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1.  photos -   WAFFEN-SS Photo Album - SS Deutschland & SS DAS REICH - Poland Campaign - TOP!
143 photos named to SS Unterscharführer Adam LAUTENSCHLÄGER. He was KIA on July 21, 1941 in Russia. Comes with his funeral notice. Very good studio portraits of the man in SS uniform including SS1 Deutschland collar tab (one showing an odd variation), SS ceremonies with SS banners, SS camp smocks and helmets in wear, many pathos of SS Deutschland cuff titles in wear, ORIGINAL PHOTOS OF HITLER and HIMMLER, SS boxing matches, crossing the border into POLAND in 1939, good trench warfare photos, SS vehicles, SS mortar crews, Polish POWs, destroyed Polish towns, KIA soldiers, Polish JEWS in forced labor, refugees, SS grave, female POLISH medic, polish bunkers, SS parades, great SS motorcycle photo, SS Das Reich vehicle runes, and more. Top album!
 - sold

2.  photos - Waffen-SS/ SS Polizei Photo Album - France Campaign
182 photos. Well captioned throughout. Comes with a very nice large colorized portrait of the man in Polizei uniform. Good studio portraits of the man, photos from the unit entering the France campaign first through Luxembourg and then many identified locations in France and Belgium, SS camp smocks and helmets in wear, destruction, vehicle columns, Paris, French POWs in POW camp outside Paris, French tanks, medal ceremonies, KIA French troops, graves, captured French artillery, feeding French refugee children, SS bands, white camp smocks in wear, photos of the man wearing medals and SS-Polizei cuff title, postwar photos of him on the Munich Police Force and more.

3.  photos  -   WAFFEN-SS Photo Album - 6. SS-Gebirgs Division "NORD"
116 photos. All from a man who served in the 6. SS-Gebirgs Division "NORD." Nice photos of SS ski troops in winter camo, "Strasse Der SS" signs in Norway/Lappland, barren wilderness conditions, artillery positions, aircraft, SS camp smocks in wear, mounted troops, harsh winter conditions, KO T-34 tanks outside their trench positions, bunker building, Panzers in the field, graves, ceremonies, more.

4.  photos - Gebirgsjaeger Photo Album
111 photos of a mountain troop soldier. Starts with his RAD service. Good GJ uniform details, GJ troops in mountain terrain, medals in wear, Alpine training, portraits, more.

5.  photos -   Kriegsmarine Photo Album, SOLDBUCH & Award Document Grouping - NORWAY
133 photos. Named to Heinz ZERLING. Comes with his SOLDBUCH, award documents for Minesweeper badge with original signature Admiral Norwegian NordKueste, KV2 award document with original signature Admiral Otto von SCHRAEDER. - recipient of the Knight's Cross. As a U-boat commander during World War I, he was credited with the sinking of 57 ships for a total of 54,663 gross register tons (GRT), a further 6 ships damaged for a total of 52,333 GRT, including SS Justicia, and one ship of 336 GRT taken as a prize. Schrader was taken prisoner of war in Norway at the end of World War II. He committed suicide in Norwegian captivity on 19 July 1945. Also comes with Hitler jugged related documents, very interesting large sports competition award document for Marinestammabteilung "Norwegen" Oslo (first of these we have offered), large KVK2 award document for relative Kurt ZEIBIG serving as Reichsbahnsekretär in Berlin. Also documents relating to him serving as a translator while in captivity at war's end. Soldbuch is complete with all pages and uniform photo, served in Torpedoarsenal "Norwegen, stationed in Olso, Drontheim and also served on the Minenraunschiff "PARIS." Award entries, very well filled out. Photo album has 133 photos. Large unit photos, ship photos, good photos. Large photo of the MRS "Paris" in Norway, large photo of a U-Boat in Norway, nice studio portrait of the man wearing medals, identified locations and personnel, nice photo of the Kommandierener Admiral Norwegen sign, more U-Boat photos, and more. Nice grouping!
$650 - sold

6.  photos - BDM Photo Grouping
23 photos. Also a HJ newspaper and Schwimmer Zeugnis for HJ boy from Landjahr service period.

