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1.  photos -  WAFFEN-SS Photo Album - SS TOTENKOPF
118 photos + more family images from a man who served in the SS Totenkopf division. Nice portrait photos showing him wearing SS helmet and camo smock! Totenkopf cufftitles in wear, other images of SS camo in wear, field bivouacs, vehicles with Totenkopf insignias, KIA, portrait photos of comrades, good photos from his Hitler Jugend service, unit photos, Kubelwagens with SS plates and insignia, and more!
 - sold

2.  photos - NSFK & Luftwaffe Photo Album
98 photos. Well captioned. Starts with the man's service in the NSFK - good glider images, NSFK insignias, crashes, uniform insignia, then Luftwaffe service, photos from planes in flight, flight gear in wear, flight school training, postwar photos from Bundeswher service and more.
3.  photos  -   Waffen-SS & AFRIKAKORPS Photo Album
46 photos and many more family images. Photo album is from one family with images of SS service men and DAK content, as well. SS studio portrait. SS uniform insignias, nice female studio portraits, women in bathing suits, DAK troops in tropical uniforms, captured British tracked vehicles, desert bivouacs, more.
 - sold

4.  photos - SA-Standarte FELDHERRNHALLE & Fallschirmjäger Photo Album - RARE!
168 photos. Amazing album of a FHH soldier. In a very rare original FHH album cover! Well captioned throughout. Great images of all types of FHH uniform insignia and helmets in wear, photo of transition time where they were wearing Luftwaffe breast eagles as well, original HITLER images, photos of the unit'a attendance at a MUNICH RALLY, FHH cufftitles in wear, other good studio portraits, Gorgets in wear, photos of him later wearing FALLSCHIRMJAEGER SMOCKS, FJ HELMETS in wear, Lugers, FJ's on motorcycles in the field, and more. Very Rare Album!
5.  photos -    WAFFEN-SS Photo Album - SS TOTENKOPF - Nice!
170 photos of a SS TK man. Album covers has an original SS insignia from a SS Tropenhelm! Starts with the man's Hitler Jugend service, then induction into SS, SS officers, good SS uniform details, high ranking SS officers, SS Totenkopf insignias, SS Allgemeine uniforms, original HITLER Photos, medals in wear, weapons, Panzers, original EK2 ribbon, SS death notice, SS PANZER UNIFORMS IN WEAR, bunkers, Russian POWs, SS Camo smocks, SS Graves in the field, SS Krads, female Russian POW, and more.
 - sold

6.  photos - WAFFEN-SS Photo Album - SS-GERMANIA 
Amazing Waffen-SS GERMANIA photo album with 107 photos. Super SS cam0 images, studio portraits, very good combat content,troops in camo in foxhole in the field,  and much more!
 - sold

7.  photos - OFFICER Two Photo Album & Document Grouping - Major 29 "Falke" Inf Division - Standortkmmandant SALONIKI - GREECE
65 photos. Nice grouping to Major Friederich LORZ. He served in Inf Rgt 15 as Kompanie commander and later in 1944 as Standortkommandant SALONIKI. Excellent large studio portrait, discharge documents, many diary like captions and entries, hand typed record of his service, a wide assortment of his award documents including long service medal, promotion to Hauptmann document with ORIGINAL signature V. BLOMBERG, Austrian ANSCHLUSS medal document, Sudetenland Medal with Spange award document, Iron Cross Second Class for POLAND CAMPAIGN service as Kompanie Commander Inf Rgt 15 with original signature Generalleutnant Joachim Lemelsen (RK+EL) - commander 29 FALKE Inf Division, KVK2 document, Bulgarian medal document, Führerschein, rare Turkish POW document with photo of Lorz, SOLDBUCH well filled out with all awards entered, and more. Great grouping!
8.  photos -   Kriegsmarine Photo Album - SCHLACHTSCHIFF GNEISENAU - MANY HITLER PHOTOS!
87 photos of a sailor show served on the famous Battleship GNEISENAU. In a scarce to fins album with ship name an crest embossed on cover. Contains several ORIGINAL PHOTOS OF HITLER! Well captioned. great photos of the ship, studio portrait of the man, ship postcards, other high officers and officials including RAEDER, ship's mascot, ship's big guns firing, and more!
 - sold

