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1.  photos -   WWII Air Corps Grouping - 27th Fighter Group - EVADER - CATERPILLAR CLUB!
Super grouping top Lt. Bernard J. CARNEY who served in the 27th FG, 23rd FS.  He was flying his P-40 on a combat mission in Italy on May 21, 1944 when hit by Flak.  He bailed out and evaded captured for apps 10 days behind enemy lines!  Comes with his official Switlik Caterpillar Club letter and pin, his original application for membership he completed, lots of original paperwork and photos including citations for his DFC and Air Medal, copies of his hand written diary entries diving dy by day details about his bailing out and time behind enemy lines, and much more! He went on to fly jets in the Air Force after the war.

2.  photos -  WWII US 86th Fighter Group Grouping - P-47 Pilot
Very nice P-47 pilot’s grouping pf a pilot in the 86th FG, 527th FS, Named to Capt. James H. ELLIS. Uniform, wings, Air Medal, citation for 1st OLC for the Air medal (great mission details, not just a mission accumulation award), all flight records, great ephemera including some rare pieces, large grouping of photos, virtually every piece of paper from his service, navigators case (2x), and more. He stayed in and retired as Lt. Col.  Complete groupings like this are getting hard to find!

3.  photos  - Korea Occupation Photo Album - 2nd Inf. Division - Imjim Scouts - Vietnam War Ear
Very nice album named to George BUTLER with exceptional personalized cover. Content from Korea during Vietnam War. Comes with a very nice color Imjin Scouts insignia certificate. Issued for Guarding the Demilitarized Zone in Korea.  Also comes with a very nice piece of GI art 'I want to go home: Korea 69 - 69."  Many captions, good images of uniform insignia, trench positions, mortars firing over the DMZ, Korean girlfriends, great color photos in theater,  photos visiting Disneyworld 1972. 

4a.  photosFOREIGN LEGION Photo Album - North Africa & Egypt
VERY nice large album of a German man serving in the French Foreign legion. Appears to take place in the late 1920's early 30's. It is filled with man period Foreign Legion prints, more than shown here. Many photos from North Africa and Egypt, good unfair details, base and barracks phots, weapons, many great portraits, interaction with locals, vehicles and tanks, ceremonies, football team photos, and more.  Great album and needs more research. 
$435 - sold

4b.  photos -  WWII US Navy Photo Album - HAWAII
Very large photo album & Crapbook to US Navy sailor Wiliam BURTH.  Comes with his tog tag and endless amounts of ephemera he collected in Hawaii. 
 Great color portrait photo in uniform, many letters and telegrams, ID cards, greeting cards, postcards, USO shows, pre war photo of Japanese sailors standing under Coca Cola sign, naked native women, and more. Great album!

5.  photos -   WWII Parker Brother's "Learning To Fly" Board Game - Mint & Complete - Rare!
A very rare complete and minty example of the Parker Brother's game "Learning to Fly in the Army Air Corps.  From the personal collection of Jack Matthews who wrote the book Toys Go To War.
$475 sold

6.  photosWWII German schwere Artillerie Photo Album - Russia Campaign - KIEV
145 photos of a soldier serving in a heavy artillery unit in the Russia Campaign.  Well captioned with many locations identified. Many vehicles, good photos of 15 cm Kanone 39 cannons, unit emblems, motorcycles officers, bivouacs, troop movements, observation balloons, artillery positions before KIEV, photo of troop moving into KIEV, Russian POWs, captured Russian weapons, Zwillingssockel MG 34 wagon, hanged Russian partisans, and more.  Nice album!
$325 sold

7.  photos FOREIGN LEGION Photo Album - Indochina, Morocco - 4e Régiment étranger
Nice album of a German French Foreign Legion soldier.  Very nice studio portraits, good weapons, photos, interacting with locals, postcards from Morocco, soldier reading German newspapers, came uniforms, SNIPER RIFLE in use in field, tanks and armored vehicles, rifle grenade, Thompson sub MG in use in field, more.
$435- sold

8.  photos WWII US Army Air Corps Photo Album - 344th Bomb Group
180 photos of an airman who served in the 344th BG flying B-26 Marauders. Great content including many great images of nose art, pilots in flight gear, photos of planes in formation in flight, bombing run photos, aerial recon photos including ARNHEM, P-51 photos, B-24, VERY RARE Dornier Do 335 Pfeil photo, and more!  Great album!
$850- sold

9.  photosUS WWI Photo Album
100 photos of a US WWI soldier.  Unit photo, very good battlefield and good trench photos, no mans land photos, photos of him in Paris, nurses, German POWs, planes in flight, wounded on stretchers, several captured German soldier photos, German tanks, KIA, portraits, medals in wear, more.
$165- sold

10.  photos - WWII German Kiregsmarine Soldbuch & Document Grouping - U-1202, U-584
Grouping named to Rudolf Krebs. Comes with very complete Führungsbuch, Soldbuch with few entries, portrait photo and KVK2 award Document.