7.  photos -  Luftwaffe PILOT Photo Grouping
9 photos.

8.  photos -  AFRIKAKORPS Photo Grouping
112 photos of a Luftwaffe man serving in North Africa. Many captioned with details on the reverse. Many good photos of DAK soldiers in tropical uniforms, desert bivouacs, camp painted vehicles, identified locations, troops locals, vehicle columns, many identified locations, Luftwaffe Afrika cufftitles in wear, ceremonies in the field, and more.

9.  photos - Kriegsberichter Grouping
Named grouping to a Luftwaffe Kriegsberichter. He served in LW Kriegsberichterstatter Komp 1. Comes with several official unit documents, several nice IDs, more.
$210 - sold

10.  photos - Luftwaffe Photo Album - France Campaign - Good Technical Content
150 photos. Good photos of a LW Regiment in the France campaign, many vehicles, tanks, planes, destroyed towns and cities, motorcycles, vehicles with unit emblems, halftracks, captured French artillery, captured French tanks, portrait photos, and more.

11.  photos Waffen-SS Diary & Photo Album - LEIBSTANDARTE SS ADOLF HITLER - 25th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS "Hunyadi" - Nice!
Excellent diary and photo album of one man who served in the SSLAH! 44 original photos and other non original. Great detailed content of his service, great photos of the man wearing SS LAH cufftitle, SS Panzers on the roll in Russia,great studio portraits of the man, photo of him wearing SS Feldgrau wrap tunic camo cap and LAH shoulder boards, other photos of his wearing black panzer wrap and SS insignia, content from his time stationed in Italy, Greece, then assigned to 25th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS "Hunyadi," covers his time through the end of the war and POW time. Also has some original documents from his service.

12.  photos - Luftwaffe Reconnaissance PILOT DIARY, Photo and Wehrpass Grouping - Aufklarungs Gruppe 32 - Poland, France Russia - KIA
34 photos. Very nice portrait photos. Named to Oberlt. Hans Joachim OTTO. He was KIA on July 30, 1941. comes with his funeral notice and newspaper obituary, grave ID photo, memorial photo of Otto and his crew member, very nice portrait photos, Feldpost, assortment of other photos, his original WEHRPASS complete with photo (other pass photos inside also), he served in various Reconnaisance units Aufkl Staffel 4.(H) 32 at the time of his death. Awards entered include the combined Pilot-Observer Badge (Dopplabzeichen) - uncommon entry! Flight Clasp in Bronze and EK2, campaign entries for the Poland Campaign, France Campaign and finally Russia where he was KIA. Finally, the grouping comes with four diaries he kept throughout is military service starting in 1937! Detailed entries - right up until the day of his death. Great complete grouping!
$865 - sold

13.  photosArmy Gebirgsjaeger OFFICER SOLDBUCH & Document Grouping - Hochgebirgs-Jäger-Bataillon 4 - ITALY
Original SOLDBUCH and an assortment of documents named to Oberlt. Hans BRUGGER. Several indicating he is assigned to Führerreserve for Gebirgs Truppe. He was also assigned to Hochgebirgs-Jäger-Bataillon 4. It was raised on 20 November 1943 from elements of I./Geb.Jäg.Rgt. 98 which at that time was on active service in the Epirus area in Greece. It was then posted to Italy (the Btl. left Admont towards the end of Nov 1943) and served as Army Troops, finishing the war attached to 114. Jäger Division. SOLDBUCH is complete with officer uniform photo, served in Gebirgsjaeger Rgt 136 and later GJR 85. This unit the unit from which Hochgebirgs-Jäger-Bataillon 4 was formed. Awards entered include Black Wound Badge, Infantry Assault Badge and Ostmedaille. Nice grouping to a Gebirgsjaeger officer!
 - sold

14.  photos - Award Document Grouping - Gren Rgt 308
Named to Gren, Alfred FEULNER who served in Gren Rgt 308. Original signature Regimental commander. Also comes with uncommon to find Antrag for the qualification of his Infantry Assault Badge.

