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1.  photos -  Waffen-SS Studio Portrait Collection - TOP!
Amazing collection of 346 photos. A huge number are 9x13cm studio portraits!  Also good SA photos and portraits as well.  Many photos have captions on the reverse.  Great portraits showing SS insignia, cufftitles, original photos of Hausser and Dietrich,  uniforms, etc.  Instant high-end collection!!  If I sold them all individually they would total appx. $9000. Sold complete here for a fraction of that price!
- sold

1b. photos -   GERMAN CROSS IN GOLD Winner Photo & Document Grouping - REGIMENT GENERAL GOERING + 12 Fallschirmsturmgeschütze Brigade.
90 photos and original large formal German Cross in Gold award document to Feldwebel Arulf KETTERL. He received the DKiG while serving with 7./Flak-Regiment 43 on March 31, 1943. At this time, Flak Regiment 43 was part of REGIMENT GENERAL GOERING under the command of Major Karlhuber! There is also a letter he wrote o General Heinrich Plickert in 1954 discussing his being proposed for and approved the Knights Cross by General Erdman.He indicates that at war's end he was serving in the 6 Fallschirmjaeger Division in the 12 Fallschirmsturmgeschuetze Brigade.  Great group at a great price!

2.  photos - GEBIRGSJAEGER Photo and Document Group -  2. Gebirgs Division - GRUPPE FEURSTEIN AWARD DOCUMENT - RARE!
Amazing grouping of a German Gebirgsjaeger (named to a Gef. STAIGER).  Comes with the Very Rare GRUPPE FEURSTEIN AWARD DOCUMENT (in original period frame) issued to him for the Invasion of Norway issued by GJR 137. Generalleutnant Valentin Feuerstein was Commander of the 2nd Mountain-Division from April 1938 till March 1941, (Knight´s Cross 12th of August 1944). was awarded to the soldiers of Gruppe Feurstein who participated in a forced march from Fauske towards Narvik to rescue Dietl's troops in the battle of Narvik in 1940. On May 4th 1940 General Feurstein’s 2nd Gebirgsjäger Division started marching 350 miles North from Trondheim to relieve Dietl’s 139th Gebirgsjäger Regiment isolated in Narvik, fighting Allied troops at various points along the way.
Also comes with a very rare original unit history covering the unit in the Norway campaign with good campaign details and ORIGINAL photos added in for illustration.  Also comes with his original PHOTO ALBUM containing 170 photos. Contains TWO ORIGINAL PHOTOS OF GENERAL DIETL in Norway, nice studio portrait of the man, photos of the unit interacting with Norwegian locals, good GJ gear and uniform details, Krads, photos of a Destroyer crew posing in Narvik with their newly awarded EK2s, British troop graves, captured British AA artillery, and more.   Great grouping!

3.  photos  - HITLER JUGEND Photo Album - HJ Führerschule - NÜRNBERG RALLY
84 super photos in a scarce original HJ album with HJ insignia on cover. Much harder to find than the typical Army types.  Contains very good Hitler Jugend images including very good images of the boy's unit at a Nürnberg Rally!  Tent life at the Rally, original Hitler photo arriving, Zeppelin Field, flags, photos from the Altstadt Nürnberg, Nürnberg train station, etc. Nice HJ Führer uniforms, group photos, marching, HJ drums, nice studio portraits, high ranking HJ officer wearing HJ leader dagger, HJ Fahne, photos from him at HJ Führerschule, great photos of him in HJ Führer uniforms, HJ bands with instruments, more!  Great HJ album!
 - sold

4.  photos - Kriegsmarine ZERSTÖRER Photo Album - Destroyer FRIEDRICH IHN - Nice!
84 photos of a sailor who served on the Destroyer Friedrich Ihn. He also served on the Z24 and  Z27.  Named to a Ob. Fk. Maat WERNER MAAK. Comes with his ORIGINAL Zerstörer Friedrich Ihn cap tally!  Well captioned throughout.  photos start with his KM training in Stralsund, identified officers, ship postcards, good photos of him and the crew onboard the Ihn, Ihn cap tallies in wear, arriving in Hamburg harbor, photos of the ship's captain and other officers, photos inside the ship, great STUDIO PORTRAITS of the man wearing Ihn Cap Tally and another wearing his DESTROYER BADGE! medal award ceremonies, photos of the ship in NORWAY, ship convoys at sea, photos from Copenhagen, original documents named to the man including an ID card/document indicating he was awarded the Destroyer badge on Oct 19, 1940 with original ship's stamp.  At the end of the album is a good typed summary of his service! 

