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1.  photos -  GEBIRGSJAEGER SOLDBUCH, Award Document & Photo Grouping
Grouping named to Obergef. Konrad OETTLER, born in Munich. He served in Various bicycle infantry and reconnaissance GJ units. Comes with his Soldbuch (pages out of order but all appear present), EK2 award document with original signature general, grouping of good GJ photos (appx 50) showing good combat content, portraits of the man, Officer wearing DKiG, bicycle infantry images, troops in winter gear, GJ insignia and gear content, PAK positions, Krads, MG positions, and more. Soldbuch contains award entries for Sturmabzeichen, EK2, Black Wound Badge and Ostmedaille.
2.  photos - AFRIKAKORPS Grouping - Afrikakorps Cufftitle
Grouping named to Hans BAEURLE. Comes with his original Afrikakorps cufftitle, photos, goggles, discharge, more.
  - sold
3.  photos  - Army Photo Album - Officer - 320. Infanterie Division
101 photos of an officer who served in the 320 Inf Division. Named to Hauptmann Bruno SEIDENSTICKER. Comes with letter to his family saying he was MIA in Aug 1944 in Rumania. Also comes with typed personal history he compiled about his capture and time as a POW. The album is well captioned starting in 1940. Many identified officers, mounted troops, ceremonies, Panzers, General Maderholz (commander 320 ID), and more.
- sold
4.  photos - Army Award Document & Photo grouping - 11. Panzer Division - Good Combat Images
130 photos. Named to Rudi GARISCH who served in Panzer Grenadier Regiment 111 of the 11 Panzer Division. Comes with his EK2 award document awarded for service in Aug 1944 when the unit was fighting the Allied landings in Southern France. Original signature Division Commander. Good photos with content of graves, vehicles, destruction, medals in wear, Russian POWs, medal ceremonies in the field, KIA soldiers, artillery, aircraft, tanks, female Russian soldiers, lots of gear and equipment views, more.

5.  photos -  FALLSCHIRMJAEGER Award Document Grouping - Fallschirmartillerie Rgt. 1
Grouping named to Obergef. Hermann LINDIG who served in Fallschirmartillerie Rgt. 1 of the 1. Fallschirm-Jäger-Division. Comes with his Ostmedaille award document with original signature Hauptmann and his Ground Combat Badge Award Document with original signature 1. Fallschirm-Jäger-Division commander Generalmajor Karl-Lothar Schulz - Oakleaves and Swords winner.
6.  photos - Honor Goblet Award Document - DKiG Winner
Original Honor Goblet award document named to Oberlt. Erich HUCK. Huck was also a DKIG Winner. facsimile signature of Reich Marshal Hermann Göring and original signature of Pour le Merite and Knight’s Cross recipient Colonel General Bruno Loerzer. He served in 11 Wettererkundungsstaffel.
7.  photos - Award Document Grouping - Grenadier Rgt 110
Named grouping to Obergef. Heinrich FENCHEL who served in Gren Rgt 110. Comes with his EK2 award document with original signature 112 Inf. division commander Generalmajor Albert Newiger - commander of 71. Infanterie-Division in Stalingrad (DKIG winner for service there). Also comes with his Infantry Assault Badge award document with original signature regimental commander Oberstleutnant Karl Ullmer.
8.  photos -  Award Document Grouping - OFFICER - Inf. Rgt 36 + Res. Grenadier Rgt. 251
Named grouping to Oberlt. Adolf ANGERMANN. he sereved in 36 IR of the 9 ID and later Res. Grenadier Rgt. 251. Comes with his KVK2 award document with original signature General Baptist Knieß, Silver Wound Badge with original signature Rgt. commander, EK1 award document with original signature 9. Inf Div commander Generalleutnant Siegmund Freiherr von Schleinitz (RK winner), EK2 award document with original signature 9 Inf Div commander Generalleutnant Georg von Apell (RK winner) for service in France Campaign 1940, Black Wound Badge. Nice grouping.
9.  photos -  Luftwaffe Iron Cross Second Class Document - 8./KG 100
EK2 award document named to Lt Armin GARBE who flew with 8./KG 100. He was reported MIA flying a Do 217 bomber on Aug 9, 1944.
