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1.  photos -  WWII B-17 PILOT Grouping - 381st Bomb Group - Squadron Patch, Bomb Tags, Photo Album, Air Medal ++ TOP!
EXTENSIVE grouping to 381st BG, 535th BS B-17 pilot Capt. Ralph E. QUATRINE. He flew 35 combat missions from Sept 3, 1944 to Feb 3, 1945 - including OPERATION MARKET GARDEN!  Comes with his Visor cap, Garrison cap, three pairs wings, dog tags, engraved bracelet, SET OF SILK ESCAPE MAPS, flight headset, cold weather mittens, flight goggles, flight cap, ORIGINAL WARTIME Chenille SQUADRON PATCH and another as well, two plaques, cased air medal. ribbon bars, extra uniform insignia, English made 8th AF patch, and a fantastic photo album.scrapbook filled with original paperwork, original medal citations, SET OF ARMING PIN BOMB TAGS with mission details (Super!), hand written mission dairies, typed list of all mission flown, great photos of him in A2 wearing squadron patch, base life photos, great mission photos of planes in flight, bombs dropping, flak bursts, “little friend” P-47s escorting, crew photos, studio portraits, souvenirs he brought back from Belgium when he had to make an emergency landing there, ID cards, telegrams and more!  Super grouping!
$2650 - sold

2.  photos -  US WWII 20th Armored Division Uniform and Photo Grouping!
Nice 20th Armored Division grouping named to Lawrence J Mentee. comes with the man's uniform jacket with original 20th AD patch, patched uniform shirt, uniform pants, yard long photos, mess kit, soldier's "housewife" sewing kit,  puttees, extra 20th patch, army fork and spoon, extra insignia, mini discharge, documents, letters, nice grouping of photos - photos from France, photo of his M1 Carbine with "Peggy" carved into butt, Red Cross wagon in the field, unit in destroyed French town, Tanks in the field, photos of the unit in Germany, German POWs, captured German artillery and tracked vehicles, captured StuG III in the field, crashed B-17, armored halftracks, concealed 8.8cm Flak ground attack position, vehicles with unit insignia, tank battlefield graveyards, German kids given food, destroyed German towns, and more. 

AMAZING compete photo album of an 82nd Airborne Paratrooper!  Well captioned throughout with content from the Bulge and rare content from the HÜRTGEN FOREST as well as ANZIO! Also comes with an 82nd AB football game program, good images of 82nd AB insignia in wear, many photos of of identified personnel and officers, many photos from VOSSENACK - scene of much fighting in the Hürtgen Forest, battles on the HERRESBACH ROAD - of which much has been written about, troops in bitter winter conditions, KIA German soldiers, unit photos, photos of the unit command post at the ANZIO BEACHHEAD, rows of dead US soldiers, paratroopers landing, patrols heading out for attacks at dawn, Airborne artillery in action in Italy, passing through the Siegfried line dragon's teeth, training marches in England, GENERAL MARK CLARK giving speech, destroyed COLOGNE Germany, celebrating with Russian Sherman tank crew when linking up at war's end, late Luftwaffe aircraft,  German POWs captured by the 82nd, and more!  Great rare album!
$2250 - sold
2c.  photos -  US WWII TANK DESTROYER Photo & Camera Grouping - Captured HITLER Photos!
Interesting grouping belonging to Robert J. MIRON who served in a Tank Destroyer unit. Comes with a captured German camera and case with matching serial numbered bring-back certificate!  Also comes with a nice grouping of photos that are in two parts. the first are photos he took - good Tank Destroyer images, destroyed German cities, Berlin, aircraft, the Reichschancellery, . The second are photos that were still in the camera when he liberated it which contain many private photos of HITLER as well as Goebbels, SS and more!!  Also comes with a Tank Destroyer cigarette case, Tank Destroyer letterhead, maps, pillow sham, currency and more!
$950 - sold

3.  photos  -  US WWII Photo Album Jewish Soldier - England, France - GOLIATH Demolition Tank - VE DAY in Paris
Appx 200 photos. Well captioned. Named to Jewish soldier Saul Ring from Newark, NJ. Good photos as well as documents from his service. Photos of him stationed in England, photos from Cherbourg France, posing in captured German uniforms, photos he took on armistice day in Paris, Eifel Tower, Rainbow Corner in Paris, destroyed St LO, three photos of a GOLIATH demolition tank, knocked out German PANZERS, photos near AACHEN, photos taken on VE DAY in Paris, more!