15.  photos -  SOLDBUCH & Document Grouping - STALAG XIID Guard! - NÜRNBERG - Rare!
Named to Feldwebel Wilhelm SCHWEINFURTH. Comes with several military documents including his promotion to Feldwebel, original Hindenburg Cross award document, declarations from friends that he was not a Nazi, SOLDBUCH is complete with photo, served at Stalag XIII-D Nürnberg Langwasser - a German Army World War II prisoner-of-war camp built on what had been the Nazi party rally grounds in Nuremberg, northern Bavaria. Entry for Hindenburg Cross, and more! Rare!

16.  photos -   Pilots Document Grouping - SCHLACHTGESCHWADER 2 + JG 107 - Staffelführer
Two document grouping to a Lt Kurt KLIMANN and another to a Max Lange. One served in SCHLACHTGESCHWADER 2 the other in JG 107. Both performance evaluations.

17.  photos -   WWI Award Document Grouping
Named grouping to Johann MAYER Comes with his WWI EK2 and Wound Badge field issue award documents as well as evaluation document.

18.  photos  WWI Award Document Grouping + Other Family Documents & Photos
Nice mixed family grouping. Comes with Father's very nice WWI award document grouping for various awards he received, nice WWII portraits of children, other WWII related documents.
$135 - sold

Named grouping to Wolfgang PFEIFER who served at war's end in Fallschirmjaeger Regiment 29. He was originally in flight observer training in 1943 and into 1944 when he as assigned to KAMPFGESCHWADER 55 "Greif." then transferred to Fallschirmjager service with EXTREMELY RARE unit - FALLSCHIRM-PANZERZERSTÖR ABT. 11 - certainly a unit using Panzerschreck rocket launchers! then assigned to FJR 29 fighting in the final battles of the War in the East. Also comes with his Flugbuch listing several flights and ID's.

20.  photos  KIA Document Grouping - Gren Rgt 72
Named grouping to Stabsgef. Hans PHILIPP who served in Gren Rgt 72 who was KIA in Dec 1943. Comes with his large KIA document sent to family in original mailing envelope as well as transmittal letter.

21.  photos -  WWI DIARY & Photo Grouping - Nice!
Extensive hand-written diary of a soldier's WWI service. Also comes with a nice assortment of photos including several excellent portraits with Pickelhaube and gear in wear.
$245 - sold

22.  photos -   Gebirgsjaeger KIA Award Document Grouping - Hochgebirgsjaeger Btl. 1
Named grouping to Gef. Josef SCHROTZHAMMER who served in Hochgebirgsjaeger Btl. 1. Comes with his posthumous Infantry Assault Badge award document, studio portrait, letter to his father explaining circumstances of his son's death and also WWI documents of a relative.
 - sold

23.  photos -   PILOT Photo & Document Grouping - ME 109 Pilot!
Named to Lt Walter HAMMER who served as a Reconnaissance pilot/observer flying ME 109's in Nahaufkl. Gruppe 4. Comes with an official WARTIME service history including list of detailed ME 109 missions through April 1945 when he as finally shot down by enemy fighter aircraft!! Great portrait in flight gear. Rare!
 - sold

24.  photos -  WAFFEN-SS OFFICER Photo & Document Grouping - SS Leibstandarte Adolph Hitler
Great studio portrait in SS officer uniform, his military discharge, WASt Service history sent to family, more.