245 photos of a paratrooper who served in 13./FJR1. Very nice album that contains the man's cloth FJ Badge as well as his rare version FJ Badge award document in booklet form awarded March 1944 in Wittstock. Also comes with his Wound Badge in BLACK award document awarded July 2, 1944 during the retreat from MONTE CASSINO. The album also covers his pre-FJ service as a bomber crew member in KAMPFGESCHWADER 77. Coms with a hand-typed history of his service. Comes with a lovely large colorized studio portrait, photos of FJ's jumping, FJs in jump gear, notebooks from flight training school, good He 111 and Ju 88 aircraft photos, crew in tropical uniforms, identified locations in SICILY, field bivouacs, photos in other locations in mainland Italy, great photo showing tail symbols of ships that sunk, nice studio portraits, great original studio portrait of KNIGHTS CROSS WINNER Dietrich PELTZ, and more. Ends with a FLugbuch with flight entries from 1943. Nice!
10.  photos - Document Grouping KIA - STURMGESCHÜTZ ABT 190
KIA Document grouping to STUG ABT 190 member Josef BOGLER. Comes with scarce STUG ABT 190 KIA document with original signature Batterie Führer as well as the original mailing envelope and enclosure letter. other letters of condolence to his family, large selection of letters and Feldpost, and more.
 - sold

KM Soldbuch with uniform photo to man who served in 1MKAA Saloniki, 3 Schneelboot Flotille, Mittlemeer Adria. Awarded KVK2.
 - sold

12.  photosAward Document Grouping Inf Rgt 20 + Eisenbahn Flak Abt 535
Grouping named to Alois KAISER and brother Max Kaiser. Comes with his Austrian Anschluss award document, EK2 award document for service in EISENBAHN (Train) Flak Abt 535 with original signature Generallt.
 - sold

13.  photosWehrpass & Soldbuch Grouping
Nice WWI Soldbuch and two WWII Era Wehrpasses.
 - sold

14.  photos - HITLER JUGEND Grouping
Nice selection of HJ documents. Also comes with Wehrpass for 17 year old for HJ Flak service.
 - sold

15.  photos -   Arbeitsbuch - Dornier Aircraft Factory - Friedrichshafen
Arbeitsbuch for a worker at the Friedrichshafen Aircraft Factory.
 - sold

16.  photos -   Third Reich Mixed Document Grouping
Nice varied assortment including two medal packets and a Wehrpass of a man who served in a Bicycle Infantry unit.
 - sold

17.  photos -   Soldbuch & Wehrstammbuch Grouping
Grouping to Ludwig Brügger. Comes with his Soldbuch & Wehrstammbuch Not that often to find these together. Served in Nachrichetn Kompaanie of the 538 Division Kalgenfurt

18.  photos  SOLDBUCH - Luftwaffe Officer - Stabsintendant
Nice Soldbuch to Luftwaffe officer Stabsintendant Alois SPREUER who served in Luftnachrichten Rgt 237.Great uniform photo. Awards include Long Service medals, Sudetenland Medal and KVK2.
 - sold

19.  photos -   Officer Photo Grouping - OBERST
20 photos of an Oberst in the field
20.  photos  POLIZEI & Family Photo Album - Portraits
Nice portraits, family photos, officers wearing medals, press photos, more.
21.  photos -  HITLER JUGEND Photo Album & Document Grouping - Nice!
Very nice assortment of Hitler Jugend IDs and photo album with photo from his service a Luftwaffe HJ Flak Helfer. Nice grouping!
 - sold