5.  photos - Army Photo Album - KRADSCHÜTZEN Unit + NÜRNBERG RALLY
183 photos of a man who served in a Kradschützen unit. Also, good photos form his time at a NÜRNBERG RALLY. Named to Oberfeldwebel Hans MERHEIM. Comes with his funeral notice indicating that he was KIA on May 19, 1 942 in CHARKOW.  Studio portraits of officer wearing medals, also portrait of him as a Feldwebel, bunkers, foxholes, Krads, graves, ceremonies, great motorcycle photos, artillery and halftracks, photos from his time at a Nürnberg Rally, PKW cars, MG, maneuvers. more.
- sold

6.  photos - Army Photo Album - Artillerie Regiment 17
96 photos. Well captioned. Starts with photos from his childhood in the 20's and 30's. Then photos form his Hitler Jugend service, nice DJ parade photos, HJ portraits, then photos from his service with Art. Rgt 17,good  parade photos with flags/banners and officers, field radios,  studio portraits of the man in uniform, more.

7.  photos - Army Photo Album
101 photos.  In a high quality hard-back album. Well captioned. Parades, Standarte and Fahnentraeger, MG, original photos of Generals, maneuvers, and more.
- sold

8.  photos -  2x Army Photo Album & WEHRPASS Grouping - OFFICER - KIA
213 photos in two photo albums. From an army Hauptmann Ernst PHILIPPS. He served in a Feldeisenbahn Unit, comes with his original Wehrpass with original photo, awards listed include WK2, Black Wound Badge and Hindenburg Cross, KVK2, Ostmedaille. list of all promotions, indicates he was KIA on August 3, 1942, album ends with photos of his grave and funeral, identified personnel in the field, photos of him serving in the Batl headquarters in the field, bunkers and trench positions, mounted troops, photos of officer look at photos, portraits and group photos, KO Russian tanks and KIA crew, crashed Soviet planes, endless columns of Russian POWs, interesting view of a train car seen from above packed with Russian soldiers, refugees, more.
- sold

9.  photos - WWI + WWII Photo Album
65 photos. From a man's WWI and WWII service.  Tanks, group photos, medal in wear, portraits, Flak firing at night, more.
- sold

10.  photos - Army Photo Grouping - Inf Rgt 57 - France & Russia - Death & Destruction
80 photos of man who served in Inf Rgt 57.  Russian POWs on the march, burning Russian towns and cities, Russian artillery, KO PAK cannon & crew graves in Russia, destroyed Russian vehicles, French POWs, KIA soldiers, field ambulances, KO Russian T-34 tank, soldiers posing at comrades' graves, refugees, German troops carrying wounded comrade, more. nice group!
- sold