25.  photos -   KVK2 Award Document - Stumpff Signature
named to Karl LETSCHE with original signature Hans-Jürgen Stumpff, Generaloberst.
$75 - sold

26.  photos -   Photo & Award Document Grouping - KIA - IR 353
Named to San. Obergef. Ulrich KLAPP who served in JR 353. Sturmabzeichen award document with original signature Rgt. Commander. Letter informing family of his death, service summary, and more.
 - sold

27.  photos  Award Document Grouping - Gren Rgt 35
Grouping named to Ober get Karl GROEBER who served in Gren Rgt 35. Comes with his Black Wound badge document, EK2 with original signature 25 Inf Division commander Generalleutnant Anton Grasser (RK+Oakleaves winner), Ostmedaille document with Rgt Commander signature, Infantry Assault Badge document also with Rgt Cdr signature, and more. Nice group.
$275 - sold

28.  photos -   WWI Award Document & Photo Grouping
Very nice EK2 award document, Armee Tagesbefehle 7 Armee document and several nice photos.
29.  photos -   FREIKORPS Award Document - Rare!
Rare FREIKORPS document to Aloys THUM who serve din Freikorps unit "ROEDER." Would look great framed
 - sold

30.  photos -  Kampfgeschwader 27 BOELCKE Cufftitle & Photo Grouping - Poland, France, Russia - KIA
ORIGINAL wartime Geschwader Boelcke cufftitle - mint! 150 photos of the man's service - Named on sheet of paper dedicated to his pilot. Nice He 111 photos, Me 109's on airfield, photos of crew in cockpit in flight, KESSELRING visiting his unit, He 111 formation in flight, other high officers, French POWs plane damage, photos of their grave and more.

31.  photos - Army Photo Album - Poland, France, Russia
172 photos in a modern album. Starts with his Reichwehr Polizei service, then Army in Poland, France and Russia - Aircraft, vehicles, destruction, tanks, many photos of WARSAW, KIA soldiers, airctaft, POWs, MINSK, SMOLENSK, Russian tanks, Panzers, photos dated through 1944, and also his post war passport.

32.  photos - Army/Kriegsmarine OFFICER SOLDBUCH, Document & Photo Album Grouping - Nice!
Extensive grouping named to Technische Verwaltungs Inspektor Hans ZEILINGER. Comes with his KVK2 award document with original signature General and commander VII Korps Eugen Ritter von Schobert (RK winner) Rare signature as he was KIA in 1941 when his Fieseler Storch crashed in to a Soviet minefield, his Truppenausweis, Long Service Medal First Class, FELDPOST, two large format official promotion documents, Hidenburg Cross award document, Ostmedaille, large studio portrait, SOLDBUCH is complete with nice uniform photo, extensive list of awards, photo album in original cardboard case, and more.
 - sold
33.  photos -  POLIZEI Photo Album
80 photos in a modern album. Aircraft, Polizei uniforms and insignia, vehicles, destruction, foreign workers, motorcycles, artillery, tropical uniforms, more.
 - sold

34.  photos -   Luftwaffe Flak Photo Album & Award Document Grouping - Nice!
140 photos. Also comes with his ID tag, Very nice assortment of award documents including Ostmedaille, FLK BADGE with original signature 14 Flak Division commander Lieutenant General Walter Feyerabend (RK winner), EK2 with original signature General der Flakart. Sud Pohl, Ritter von, Max (RK), Black Wound Badge,
Well captioned. Portrait photos, many very good 8.8cm Flak images, many photos from being stationed in Brussels, good original artwork, Flak in tow, vehicles with unit insignia. large flak towers, crashed British aircraft, and more. Nice grouping!
 - sold

35.  photos -  Army Photo Album - Poland, France
154 photos. Bunkers, heavy artillery, German soldier graves in the field, refugees, destruction, good combat photos, troops in foxholes, crashed planes motorcycles, observation balloons,
Army band photos, mounted troops, 1936 Olympics stadium in Berlin, more.