4.  photosUS BERLIN Occupation Photo Album  - Portraits, Aircraft, Berlin Airlift, V-1 Buzz Bombs+ 
Appx 350 photos in a very nice leather hand painted album with Berlin District patch on cover. Named to a Norbert CALLAHAN who served in the 759 MP Batl.  Great studio portrait photos of US soldier taken in Berlin studios, armored vehicles, destruction in Berlin, Luftwaffe aircraft including FW 190, plane wreckage attended to, dates with German women, MP armored vehicles, Russian soldiers, Templehof airport, old SS LAH barracks, gliders, MP Jeeps, paratroop jumps, Berlin Airlift operations, several captured German photos of V-1 Buzz Bombs!, ID cards, more
$325 - sold

5.  photos -  US WWII Photo Album - 863rd Engineer Aviation Battalion - Pacific - Nose Art - Nice!
Appx 450 photos in a huge hand painted album Meticulously captioned. Excellent Pacific theater content!  Some rare COLOR photos! Japanese tanks, many good Japanese aircraft images , artillery and much more! Detailed photos of life in various identified Pacific islands, troops interacting with natives, photos from Australia before arriving in the Pacific, identified officers, many vehicle and equipment photos, many excellent US aircraft photos - P-38, P-39, P-47, P-40, B-24, Nose Art, etc, plane crashes, celebrities visiting the troops, captured Japanese flags, beach landings, General McArthur's  wife, and more! Great album!
$745 - sold

6.  photosUS WWII Photo Album - France, Belgium - PARIS - VE DAY!
Appx 150 photos.   A mixture of privately taken photos, captured German photos and purchased photos (the purchased photos have numbers printed on them). Many identified locations in Belgium and France, original photos of British tanks and other equipment at Dunkirk, Germany graves, German POWs, VE Day celebrations, posing with French women,  captured German photo of knocked out tanks, more.
$295 - sold

7.  photosUS WWII Photo Album, 3x Squadron Patch & Document Grouping - Commander 58th, 16th Pursuit Squadrons +
Super grouping named to George W. HAZLETT. He served as the first CO of the 58th Pursuit Squadron, later XO and OCO of the 16th Pursuit Squadron, by Feb 1943 he was serving in the 25th Fighter Squadron and was CO of the KOTC training facility at the time of his death on Aug 6, 1943. He is mentioned in several books.   Massive album with THREE original squadron Patches!  The album is a mixture of original and copy photos.Nice portraits, aircraft photos, ID cards, original newspaper clippings, documents, photos and clipping related to his time as a pre-war Braniff airline pilot, large 58th Pursuit Squadron unit photo, Short Snorter, letters sent by comrades to his wife and, later, son regarding his death, original telegrams, CITATIONS for AIR MEDAL, original file listing all assignments, and much more! Historically important group!

8.  photos -  US WWII 357th FIGHTER SQUADRON Photo Album - TOP!
AMAZING album to a member of the 357th Fighter Squadron, part of the 355th Fighter Group - the "Steeple Morden Strafers," a reference to its base in England and its lethal accuracy at low level. The fighter group destroyed or damaged 1,500 enemy planes, making it the top strafing outfit in the VIII Fighter Command during World War II. Comes with a squadron patch  (reunion?), filled with excellent images and well captioned.  Great aircraft photos, identified pilots, nice cockpit portrait ethos, great images of base life, officers, great portrait of the super famous CO Edward SZANIAWSKI with original signature!!  other identified officers, large unit photo, photos of the local village Litlington, kids visiting the base, photos inside their barracks,  CO of 355th FG Col Stewart, novel life raft design displayed, 8th AF CO Gen KEPNER, PX photos, GLEN MILLER performing, base dances and parties, ground crew posing in SZANIAWSKI'S plane, ground crew playing poker between missions, NOSE ART, signatures of other pilots on portraits, bombers, and more!  Amazing album!