11.  photos - US WWII Army Photo Album - FRANCE - Marseille
Album of a soldier in France in 1944-45. Jeeps, identified locations in France, photos fro northern and Southern France, destroyed French cities, German POWs, French girls, photos from PARIS, more.
$125. sold

12.  photos - German WWII Photo Grouping - Russia Campaign - COMBAT!
200+ very good photos.  Great images of Panzers, Sturmgeschütze, infantry, officers interrogating Russian POWs in the field, graves in the field, field radios, views from inside MG bunkers, Flak Vierling halftracks, Russian POWs surrendering with hands up, motorcycles, burning villages, troops in foxholes, KIA soldiers in the field, wounded being treated in the field, field periscopes, winter camp, NG 34 crews in action, and more. Great lot!
$465- sold

13.  photos Rare US Wartime Restricted Publications on German Forces
Two rare restricted publications.  The German Replacement Army and Guide to the Identification of German Units in Rear Areas. Bargain Priced!
$275- sold

15.  photos -  WAFFEN-SS Photo Album - Leibstandarte SS "Adolf Hitler" - Poland, France & Russia
Album with 165 original photos from an SS soldier who served in the Leibstandarte SS "Adolf Hitler."  The photos are all wartime originals but have been placed in a very nice but reproduction album. Contains several nice portraits, SS LAH barracks postcards, good LAH uniform details including shoulder boards and cuff titles, high SS officers, SS Schule cuff titles, SS camp in wear, combat in the Polish Campaign,  KIA Polish soldiers in the field, motorcycles, Polish POWs, captured tanks, MG positions, bunkers positions, Panzers & StuGs in the field graves, unit photos, medals in wear, Russian tanks & KIA crews, good atmospheric photos on the Russian front, hanged partisans, and more.
$2200   sold

16.   photos - FALLSCHIRMJAEGER Document Grouping - Fallschirm-Pionier-Bataillon
Named grouping to Pioneer Johann STRATMANN who was a Kreta veteran. Comes with his Fallschirmschützenschein, EK2 award document awarded June 6, 1941 with FPN for Stab Fallschirm-Pionier-Bataillon signed by Btl. Commander, Silver Wound Badge, commendation for actions on the Newafront, promotion documents, Ground Combat Badge, enclosure letter for the Ground Combat Badge, and more

17.  photos -  Waffen-SS Wehrpass - Postal Service - NETTUNO
Man served in a Waffen-SS postal unit. Posted in Northern France and then Italy. He fought in the Allied landings at NETTUNO.

Soldbuch of Max PETROWSKY who served in the Panzer Lehr Division! Participated in the Battle of the Bulge and possibly Normandy. Photo is missing. 

19.  photos -  US WWII SILVER STAR Grouping - LUZON - Top!
Original wartime government engraved SILVER STAR awarded to Joseph EVANS who served in the 43rd Infantry Division. It comes with the very rare original "Record of Award and Decoration" certificate with detailed citation.  Very unusual to find with the medal.  He was awarded the SS on Jan 31, 1945 on Luzon.  Als comes with his CIB and other ribbons, unit made publication commemorating their KIA comrades, unit commendations discharge,  letter from General WING, personal letter from general WING to Evans' wife, Peter about Purple Heart being awarded to Robert Graf in Korea War.  It came with the group but not sure of its relation.

20.  photos - KNIGHTS CROSS & DKIG Vorschlag - Major Alfred FELDMANN - Grenadier Regiment 454
Original Knights Cross Vorschlag to Major Alfred FELDMANN, commander I./Grenadier Rgt. 454. Also Gomes with his DKIG Vorschlag. Also comes with archive copies of his personnel file.  Great grouping!