36.  photos EMPTY Photo Album - Seefliegerschule Travemünde
Very nice album!
$120 - sold

37.  photos -  SA + Army Photo Grouping
150 photos. Many very good photos of SA troops on parade, SA uniform details, SA officers. SA flags, ceremonies, mounted troops, bicycle infantry, Polizei troops, training panzers, photos from DUNKIRK, more.
$130- sold
38.  photos -   Studio Portrait Grouping - Dealer Lot
65 original wartime studio portraits. Nice assortment.
 - sold

39.  photos -   Female Postcard Grouping
8 original postcards of women in uniform,
 - sold

40.  photos - Army Photo Grouping - Legion Condor + France & Russia Campaigns
150 photos. Content form Spain during Legion Condor service as well as France and Russia Campaigns. Also some postcards. Some photos captioned on reverse.
 - sold

41photos  - POLIZEI Photo Album
Album has a Polizei cap eagle on cover. Well captioned. Many photos from Bad Ems.
 - sold

42 photos - 2x WWI Veteran Wehrpass Groupings
Two groupings to two different WWI veterans.

43 photos - Army Photo Album - Poland Campaign - Nice!
111 photos. Very nice album, officially unit made with original photos included by the owner from his service. Named to Pioneer Tetzner ALEXANDER. He served in Pionier Batl 80. Good unit history of the Poland Campaign. Also a very nice fold out map of the Poland Campaign. Portraits, officers, vehicles, motorcycles, destruction, graves, more.
 - sold

44 photos - Army Photo Album - Russia Campaign
41 photos. Nice portraits, Russian tanks, graves,
troops in foxholes in the field, planes, Zwillings MG mounted on PKW car, motorcycles, destruction, KIA soldiers, PAK mounted in PKW car, more.
 - sold

45 photos  - Army + Luftwaffe Photo Grouping
200+ photos. Nice mixed grouping from two different persons.
$120 - sold

46photos - WAFFEN-SS Photo Album Grouping - Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler + BERGHOF GUARD! - FÜHRERSCHÜTZKOMMANDO OBERSALZBURG!! - TOP!
170 photos in two albums of a SSLAH soldier who also served for a time as FÜHRERSCHÜTZKOMMANDO OBERSALZBURG - one of Hitler's Berghof guards! The non-SS album cover covers his time in this unit! The SSLAH album cover is very rare. Well and artistically captioned. Great photos o him wearing LAH slip on shoulder board cyphers, LAH cufftitles in wear, photos from the Russia campaign, transfer to France 1942, camp smocks and helmets in wear, SS vehicles, rare SS postcards, Russian tanks, PAK cannons, transfer to a Panzerschuetzenwagen unit, identified officers, VW Kubelwagen, SdKfz 251 & 250 photos, postcards from the berghof and the Reichskanzlei. Then photos form his time as a guard at the Berghof, photos of Berchtesgaden, SS barracks, Goering's house, the Berghof, the Platterhof, visiting Salzburg, Garmisch and other locations, original photos of GOERING, photos of GALLAND, BORMANN's house in Berchtesgaden, and more! Great albums!
 - sold

47 photos - Army Photo Grouping - Artillery Unit - France & Russia
230 photos. Many captioned on reverse. refugees, graves, Many good images of Artillery cannons in positions in the field, parades and marching, Russian aircraft, Russian Flak cannons, graves, destruction, river crossings, photos from LEMBERG, Russian POWs, combat, French road signs, Russian POWs, French POWs, Russian Commissars, more.
 - sold

48photos - KETTENKRAD & Motorcycle Photo Grouping - France Campaign
230 photos with several photos of the unit using a KETTENKRAD tracked motorcycle, other good motorcycle photos, possible post war use of Kettenkrad recovering unexploded ordnance, photos of destroyed French towns, unit in Paris, French refugees, vehicles, more.
 - sold
49photos - Army Photo Grouping - France Russia + Late War Hungary - Good Combat photos
300 photos. Foxholes, officers, troops on the march, weary troops in the field, mortar positions,
troops sleeping in foxholes, PAK positions, Panzer troops, Many images of Russian tanks, Russian aircraft, winter camo, ski patrols, Russian refugees, shells exploding outside foxhole, MG crew in action in trench position, graves, medals in wear, more. nice group!
 - sold

50 photos - Dealer's Lot of Photos, Postcards and Death Notices
WWI and WWII content
 - sold