9.  photosUS WWII P-47 Thunderbolt PILOT Grouping - 362nd Fighter Group - TOP!
Rare grouping to a real P-47 pilot Lt. Robert E. KELSO who flew in the 362nd Fighter Group "Mogin's Maulers!" Complete with his Uniform with wing, matching ribbons and British made 9th AF patches, cashed AIR MEDAL, Dog Tags, garrison cap, three pilots flight logs including his original wartime one listing ALL his combat flights(!!), discharge, extra patches, original 9th AF history booklet, extra pair of wings, SUPER photos of him posing in flight gear by his P-47 "Trishie III: The tired Eagle." [NOTE: This P-47 is attributed by one online source to another pilot but these photos and corresponding news release confirm it is his. of course it could have been flown before by the other pilot.] maps he used for in flight navigation, complete set of original flight records, unopened pack of Lucky Strikes, sweetheart items, Flight Instructor book, very nice PHOTO ALBUM - photos of him by his plane, other pilots, other aircraft, Bob Hope, Aerial Recon photos, destroyed German cities, ID cards, much additional paperwork, secondary official list of all combat missions including June 17, 1944 mission,   and more!
NOTE: Does not come with the framed case (contents are the buyer's, of course :)
$2350 - sold

10.  photosUS WWII SILVER STAR & PURPLE HEART Grouping - 3rd Infantry Division - TOP!
SUPER original wartime government engraved Silver Start & Purple Heart named to Arthur A. KUNDE who served in the 10th Engineers, 3rd Infantry Division. He served in Africa, Sicily, Italy and France & Germany. Also comes with original white box for the Silver Star, original CITATION for the Silver Star for lifesaving actions in France on Sept 11, 1944 in Vesoul France (super!), Dog Tags, engraved Good Conduct Medal, original wartime 3rd Division Patch, Telegram to wife informing her of his being wounded,  many original newspaper clippings about his life and wartime exploits (appears he was a professional baseball player), interesting newspaper clippings indicating he played a commando-like role the night before the invasion of Sicily (Operation HUSKY) - possibly he just meant that he was in the first wave of the invasion..Needs more research! another article described him being wounded from a mine explosion in Italy, treated and then going AWOL and hitchhiking and walking his way back to join his unit, several good original photos, telegrams he sent home from Africa and Italy, and more!

11.  photos 1939 GROSSDEUSTCHLAND IM WELTGESCHEHEN Photo Album - Rare! 
Original complete 1939 edition of GROSSDEUTSCHLAND IM WELTGESCHEHEN (Greater Germany in World Affairs).  These are massive and extremely hard to find as they were very expensive to buy at the time and are often pilfered for individual sale as the images are original photos that can be removed, not just printed pages! They are also NOT CHEAP Cigarette card type photos; they are printed on postcard stock! The albums are basically a daily dairy of events from the Nazi perspective - this one for 1939.  It is filled with images of Hitler and other high leaders!  Also good combat content form the 1939 invasion of Poland!  Bargain priced!
$950 - sold

12.  photos1940 GROSSDEUSTCHLAND IM WELTGESCHEHEN Photo Album - Rare! 
Original complete 1940 edition of GROSSDEUTSCHLAND IM WELTGESCHEHEN (Greater Germany in World Affairs).  These are massive and extremely hard to find as they were very expensive to buy at the time and are often pilfered for individual sale as the images are original photos that can be removed, not just printed pages! They are also NOT CHEAP Cigarette card type photos; they are printed on postcard stock! The albums are basically a daily dairy of events from the Nazi perspective - this one for 1940.  It is filled with images of Hitler and other high leaders! Great content from the invasion of France in 1940! Bargain priced!