11.  photos GEBIRGSJAEGER Photo Grouping - 1. Gebirgs Division -  France, Balkans, Russia + LEMBERG ATROCITIES
100 photos from a German mountain troop soldier who served in Gebirgs Sanitats Komp 54, part of the 1 Gebirgs Division. Many captioned on the reverse.   Content from France, Russia and the Balkans.  Many good images of Gebirgsjaeger insignia.  graves, Krads, vehicles, refugees,  French POWs, commandeered French Chateaux,  identified locations in France - HIRSON,CILLY, CHAMPAGNOLE, ST HUBERT, etc. photos of murdered civilians & Jews in LEMBERG (see below) dated June 22, 1941 - these photos show he was one of the first troops to discover these atrocities,  photos from KRIM / KERTSCH, ends with photos dated July 1944.
On 22 June 1941, Nazi Germany and several of its allies invaded the USSR. In the initial stage of Operation Barbarossa (30 June 1941) Lviv [LEMBERG] was taken by the Germans. The evacuating Soviets killed most of the prison population, with arriving Wehrmacht forces easily discovering evidence of the Soviet mass murders in the city[59] committed by the NKVD and NKGB. Ukrainian nationalists, organized as a militia, and the civilian population were allowed to take revenge on the "Jews and the Bolsheviks" and indulged in several mass killings in Lviv and the surrounding region, which resulted in the deaths estimated at between 4,000 and 10,000 Jews.
- sold
12.  photos - Army Photo Grouping - OFFICER -France & Russia - 295 INF DIVISION - Stalingrad -  Combat!
155 photos of a German army officer who served in Inf Rgt 518 of the 295 Inf. Division.  This division was destroyed at STALINGRAD!  Good combat content and also many photos are hand-captioned on the reverse.  very nice studio portrait of the officer wearing EK1 and IAB, many photos of officers conferring in the field, several larger format photos, crashed Soviet planes, German graves, KIA soldiers, captured artillery, group Russian graves, destroyed towns and cities, Russian Flak cannons, bunker positions, French troops surrendering with hands up, Russian monster KV-2 tanks, atmospheric images of infantry in the field, SS graves, great photos of STUKAS dive bombing Russian positions, foreign troops, welcome banners for arriving German troops, FLAMETHROWER in action, more.
$345- sold

13.  photosArmy Photo Album - Infanterie Regiment 63 - France & Russia
163 photos in a very nice official unit album cover. IR 63 was based in Ingolstadt, north of Munich. Portraits,  photos of KO Maginot Line bunkers, photos of him in Russia during the winter,  funerals in the field, salty troops in full kit in the field, Anti-Semitic parades in Ingolstadt Altstadt, troops in winter camo, schwere Mörser cannons, more.
$175- sold
14.  photos - Army Photo Grouping - 46 Inf. Division - KRIM - SEVASTAPOL
100 photos with much content from the Crimea campaign.  The man served in  Inf Rgt 72 of the 46. Inf Division which saw heavy action there.  Many photos showing the unit in and around SEVASTAPOL!!  Many captioned on the reverse.  Medals in wear in the field, MG 34 positions, many good images of destruction in Sevastapol as well as identified locations there, KIA Russian soldiers, photos from Kertsch, good battlefield photos showing explosions and smoke rising in the distance, vehicles, Russian tanks, Russian armored train, identified personnel, more.
- sold
15.  photos -  Army Photo Grouping - France & Russia Campaigns
187 photos of a soldier with content from the France and Russia Campaigns. Photos of Generals, artillery, winter camo, medals in wear, group shots, field bivouacs in Russia, soldiers goofing off, Maginot Line Bunkers, funerals in the field, destroyed towns and cities, Krim shields in wear, vehicles, bicycle infantry, fortified bunker positions in the field, salty infantry in full kit, marksmanship target awards, aircraft, more.
- sold

16.  photos -   Army Photo Grouping - France & Russia Campaigns - 93 Inf. Division
125 photos of a soldier who served in France and Russia. He served in Radfahrer-Schwadron 193 of the 93 Inf Division.  General, troops wearing captured French helmets, Maginot Line bunkers, artillery firing in the field, graves, salty infantry, KIA French soldier by bunker position, group photos, gypsies, graves, winter conditions, medals in wear, Wolchow positions, and more.
- sold
17.  photos -   Army Photo Grouping - Great Technical Photos - Russia Campaign - Nice!
274 photos.  Goo technical photos including images of Russian TANKS, artillery and PAK cannons, Russian T-34 tank captured intact, crashed Soviet bombers w KIA crew, BEUTEPANZER - French tank with German markings, good photos of a Werkstatt Kompanie showing lots of technical details, Russian T-34  BEUTEPANZER w/ German flag, German panzer columns, Good images of Russian T-28 and T-35 tanks, Russian graves, vehicles, bicycle infantry, French tanks, EK2 medals awarded in the field, crashed LW planes, Krads, Russian armored cars, Russian POWs, and more!
- sold

