsjaeger Regiment 99 - France & Russia - Combat
180 photos of a mountain troop soldier in GBR 99.  GJ uniform details, nice studio portrait of the man wearing medals, Russian tanks, unit photos, pack mules in the field, French POWs, artillery, bunkers, weary infantry after battle, French tanks, mounted troops, graves in the field, Maginot line bunkers, combat, vehicles, more. 

51photos - 2x Photo Album Grouping - Wehrmacht & Bundeswehr - Panzer Pionier Ball 27 - France & Russia
165 wartime photos + second album mostly from his Bundeswehr (Grenzschütz) service. Mounted troops, destruction, troop movements, Maginot Line Bunkers, destroyed French towns, graves, MG 34 positions in the field, troops posing after EK2 awards in the field, foxholes, tanks, planes, StuG, Russian tanks, harsh Russian winter conditions, motorcycles, portraits, postcards, more.

52photos - Army Photo Album - PAK Unit - France Campaign - 46 Infanterie Division
149 photos. Weapons, vehicles, marches, PAK cannons, postcards, unit photos, tanks, KIA soldiers, border crossings, destroyed French tons and cities, unit emblems on vehicles for 46 ID, portraits, more.

53photosLuftwaffe AUFKLARUNGS Air Crew Photo Grouping - Aufklarungsgruppe 33
110 photos of a reconnaissance air crewman. Portraits, many good aircraft images - FW 190, Me 110, Ju 87, Ju 86  etc., air crew wearing medals, important mission celebrations, planes in flight, flight gear in wear, more. 
$275  - sold

54photos - Luftwaffe AUFKLARUNGS Air Crew Photo Grouping - Aufklarungsgruppe 33
75 photos of a reconnaissance air crewman.  Good studio portraits, medals in wear, very good me 110 photos, Gigant glider images,  mission celebrations, sports award certificate, photos taken in flight, more.
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