13.  photos1942 GROSSDEUSTCHLAND IM WELTGESCHEHEN Photo Album - Rare! 
Original complete 1942 edition of GROSSDEUTSCHLAND IM WELTGESCHEHEN (Greater Germany in World Affairs).  These are massive and extremely hard to find as they were very expensive to buy at the time and are often pilfered for individual sale as the images are original photos that can be removed, not just printed pages! They are also NOT CHEAP Cigarette card type photos; they are printed on postcard stock! The albums are basically a daily dairy of events from the Nazi perspective - this one for 1942.  It is filled with images of Hitler and other high leaders! Great AFRIKAKORPS Content as well as combat from Russia.  Bargain priced!

Original wartime letter sent from Erwin Rommel to one Heinrich Mordhorst informing him that no special leave could be granted to their son, serving with Rommel in North Afrika.  Typed on original Panzerarmee Afrika Der Oberbefehlshaber letterhead and envelope. Also Rommel inclined a portrait photo postcard of himself which is also present. 1000% guaranteed original.  P.M. Fabriano watermark can be found on the letterhead, as well. 
$1450 - sold

Original postcard portrait of ROMMEL with ORIGINAL pencil signature which also comes with the original mailing envelope from Rommel to the man from Rommel while in North Africa!  P.M. Fabriano watermark can be found on the envelope, as well. 1000% guaranteed original. 
$1250  - sold

16.  photos -  German Army Photo Album, Medal & Document Grouping - Officer - Nice!
Very nice complete grouping to Oberlt. Josef CUYPERS who served in Inf Rgt 18 of the 6. Inf Division. Comes with his original Infantry Assault Badge, EK1, Black Wound Badge and Ostmedaille.  Also comes with his award documents!  the album contains excellent images. Well captioned.  Starts with his training,  Zwillingssockel MG 34 Wagen photos, identified officers, Generals, photos from the France Campaign, photos from Russia starting at the beginning of the invasion, great foxhole photos, Russian tanks, infantry on the attack, portraits, death notices, letters to wife informing her of his death, EK1 document has original signature Generalleutnant Helge Auleb, IAB document has original signature 18 Inf Rgt commander Oberst Carl Becker (RK+EL), large KIA document, and more!  nice group!

17.  photos -  STURMGESCHÜTZ Photo Album - StuG Abt 185 - Russia Campaign - TOP!
Appx 150 photos of a man who served in StuG Abt 185.  Well captioned. Very good STuG content!  Nice portraits of him in StuG Feldgrau wrap tunic, vehicles, halftracks,  including uncommon interior shots, StuG III columns & support vehicles on the roll in Russia, field bivouacs, StuG repairs in the field, many good StuG III images, Medal award ceremonies, burning Russian villages, Artillery positions, Grenadiers hitching rides on StuGs, LONG BARREL StuG III, winter camo StuG III, SIDE ARMOR & camo paint schemes, Russian tanks, KIA Russian soldiers, great photo of StuG with Saukopf Mantle in winter camo with side skirt armor! good atmospheric combat images on the Russian Steppe, and more!
$1450  - sold

18.  photos  2x GEBIRGSJAEGER Photo Album Grouping - Great COMBAT Content!
VERY nice two album grouping to the Gebirgsjaeger (Mountain Troop) soldier - Kurt Gerhard SCHNEIDER. Appx 250 photos. Really excellent combat content! Great photos of GJ troops in the Alps and high mountain environments,   MP 40, good images of GJ gear, combat operations in the Balkans, POWs, medals in wear, KO Russian tanks, troops in foxholes and trench positions in the field, mortar crews in action, exhausted troops resting in the field, MG 34 troops in action with flare gun and EGG GRENADES at hand(!), burning villages with GJ troops posing,  and more. Also comes with his Reichssportabzeichen booklet and more! Super lot!