21.  photos -  WAFFEN-SS Photo Album - SS Division "Das Reich" - TOP COMBAT!
200+ photos of an SS soldier serving in the SS Division Das Reich. One of the best SS albums we have offered recently.  In a wartime original SS album. Contains fantastic portrait photos of the man in SS uniform, medals in wear, unit photos, SS barracks images, SS cuff titles, SS officers, fantastic SS combat photos including SS camp in wear, SS MG crews in action, SS PANZERS and Panzerspahwagens, SS Flak Halftracks, burning villages, SS troops in foxholes, captured Russian tanks, came painted SS vehicles, SS Beutepanzer armored vehicles, MP 40, SS Oak crews in action, SS officer wearing DKIG, KIA soldiers, SS Feldgrau StuG tunics, Molotov cocktails, wedding portraits and more.
$3750   sold

22.  photos -   WAFFEN-SS Photo Album, Wehrpass & Award Document Grouping - AMAZING
Fantastic grouping of SS Rottenführer Emil GLEISSNER, KIA in Russia on Aug 4, 1943. Very difficult to find a complete grouping like this that has not been split up.  Comes with two photo albums with apps 400 photos, in in a very hard to find original wartime SS Standard Deutschland album! Also comes with a beautiful large portrait photo which can bee seen at the end of one of the albums hanging on a wall in a family gathering in the 60's.  Also comes with his WEHRPASS with photos and all entries including the CLOSE COMBAT CLASP in BRONZE!  Award documents include the Sturmabzeichen with original signature commander SS Aufklarungs Act 5, his award document for the NAHKAMPFSPANGE in Bronze with signature Abt. Commander, Wound Badge in Black award document with original signature commander SS Kradschützen Ers. Btl., as well as many other documents including letter concerning his death from his commander. The albums are filled with amazing content including fantastic studio portraits of the man - including one showing him wearing the Nahkapfspange, also great early SS Standarde Deutschland photos, super combat photos, vehicles with unit emblems, cams smocks in wear, parades, high SS officers, photo of Hitler & Mussolini, SS VW Scwimmwagen, hanged partisans, SS death notices, photos showing him home on leave wearing all his medals, and more! 

23.  photos - US WWII AVENGER Pilot DFC, Photo Album Document & Uniform grouping
Very nice large lot to Avenger pilot Edward FRANZE. Comes with several uniforms with moth damage, his original Navy issue DFC, dogtag, Avenger 1 Pilot's Handbook, Gold Naval Pilots wings, great Disney solo flight certificate, great photo album with many good aviation related photos including in flight gear on the deck of the Bunker Hill, all of his flight logs and orders including MANY ORIGINAL AIR MEDAL & DFC MEDAL CITATIONS, original NIMITZ signature! Great original USS Bunker Hill ship's newspaper from Sept 1944 with photo and story about Franze, newspaper article about his DFC award, letters, and more!

24.  photos -   WWII German Luftwaffe Photo Album - HERMANN GOERING PANZER DIVISION!
Great album of a HG division man. Super portrait photos showing him wearing white HG collar tabs including Panzerwrapper with white collar tabs!, many other photos showing HG insignia in wear including HG PANZER UNFIORMS!, LW HG troops in their Panzers, and more!
$435- sold

25.  photos WWII German Kriegsmarine Photo Album - U-BOAT Sailor - U-18, U-751 - St. Nazaire
Large album with many photos and postcards. Named to GERHARD HARTMANN.He served on the U-18 and U-751.  Many photos show the man wearing U-Boat badge and other medals.  He later served in higher command of a  U-Boot Flottile, Well captioned. Many identified locations in France including Saint-Marc-sur-Mer near St Nazaire and La Baule, nice portrait photo of U-Boat Ace ENDRASS, U-Boat badges in wear, photos in PARIS, finally photos of him in British POW camp.
$465- sold

26.  photos -    FELDHERRNHALLE Photo Album - Super!
Amazing album of a FHH soldier. In a very rare original FHH album cover.  This is only the second I have come across. The first is available on the Featured Items page of this website.  Hamy good FHH uniform insignias and details, gorgets in wear, FHH cuff titles, great pho   soldtos showing FHH uniforms with LW breast eagles, ceremonies and parades, and more!
$750   sold

27.  photos -  WWI SOLDBUCH & MILITÄRPASS Collection
Large dealer's lot of WWI Soldbuchs and Militärpasses! All with entries!! Cheap price for the lot.