22.  photos -   Luftwaffe & DLV Photo Album - Gliders - RK Winners - NU@RNBERG RALLY
80 photos in a nice album with Luftwaffe eagle. Photos of Knights Cross Winners, high officers, aircraft, medals in wear, ME 109, aircrew in cockpits, FW 189, photo of GOERING, Nürnberg Rally photos, photo of HITLER at Rally, photos of DLV GLIDERS, HJ boys, DLV uniforms and more.
 - sold

23.  photos -   2x Photo Album Grouping - France Campaign
195 photos in two albums of a man ho served in Pionier Btl 16. One album has Kompanie commander signature. Vehicles, cavalry, burning villages, good images of PANZERS in the field and knocked out, French tanks, French colonial POWs, graves, bunkers captured, captured French materiel, motorcycle columns, victory parades, vehicle insignias, photos from his RAD service, and more.
$365 - sold

23b.  photos  -  TANKS & ARMOR Photo Grouping - Dealer's Lot
30 photos of tanks and armor. Bargain Priced!
 - sold

24.  photos -   TANKS & ARMOR Photo Grouping - Dealer's Lot
32 photos of tanks and armor. Bargain Priced!
 - sold

25.  photos -   Army Photo Grouping - Officer - Russia Campaign
130 photos of an officer. Many captioned on reverse. Good images of TANKS and Panzers, photos of him in uniform with medals, photos from SMOLENSK, Russian Flak cannons, graves, destruction, troops interacting with locals, portraits, more.
 - sold

26.  photos -   Army Photo Grouping - Officer - Russia Campaign
160 photos of an officer with content from Russia. Many captioned on the reverse. Medals in wear, winter bivouacs, Pak cannons, field graves, foxholes, nice Heeres Flak 8.8cm cannons, GENERAL * RK WINNER, cavalry, and more.
 - sold

27.  photos  Army Photo Grouping - Officer - NORWAY + Russia Campaign
160 photos of an officer with content from NORWAY and Russia. Many captioned on reverse. bunkers, medals in wear, winter photos, burning villages, radio positions, Russian artillery, vehicles, Russian T-34 tanks, bunkers, photos from OSLO and other locations in Norway, more.
 - sold

28.  photos -    Army Photo Grouping - Artillery - France & Russia
150 photos. Many good Artillery images, motorcycles, ship transport, graves and funerals in the field, French pows, tropical theaters, medal ceremonies in the field, Krads, planes, bicycle infantry, more
 - sold

29.  photos -   Luftwaffe Photo Grouping
101 photos. Planes, unit photos, ceremonies, photos taken in flight, Christmas parties, weapons, portraits, flight gear, more
30.  photos -  Army Photo Grouping - France Russia, Africa
58 photos. Images from Africa, France and Russia. Nice content! Combat, Camo, Tanks, Panzers, portraits, more.
31.  photos - Army Photo Grouping - POLAND Campaign + Balkans
100 photos with content from the Poland Campaign, many photos caption on the reverse. Identified locations in Poland, Vehicles, destruction, Polish vehicles, Gypsies, Jews, several photos of Polish POWs, more.
32.  photos - Army Photo Grouping - France Campaign
121 photos. Destroyed towns and cities in France, vehicles, ceremonies, bunkers, cavalry, artillery, trim transport, medals in wear, Christmas in the field, trench positions, Stick Grenades, more.
33.  photos -   WWI German Navy Photo Album & Grouping + Stahlhelmbund
110 photos. Nice mix of Navy and Army images. Many good portraits. and more.
 - sold

34.  photos -   WWI Army Photo Album + Freikorps & Stahlhelmbund - Partei Rally
102 photos. Early RAD photos, more.
 - sold

34-b.  photos - HITLER JUGEND & RAD Photo Album - NÜRNBERG RALLY 1934
80 photos. Well captioned. Good photos of pre-HJ and later Hitler Jugend images, good uniform images, marches, bicycles, flags, ceremonies, RAD service, Party Rally in Frankfurt, NÜRNBERG RALLY 1934, more.
 - sold