19.  photos -   Soldbuch, Document & Medal Grouping - Propaganda Komp 621 + 
Interesting grouping to a man sho served in various propaganda companies including Marschregiment Pavel / Wellhausen- an end of the war unit. Comes with original paperwork from Propaganda Komp 621 and Prop Komp Sudost, end of war document with Feldpost number for Panzer-Propaganda-Kompanie 693
Kommando Agram.   Soldbuch is well filled out with original photo and entries from 1940 until war's end. Medals entered, as well.
$300  - sold

20.  photosWWII FEMALE ARMY HELFERIN Photo Album - Nice!
Appx 120 photos. Very nice photo of a female Army Helferin!  Nice hand made cover! Good portrait photos of her in uniform, more photos in uniform, cufftitles in wear, work locations in Russia, hand made watercolor of female NH in uniform, mascots, vehicles, boyfriends, combat training photos, more!
21.  photos -  Luftwaffe PILOT Photo Album - Kampfgeschwader 55 "Greif"- Russia Campaign - Nice!
Appx 140 photos of a man who served in Kampfgeschwader 55 "GREIF". Comes with an index guide to the photos. Great He 111 photos  - in flight, dropping bombs, on airfield, etc, other aircraft, crashes, great photos of Russian ARMORED TRAINS, Russian TANKS, Russian aircraft, Ju 90 airplanes, aerial recon photos of bombing missions with good location details!!, parachute bombs falling, photos taken on bombing runs, KG 55 emblem on He 111's, portrait photos including a super large portrait of the man in flight gear, more! 
$965  - sold

22.  photos -   Army Photo Album - Infanterie Regiment 470 - RUSSIA Campaign - Nice!
Appx. 250 photos of named soldier who served in  Infanterie-Regiment 470 of the 260 Infanterie Division. Some photos are in tow Feldpost boxes that he sent home. Starts with a few photos from his HJ service, Army portraits, vehicles, photos from the Russia Campaign, troop movements, bicycle infantry, Russian aircraft, Russian POWs, Russian tanks, river crossings in Russia, Russian propaganda billboards, Me 109 crash landed, STUG III photos, view of battle from foxholes, General wearing Knights Cross, mortar crew in action, and more! Great Russia content!
$445 - sold

23.  photos -  Army Photo Album - France Campaign - 212. Infanterie-Division - France & Belgium
Appx. 200 photos of man who served in the Infanterie Geschütz Komp of 13. Kompanie Infanterie-Regiment 320 - part of the 212. Infanterie-Division. During WWI he was captured at the Battle of the Somme.  Many captioned on the reverse. Portraits, unit photos, aircraft, crashed RAF planes in France, captured French tanks, French POWs, mounted troops, coastal defenses, nice photos of 25 cm Minenwerfer (Heavy Trench Mortar, early short pattern) including images of it mounted on trailer, Infanterie Geschutz cannons and crews, destroyed French towns and cities, photos from the Westwall, photos from the Austrian ANCSHLUSS, motorcycles, Panzervernichtungs training, GJ photos, and more.

24.  photos  FOUR Photo Album Grouping Generallt. Benignus DIPPOLD - Commander 183. Inf. Division - TOP!
FOUR album grouping of Generalleutnant Benignus DIPPOLD who was the commander of the 183 Infanterie Division ins WWII.  Massive amount of photos. Great uniform studio portraits, ceremonies - including nice nighttime torchlit ceremonies in DEGGENDORF, weapons, maneuvers, photos from NÜRNBERG in 1935/36, other identified officers, great photos of ceremonies in the NÜRNBERG Altstadt, postcards sent to Dippold, good photos of him serving in the field in Russia as commander 183 Inf Division, identified division officers, division headquarters positions in the field, photos of General Leonhard Kaupisch, high ranking party members, photos from his time in POW CAMP/ Internment in Switzerland during WWI (uncommon content to find!), trench photos from his WWI service, have trench mortars, portrait photos from WWI, and more!  Great grouping!
$1375 - sold