11.  photos Luftwaffe Photo Album & Document Grouping - Nachr. Rgt. NORWEGEN - Norway, Finland, Lappland
446 photos in an expensive hardback book type album. Filled with original photos, postcards and extensive ephemera from his wartime experiences. It appears that he kept almost every scrap of paper form his service. Combat photos from Narvik, troops interacting with locals, identified towns and cities, medal ceremonies, several original private photos of DIETL in the field, bunkers, destruction, field newspapers, pornography, and more! Also contains his award documents includingSudetenland Medal (LW version), rare Goldkordel zum Ärmeltätigkeitsabzeichen des Kraftfahrerpersonals der Luftwaffe award document, KVK2 (Luftgau Norwegen version), Ostmedaille award document, and also some items from his time in POW camp. Great extensive grouping.
- sold
12.  photos AFRIKAKORPS - Luftwaffe FLAK Photo Album
95 photos in a nice album, Great 8.8cm Flak cannon and crew images, Horchgerat devices, Flak cannons firing at night, portraits, bunker positions, mascots, officers visiting the unit in the field, personnel in tropical LW uniforms wearing AFRIKA cufftitles, themas and comrade wearing newly awarded EK2 in the desert, desert bivouacs, DAK munitions depot, camo MG bunker positions, vehicles with DAK emblems, captured British vehicles in DAK service, kill ring being painted on 8.8 cannon barrel, more.
- sold
13.  photos - LEGION CONDOR Photo Album
262 great photos of a German Luftwaffe man's service in the LEGION CONDOR during the Spanish Civil War. Super album cover with "Legion Condor" printed on cover. Great image s of LC uniforms in wear, Spanish Crosses in wear, includes a typed personal history of his service, great images of LC aircraft, camp painted vehicles, combat in burning cities, destroyed vehicles, great photos of war signage painted on buildings, captured aircraft, Spanish troops, knocked out TANKS, crashed planes, mule columns, photos of identified crashed ME 109 (Knights Cross Winner Walter Adolph's crash in 6 x 43) , bridge repair, parades, building insignia, girlfriend photos, more. nice album!
- sold
14.  photos - Luftwaffe Photo Album - Russia - JUDAICA Content
134 photos. Many captions. Starts with nice LW Standarte & Fahnentraeger photos, identified officers, crashed planes, Krads, photos from POLAND, vehicles, Christmas in the field, captured Soviet signage, POLISH JEWS in forced road labor, KO Russian tanks, KIA soldiers, destruction, Russian POWs, Panzers, mascots, Soviet aircraft, Me 110, Fieseler Storch, Krads, more.
  - sold
15.  photos -  WWI Photo Album
Nice period WWI German album with EK2 embossed on cover. All postcards inside.
16.  photos -   Army Photo Groupings - Nice Portraits
340 photos. Grouping form one family of multiple soldiers. Nice portraits including one large one of a Panzerjaeger soldier wearing EK2, winter warfare images, death notices, postcards, parades, Zwillingssockel MG Wagens on parade, Generals, graves, more.
17.  photos -   German Photo Grouping - Women in Uniform
Grouping of photos of women in uniform.
  - sold
18.  photos  Army STURMPIONIER Unit Photo Grouping - Russia
40 photos of a Stuempionier unit. Good equipment and gear images and operations in Russia. Graves, Sturmboote, vehicle emblems, and more.
- sold
19.  photos -   Army Photo Grouping - 46 Infanterie Division - Russia, Norway, Greece, ITALY
129 photos of a soldier who served in the 46 Inf Div. Parades, officers, tanks, weapons and gear, vehicles, troop movements, destroyed towns , aircraft, funerals, Fieseler Storch, photos from GREECE, photos from PALERMO, tropical uniforms, bunkers, Russian amphibious tanks, KIA soldiers, PAK crews in action, Gypsies, POW camps, Soviet signage, Soviet tracked vehicles towing anti-tank cannons, photos from Norway, more.
- sold
20.  photos  Army Photo Group - DUNKIRK
Grouping of 19 photos of German troops in DUNKIRK in 1940.
- sold
21.  photos -   Army Photo Grouping - 296 Infanterie Division - Good Technical Content
126 photos. Nice large colorized portrait of an officer, many vehicles, tanks, Flak cannons, artillery positions, captured French cannons, crashed plane, KIA soldiers, Krads, Sturmboot, landing craft, captured French munition depot, foreign troops, graves, vehicle emblems, Russian armored cars, bunkers, halftracks, Panzers, girls, more.