28.  photos -  KNIGHTS CROSS WINNER Photo Grouping - Major Sepp GRASSMANN
52 photos of Major Sepp GRASSMANN. He served as commander of Grenadier Rgt 326 when he won the RK on Nov 9 1942.  Many photos are captioned in his one hand. Great photos of him wearing the RK in the field, photos of his RK ceremony, other identified high officers including Erich von Manstein. Good photos from the Russian front.
29.  photos -  Kriegsmarine OFFICER Photo Album & Document Grouping Kreuzer EMDEN & 11. RÄUMBOOTSFLOTTILLE - - Nice!
Very nice large grouping too Lt. Eugen LINDHEIM. He served on the Cruiser EMDEN as well as other stations. Comes with a nice selection of his award documents including HIGH SEAS FLEET BADGE with original signature Admiral LEITZMANN, EK1 with original signature Admiral LÖWISCH, Black Wound Badge with original signature commander 11. Raumbootsflittille, EK2 with original signature MEENDSEN-BOHEKEN, and more.  Wartime crew publications, postwar reunion publications, photo albums has excellent studio portraits of the man and comrades, and more. Also comes with POW Feldpost and many other documents and ephemera. 
$750 - sold

30.  photos -  KRIEGSMARINE Photo, DIARY, Document & Cap Tally Grouping
Grouping named to Mech. Matt Saver SPITZER. Comes with his minesweeper badge with original signature commander 4. Sicherungs Division, EK2 award document with original signature Admiral and commander Sicherung West, postwar service summary, two hand written diaries with several original photos, four original and nice wartime cap tallies, and more.

31.  photos - German WWII Photo Album - General DIETL
25 photos. Photo album is related to a memorial which has many high ranking officers present including General DIETL. 

32.  photos -  German WWII Gebirgsjaeger Photo Album - French Campaign
58 photos. Many captions.  Good portraits, unit photos, many identified locations in France, French tanks, destroyed towns and cities, French aircraft, GJ uniform insignias, and more.
33.  photos - German WWII Photo Album 0 KDF Ship Wilhelm Gustloff
21 photos. 

34.  photos - WAFFEN-SS Photo Grouping - 5th SS Panzer Division WIKING
115 original photos in the 5th SS Panzer Division WIKING.  Good SS uniform insignias, SS officers, vehicles, WIKING vehicle insignias, SS KNIGHTS CROSS WINNER, SS Camo smocks, Russian POWS, airplanes, Ju 87 Stuka, tanks, SS Wiking field cemetery, funerals in the field, more.

35.  photosGerman WWII Photo Grouping
26 photos, 9x13cm format. One photo of Jewish refugees, Feldpost postcards, rod sign "trees" in the field, destroyed towns, vehicles, more.
36.  photos -  SA Photo Album - Hitler Election Propaganda -  NÜRNBERG RALLY - TOP!
202 photos. One of the best SA Sturm Abteilung photo albums we have offered.  Fantastic SA uniform photos, filled with good SA portrait photos, many excellent photos of the man and his unit on parades, ceremonies, high officers, excellent photos of pro-Hitler election activities, photos of pro Hitler celebrations in the Sudetenland, odd uniform details, Original Admission ticket to the 1934 Nürnberg Rally (!), great group photo of NS-Frauenschaft women in uniform. And more.

37.  photos -   Luftwaffe Photo Album - GOERING, GRAF - TOP!
38 super photos of a professional LW photographer with excellent original photos of GOERING, GRAF, GALLAND, LORZER, and other high LW officers, Knights Cross Winners and more!  Super lot! All larger forms photos. 
38.  photosDAK AFRIKAKORPS Photo ALbum - Kradschuetzen - Nice!
227 photos of a man who served in a Krad unit in Schuetzen Rgt 115 of the 15 Panzer Division in Africa. Many captions. Great Krad photos, excellent tropical uniforms DAK vehicle emblems, desert bivouacs, Freldpost box for Kdo. 15.Pz.Div, STUDIO PORTRAITS, medals in wear, MG positions in the desert, Kubelwagens, captured British vehicles in German use, also includes original wartime map of North Africa that was part of the desirable DAK calendar book.
$565- sold

39.  photos WWII German Photo Album Pages - Russia Campaign - GALLAND
43 photos. Original photos of GALLAND. Good foxhole photos, graves, tanks, Panzers under camo, armored trains, Russian POWS, field bivouacs, Russian aircraft, motorcycles, Knights Cross Winners, more.
$280- sold

40.  photos - WWII German Photo Grouping - MANY AIRCRAFT IMAGES - FRANCE & RUSSIA 
105 photos. Many excellent and varied photos of Luftwaffe aircraft. Captured enemy weapons, aerial recon photos, high officers, destroyed towns and cities, French POWS, Large press photos, combat images and more!  Great lot!
$445- sold

41photos  - GEBIRGSJAEGER Photo Grouping - GJR 99 - Italy, Greece, Yugoslavia, Albania - TITO'S HEADQUARTERS - Unternehmen Schwarz
109 very good photos of a man who served in GJR 99. Rare photos of Unternehmen Schwarz - Balkans operation consisting of heavy and fierce fighting with Tito partisans, May 1943. Photos pf the unit in the Alps near garnish Partenkirchen, Anti-Partisan hunting in 1944, many identified locations, good photos of GJ troops in the Alps, more.