25.  photos -   Third Reich FIVE Album Grouping - STAHLHELMBUND  - RARE!
Rare FIVE album group to a member of the STAHLHELMBUND. (Officially, "Der Stahlhelm, Bund der Frontsoldaten")!   Massive amount of images, all from one man.  Great and varied Stahlhelmbund uniform content, marches, parades, original Stahlhelmbund paperwork, great photos of high leaders of the Stahlhelmbund, great photos of swastika laden towns, good photos of NÜRNBERG ALTSDAT Festooned with swastika banners, Nürnberg Rally grounds, original portrait photos of STAHLHELMBUND leader Franz Seldte as well as private photos of him!, Stahlehm pennants, portraits of other Stahlhelmbund leaders, super signed portrait of the leader of the Stahlhelm Jugend - rare!, photos of sports uniforms with Stahlhelmbund emblems, large ceremonies during STAHLHELMTAGE, rare photos of STAHLHELMBUND JUGEND uniforms in wear, flags and banners, on very nice original and empty STAHLHELMBUND photo Album, Army service photos from 1933, nice portraits, armored vehicles, trench mortar crews in action, and more! Rare content!
$1465 - sold

26.  photos -   SEVEN Photo Album Grouping - 122 Infanterie Division - France & Russia Campaigns - TOP!
Amazing SEVEN Photo album grouping to the same man! Meticulously captioned; reads like a diary in many sections!   Named to Dr. Heinz LIEBING who's served in Inf Rgt 119( mot.) of the 122 Inf Division. Hundreds of images; too many to count. Photos form his time receiving in hospital after being wounded in Russia, Panzervernichtungs training, officers wearing DKIG, Fallschirmjaeger badges in wear, portrait photos, Panzer uniforms, many photos from MALMEDY, Belgium, including Mlalmedy town square festooned with Nazi banners, photos from LUXEMBOURG, French refugees, identified officers during the France Campaign, photos of divisional emblems vehicles, field radios, photos of the unit from the beginning of the Russia campaign, hand drawn maps, many identified locations in Russia, Russian tanks, salty Kradmelders, captured Russian box mines, medal ceremonies in the field, crashed planes, Sturmgeschutze, and more. Great grouping!
$2450  - sold

27.  photos  GEBIRGSJÄGER Photo Album - NORWAY - NARVIK!
Appx. 110 photos of a GJ unit in Norway with scarce BATTLE OF NARVIK photos!   Good GJ uniformed gear photos, many identifiable locations in Norway, combat photos, burning Norwegian towns, crashed planes, GJ graves in the field, photos of destruction at NARVIK,  planes, band playing with "Narvik 1940" painted on the bass drum with Edelweiss insignia, and more!

Appx. 165 photos of a Gebirgsjaeger soldier who served in Stab II Gebirgsjäger-Regiment 138. Soldier is easily recognizable throughout the album. Many pieces of original watercolor artwork he painted. nice large field portrait the man, identified locations in Norway, troop transport, postcards, photos from OSLO, field bivouacs, GJ uniform insignias, GJ pack mules i the field, field radios in use, GJ troops in high Norwegian mountains, road signs in Finland/Lappland, GJ troops in winter camo, troops in foxholes in the field, camo helmets, wounded treated in the field, and more!

29.  photos -   2x Army Photo Album Grouping - France & Russia Campaigns
Two photo albums from the same man. Apps 225 photos. Portraits, troop son the French coast during the France Campaign 1940 , vehicles, aircraft, Panzers, KRIM Shields in wear, tropical uniforms in wear, warships, ceremonies, French colonial POWs, identified locations in France, field bivouacs intros in harsh winter conditions,  Russia, burning villages, mounted troops, more.