35.  photos -  Army Photo Album - Infanterie Regiment 114 - PANZERS - Nice!
101 photos of a soldier in Inf Rgt 114. Well captioned. Good combat content, graves, MP 40s, vehicles, MGs, GIGANT GLIDERS, Russian aircraft, Sd Kfz 251 Schützenpanzerwagens, halftracks, burning villages, grads, Russian tanks, trains, Panzer IV in action, searching KO Russian tanks, troops in foxholes under camo, more. nice content!

36.  photos -   NSKK Photo Album & Diary - Nice!!
30 photos and many hand written, artistic diary entries. Good NSKK content. Original NSKK documents, good NSKK motorcycle photos, more.
 - sold

37.  photos HITLER JUGEND Photo Album & Insignia Grouping
64 photos of a boys HJ LANDJAHR service. Comes with his Landdienst der HJ cufftitle and Landjahr uniform insignia. Well captioned. Great HJ images, marching, ORDENSBURG images, buildings with Landjahr insignias. ceremonies, boxing matches, high officers, and more. Very nice album
 - sold

38.  photos -   Army Photo Album - RUSSIA Campaign
89 photos. Super studio portrait of the man wearing helmet and goggles, field ambulances, plane crashes, vehicles with insignias, Panzers - one with GESPENSTER DIVISION insignia, Krads, more.
 - sold

39.  photos -   PANZER Photo Album - PANTHER MARK V Photos
72 photos. Motorcycles, studio portraits, Panzer crews in black uniforms, medals in wear, three photos of PANTHER Mark V PANZERS, more.
 - sold

40.  photos - RAD & Army Photo Album
92 photos. Well captioned. Ceremonies, group photos, artillery, parades, original RAD collar tabs, Standarte, two original photos of HITLER reviewing the troops, more.
 - sold

41photos  - Luftwaffe Photo Album
111 photos. Many captions, In original cardboard case. Portraits, aircraft photos, parades, training, original photo of GOERING, more.
 - sold

42 photos Large PRESS Photo Grouping - Nice!
Huge grouping 220 original wartime press photos. Also several telegrams from the owner. Germany, Italy and England content. Bargain Priced!
 - sold

43 photos - British Female Photo Album Grouping - IRO - International Refugee Organization
Fantastic multi album grouping to British woman, Murial AILES from Kent, who served in the IRO - First time I have had something from this organization. Very well captioned throughout; a time capsule! Great content from her service in Europe - many locations including BERCHTESGADEN and photos of the BERGHOF and other Obsersalzburg locations, DACHAU, NÜRNBERG and more! scarce photos of IRO uniforms, and more! Great historical lot!
44 photos - US WWII AIR CORPS Photo Album, Letter & Squadron Patch Grouping - SQUADRON COMMANDER!
Super grouping to Major Manville M. HEISEL, commander of the 400th Bomb Squadron of the JOLLY ROGERS! B24 pilot, flew 82 missions. Comes with two binders full of correspondence her sent home, many pieces on original JOLLY ROGERS stationary! Also comes with ORIGINAL Asterperious Squadron Patch and great photos.
 - sold

45 photos  - SS POLIZEI Holocaust Document Grouping - POLAND - Jurgen STROOP Signature!
Grouping named to Polizeirat Hermann SCHNEEMILCH. Comes with his KVK2 award document dated Sept 1 1944 with original signature SS Gruppenführer JURGEN STROOP. Very desirable signature. Pass document for Polish man permitting him to come to work in LODZ, transfer letter on Polizeiprasident in Litzmannstadt letterhead, additional Litzmanstdat related documents, also documents related to his service in PILA, Poland (Schneidemühl, in German) his WWI large format EK2 award document, Hindenburg Cross document and more. Rare grouping to a Polizei man with documented Holocaust related service in Poland.
 - sold