42 photosWWII German Photo Album - GEBIRGSJAEGER - Russia Campaign - COMBAT
100 good images form the Russia Campaign. Good combat images. GJ uniform details, alpine images, graves, burning villages, troops in action in the field, KO Russian KV-2 tank, Russian refugees, road sign trees in the field, Russian airplanes, winter camo uniforms, wounded treating in the field, grads, KIA in the field, atmospheric images, more.
$335- sold

43 photos - Kriegsmarine Photo Album - NORWAY
190 photos of a KM sailor. Nice postcards from Kiel, good images of ships, many photos from OSLO and other locations in Norway,  U-BOAT photos, ceremonies, sailors interacting with Norwegian women, portraits, photos from his RAD service, more.

44 photos - OGEBIRGSJAEGER OFFICER Photo Album - Artistic - NORWAY, MURMANSK Front
179 photos of a mountain troop officer. Named to Hauptman JOSEF ZANGERLE.  Very artistic hand drawn inside front cover.  Original photo of DIETL, photos from NORWAY, graves, KO Russian armored car, rare photo of NbFz PzKpfw VI heavy tank, troops in foxhole, good alpine photos, photos of his time in the Austrian Army pre WWII, and more.  Cover has a faded Edelweiss badge painted on cover. 

45 photos  -  WWII German GEBIRGSJAEGER/JAEGER Army Photo Album - JAEGER RGT 738 - BALKANS - Nice!
288 photos in. A very large album.  Well captioned.Many excellent photos from the Balkans. Man served in Jaeger Rgt 738.  Nice studio portrait of the man's best friend wearing EK1, French B1 Beutepanzer on train transport, explosion on bridge, crashed airplanes, many identified locations including BANJA LUKA, BELGRAD, AGRAM, etc., KIA/Executions in the field, Bosnian and Serbian locals and refugees, Krad troops on motorcycles, more.  Nice album!

47 photos - Luftwaffe OFFICER Photo Album - Hitler, Goebbels, Goering - TOP!
282 photos. Named to Recon pilot Richard KARN.  Unit photos, excellent private images of Hitler, Goering, Goebbels and other high leaders, medal ceremonies in the field, studio portraits, aircraft images - Me 109, Ju 88, Me 110 and others, pilots and aircrew in flight gear, excellent photos of the man's Honor Goblet and award document, French POWs, shot up and crashed aircraft, troop columns rolling through destroyed French towns, KIA, graves in the field, ceremonies in the field and more.

73 photos -   EXTENSIVE Postcard & Studio Portrait Collection
Extense collection of 164 studio portraits, postcards and propaganda cards!  An instance collection of exceptional dealer lot. Priced to sell! 
$565 -    sold

74 photos - Luftwaffe AFRIKAKORPS Photo Album - Top!
Very desireable Luftwaffe Afrika campaign photo album, made in the field by a photographer unit.  Hand made wooden cover. The pages are made from photographic paper, not just regular paper! Great content! Rommel planes, tanks, RK winners, and more!
$625   sold

75 photos - US WWII FIGHTER PILOT Grouping - 72nd, 8th, 78th Fighter Squadrons
Grouping named to Captain Mortimer YATES (O-726873). Comes with extensive amount of paperwork from his military service.  Shows he served as a P-39 and P-40 fighter pilot in the 72nd FS as well as the 8th and 78th FS in the Mandated Islands Campaign and others.  Seems most of his combat missions were with the 72nd FS.  Also comes with a small flag and a couple of nice photos. 

78. photos - German WWII Photo Album - Photographer's Sample Album
100 photos.  Nice album used by the unit photographer in Art. Rgt 60 and 65 to show and get orders of prints for members of the unit. Well captioned.  Medals in wear, foxholes, using Russian sub MG, Krads, MG positions, field radios, more.

80. photos Dealer's Lot of Allied & Japanese WWII Photos
Portraits, Patton peeing in the Rhine River, gruesome Japanese photos, portraits, Navy paperwork and photo grouping,  King George commissioning document, more
$120   sold

81.  photosGerman WWII KRIEGSMARINE Photo Album & Feldpost Grouping
$120 -   sold
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