- sold
22.  photos -    Luftwaffe Photo Grouping - Lehrgeschwader 1 - Italy, Greece
45 photos of a man who served in LG1 in Italy and Greece. Aircraft, tanks, medals in wear, captured Russian planes, aerodromes, French tanks, ceremonies, tropical uniforms, more.
  - sold
23.  photosGerman PRESS Photo Grouping
10 original press photos. Many with press "slugs" on reverse. Panzers, troops in Greece, more.
- sold
24.  photos -    Army Photo Grouping - BUNKERS
21 photos - man images of Bunkers. Many with captions on reverse.
  - sold
25.  photos -   Army Photo Group - VEHICLES
21 photos - many of vehicles.
26.  photos -   Kriegsmarine Photo Grouping - Destroyer Z25
29 photos of sailor who served on the destroyer Z25.
  - sold
27.  photos  Army Photo Grouping - 45 Infanterie Division - France & Russia
130 photos from a man in 45 Inf Division. Officer, vehicles with emblems, destroyed Artillery and vehicles in Russia, medals in wear, planes in flight, knocked out tanks, Russian aircraft, captured vehicles, Russian armored train, destroyed Russian towns and cities, French tanks, photos from Dunkirk, Krads, medals in wear and more.
- sold
28.  photos -  German WWI Photo Grouping - Reserve Inf. Rgt. 23 - Trench Warfare - Nice!
82 photos. From man who served in Reserve Inf. Rgt. 23. Good front content, trenches and bunkers, weapons, flare pistols, medals in wear, photos taken in combat, shells exploding, spiked helmets, unexploded ordnance, KIA soldiers, destroyed villages, French churches, barbed wire defenses, graves, flags, more. Nice grouping.
$225  - sold
29.  photos -   Army Photo Grouping - FRANCE & RUSSIA
187 photos. Fahnenträger & Standarte. Destroyed towns, French tanks, bicycle infantry, aircraft, medals awarded in the field, Krads, KIA horses, ships, Panzer wedding, halftracks, bunkers, barbed wire, more.
$90 - sold

30.  photos German WWI Photo Grouping
100 photos. Nice mix of various WWI German images. Vehicles, portraits, CDVs, artillery, officers, Pickelhaube, mascots, more.
- sold
31.  photos - Army Photo Grouping - 93 Infanterie Division - France & Russia
120 photos. All from man who served in 93 ID. Bunkers, vehicles, French colonial POWs,French road signage, destroyed French towns, crashed planes, Russian tanks, POWs, Russian artillery and vehicles, medals in wear, PAK cannons, MG, more.
$100 - sold
32.  photos - Army Photo Grouping - BUNKERS
Grouping of 13 photos of bunkers taken by German soldiers.
33.  photos -  HITLER JUGEND Diary & Photo Album Grouping - Nice!
Great grouping of a HJ boy - two albums/diary/scrapbooks. One of the best we have offered. great photos of HJ uniforms, insignias, drums, flags, unit photos, camping, portraits, Marine HJ photos, newspaper clippings, artwork, souvenirs, nice HJ programs, posters, handbills and paperwork, and more. great HJ grouping!
$585 - sold
34.  photos -   Army Photo Grouping - Infanterie Regiment 41
250 photos. All from soldier who served in the 41 Inf Rgt. Also original negatives. Good ceremony photos, Army bands, officers, medals in wear, more.
$175  - sold
35.  photos - SA Brownshirt Photo Grouping
75 photos. Very nice images of a SA unit - ceremonies, parades, SA uniforms and insignia, high ranking officers, SS officers, Standarte, more.
$145  - sold
36.  photos 2x Photo Album Grouping - Poland, France - JUDAICA
122 photos. Large original photo of Hitler, troop movements, photos of the Poland Campaign 1939, KIA, troop movements, Russian POWs, destruction in Kharkov, Polish JEWS, Russian commissars about to be hanged, Italian soldier cemetery, more.
  - sold
38.  photos -   German Portrait Grouping
Nice grouping of various studio portraits, postcards and death notices.
- sold
39.  photos -  Hitler Jugend/BDM Photo Grouping
Nice mixed grouping.
40.  photos - German WWI Photo Grouping
$65  - sold
41photos  - German Luftwaffe Photo Grouping - Poland - LODZ
Many images from the Poland campaign including LODZ, many captioned on reverse, more.