18.  photosTwo Brothers' WEHRPASS Grouping - KIA
Group of two Wehrpasses to two brothers, both KIA.  One was KIA on April 30, 1942 and the other Aug 26, 1942.  One served in Aufklarungs Abteilung 156 and the other in Inf Rgt 151.  Good campaign, award and promotion entries.
- sold

19.  photos - Photo Album - Waffen-SS, HJ, BDM, SA, RAD +
160 photos of a Czech family.  Good photos of on man serving in the Waffen-SS, Hitler Jugend photos, BDM photos, photo of the father in Czech uniform and then in Third Reich uniform, SA photos, more. 

20.  photos - SA Brownshirt & Army Photo Album - France Campaign + 1938 NÜRNBERG RALLY
158 photos.  Good images of a SA unit including photos from the unit at a NÜRNBERG RALLY, good images of SA insignia, camp locations at the Rally, marching and parades in Nürnberg Altstadt, photos of the Rally in progress at the Zeppelin field, VERY nice, original photos of HITLER and GOERING at the 1938 Rally, SA portrait photo of the man as well as pass size portraits, SA unit photos,  MG 08 positions, EK2 medals awarded in the field, destruction, good photos form the France Campaign of 1940, bicycle infantry destroyed French towns and cities, crashed RAF airplanes, more. nice album!
$365- sold

21.  photos GEBIRGSJAEGER  Photo Grouping - French Campaign
51 photos of a German mountain troop soldier. Many captioned on reverse.    nice portrait of the man, graves, vehicles, weapons and gear, Krads, KIA French soldier, French towns destroyed, Black French colonial POWs, French aircraft, more.
- sold

22.  photos - Army Photo Album - Poland, France, Russia - Judaica Content
110 photos of a soldier's service in the Poland, France and Russia Campaigns. Starts with a studio portrait of the man with original medal ribbons, good images of MAGINOT LINE BUNKERS, identified locations in France - DIJON, French Beutepanzers, French aircraft, French POWs, good motorcycle images, graves, photos of JEWS in DUBNO,   other identified locations in Russia, trench positions, troops using captured PPSH sub machine guns, photos of KNIGHTS CROSS WINNERS including RICHTHOFEN, good gear images, field radios, more.

23.  photosRAD Field Service Photo Album - RUSSIA - 9x photos KESSELRING
210 photos. Most interesting are nine original photos of KESSELRING visiting the unit in the field. Panzers, photos from LITZMANSTADT (Lodz) where is RAD service was stationed initially, photos of knocked out Russian tanks, photos of Kesselrings Fieseler Storch, photos from SMOLENSK, nice Ju 88 photo, Russian tank used as a road sign, photos from MINSK, more.
$185 - sold

24.  photos -   Army Photo Album - Infanterie Regiment 26 - France Campaign
142 photos.  In an official unit album.   Marching, training, parades, motorcycles, band photos, bicycle infantry, troops marching in French town squares, captured French munitions and materiel, French refugees, French TANKS, KO German Panzerspahwagen, executed "partisans," winter camo, more.
- sold

25.  photos - PANZER Photo Grouping- Panzer Regiment 7 - Russia
62 photos of a man who served in Panzer Regiment 7.  Good images of troops in black Panzer uniforms, Panzer assault badges in wear, EK2s freshly awarded in the field, good images of panzers, Krads, other vehicles, Russian POWs in forced labor. graves, battlefields on fire, officers, Kompanie Commander's grave, planes, train transport, more.
- sold

26.  photos - Army Photo Grouping - Pionier Unit
60 photos.  All from a Pionier unit at work in the field. funny photos of a tubby Germany officer, marching, Pionier operations, more.
- sold

27.  photos - Kriegsmarine Photo Album
194 photos in a nice color KM album cover.  Comes with his original Kriegsmarine cap tally on inside cover.  Well captioned throughout.  Good KM uniform photos, marching, ceremonies, identified locations, identified officers, KM Feldgrau uniforms, photos from KIEL, ships in harbor, 8.8cm Flak firing at night, studio portrait of the man, photo of EK2 medal just awarded, more.