30.  photos2x Photo Album Grouping - 45 Infanterie Division - Battle of KIEV - Great COMBAT Images!
Appx. 265 photos in two albums from the same man who served in the 45 Inf Division. Many photos are captioned on the reverse with good details.  Vehicles navigating mud bogged Russian roads, graves, Captured Russian soldiers with hands up, captured Russian tanks, German BISON Panzerjager tanks, truck mounted flak cannons, KIA Russian soldiers, plane crashes, motorcycles, original photos 45 ID commanders, burning Russian villages, many photos of battles around KIEV in summer 1941 , medals in wear,  KIA soldiers, photos of the unit fighting in the Pripet Marshes, huge numbers Russian POWs, medics treating wounded in the field, bicycle infantry, graves, great salty/weary infantry images, more!  Great grouping!
$565  - sold

31.  photosTHREE Wehrmacht Army Photo Album Grouping - Russia Campaign 
Three photo albums from the same man; appx.  275  images. Well captioned throughout. Nice Sturmgeschütze images, SUPER portrait photo of the man in StuG Feldgrau wrap tunic, vehicles, Russian POWs, photos from KURSK, OREL, MINSK and other identified locations in Russia, crashed planes, identified officers, motorcycles, ceremonies, troops in Panzer uniforms, MG,    photos of his previous service in a Gebirgsjaeger unit, and more!

32.  photos Luftwaffe Photo Album - Nice Ju 87 STUKA photos
185 photos. Studio portraits, good airplane photos including great Ju 87 in flight photos, funeral ceremonies in the field, tropical uniforms, more.

33.  photos -  Luftwaffe Photo Album - Good Aircraft Images
Nice Minty album in original cardboard box  . Unit photo with commander signature, Zeppelin, pilots in flight gear,  many good aircraft photos, parades, ME 109, medals in wear, officers, more.

34.  photos -   WWI Imperial German Photo Album - Westfeldzug
Very nice WWI album with original private photos, not postcard type. 30 photos.  Well captioned. Content form the Westfeldzug. Identified locations in France - VERDUN, ORNES, CHAMPAGNE, etc.trench positions, destroyed French towns, identified officers, battlefield photos, and more.
$165 - sold

35.  photos -   ELEVEN+ Wehrmacht Army Photo Album Grouping OFFICER - INF RGT 94 -  France & Russia Campaigns - AMAZING
HUGE grouping of over 11x photo albums from the same man - Oberlt. KLEEBERG who served in Inf Rgt 94 of the 32. Inf Division!  The biggest photo album grouping we have ever offered!  Well captioned. Starts with content from his Hitler jugend and later RAD service.  Then extensive content from both the France and Russia Campaigns. MG photos, training, maneuvers, portrait photos, signed portrait of officer, congratulation note form General for Kleeberg's promotion to officer with original signature of General Johannes Blaskowitz - historically important figure resisted German atrocities but committed suicide during the Nürnberg trials despite the fact he would certainly have been acquitted,     troops at Mont St Michel, great studio portraits of the man, photos of his unit crossing the border at the beginning of the France Campaign, French POWs, bicycle infantry, many identified locations in France, scarce image of a heavily armored halftrack towing 8.8cm flak - [Gepanzerter 8t Zugkraftwagen and 8.8 cm BuFlak ‘Bunkerknacker’], photos of Generalleutnant Franz Böhme, great battlefield photos, bunkers, graves, French refugees, French tanks, crashed planes, PAK crews in action, British soldiers captured in HARNES, battle photos in Russia, vehicles w 32 ID runic emblems, Russian POWs, Krads, good combat images in Russia, graves in Russia, medal ceremonies, radio foxhole positions, battle photos at DEMYANSK!, MG 34 crews in action, Panzers hidden in Hedgerows, beautiful atmospheric photos in Russia, horrible muddy conditions in Russia, bunker positions, KNIGHTS CROSS ceremony photos of Oberst Wilhelm WEGNER - later SWORDS winner, and more! Amazing!
$3650 - sold