28.  photos Kriegsmarine Photo Album
167 photos. Starts with a nice studio portrait of the man in KM uniform,  funny photos form his training,  original calling card of Tadao Yokoi - Japanese Naval attaché , officers, ceremonies, signatures of French entertainers, more.
- sold
29.  photos -   POLIZEI Photo Grouping - Italy, Slovenia
40 photos of a Hilfpolizei officer with photos from his service in Italy and Slovenia. many photos of him with his pretty (Slovenian?) girlfriend. Photos came in original Czech photo studio envelope from Pilsen.  Nice studio portraits of the girlfriend taken in Cilli, Slovenia,  also Videm, Slovenia is identified, more.
- sold

30.  photos - Army Photo Grouping - France & Russia - LENINGRAD, WOLCHOW
219 photos. Many captioned on the reverse.   All from one soldier's service in the France and Russia Campaigns, Also some photos from Spain,  Crashed planes, vehicles, LW aircraft burning villages and towns, ceremonies, troops in harsh Russian winter conditions, identified personnel, graves, bomb damage, photos from RIGA, vehicles stuck in fierce Russian mud, StuG III, many photos from WOLCHOW and other locations outside of LENINGRAD, graves, MG 34 positions, winter camo in wear, nice photo of foxhole position dug in a railway, Russian TANKS, photos from ROYAN, France in 1940, also includes a list of unit personnel.
- sold

31.  photos - Female RAD Photo Album - NÜRNBERG RALLY
93 photos of a girl's service in the female labor service.   In a nice official female RAD album cover.  Well captioned throughout.  Flags, good female RAD uniform details, good images of work service in the field, photos of the Nürnberg Rally grounds, photos from the Nürnberg Altstadt,  the girls goofing off, photos from Rothenburg, Wurzburg and other locations, photos from Munich and Garmisch-Partenkirchen, more.

32.  photosWWI Photo Album
89 photos of a German soldier in WWI.  In an nice official WWI album with Iron Cross on the cover.  Good portraits, artillery cannons, unit photos, cavalry, identified locations, officers, soldiers goofing off, troops in bunkers in the field, KIA soldiers, battlefield destruction, funny photo of woman in soldier uniform, aerial recon photos, more.
- sold
33.  photos -  Army Photo Group - Russia
24 photos.  portraits, graves,, POWs, captured Russian weapons, more.

34.  photos - Luftwaffe Photo Grouping - Russia
75 photos.  Portraits, Flak cannons, halftracks, winter camo, graves,  troops navigating horrible Russian winter conditions, photos from SMOLENSK, vehicles, bunkers,  Russian TANKS, more.
- sold

35.  photos - ATROCITY Photo Grouping - LEMBERG
Rare collection of original photos of a German Gebirgsjaeger soldier discovering the atrocities at LEMBERG - see below for details of this event.  Most are captioned on the reverse.
- sold
On 22 June 1941, Nazi Germany and several of its allies invaded the USSR. In the initial stage of Operation Barbarossa (30 June 1941) Lviv [LEMBERG] was taken by the Germans. The evacuating Soviets killed most of the prison population, with arriving Wehrmacht forces easily discovering evidence of the Soviet mass murders in the city[59] committed by the NKVD and NKGB. Ukrainian nationalists, organized as a militia, and the civilian population were allowed to take revenge on the "Jews and the Bolsheviks" and indulged in several mass killings in Lviv and the surrounding region, which resulted in the deaths estimated at between 4,000 and 10,000 Jews.
36.  photos -  EMPTY RAD Photo Album
Empty German photo album in original silpcover case.

40.  photos - NSKK + ARMY SOLDBUCH & Document Grouping - NSKK Race Champion
Very nice grouping to Karl SCHROPP who served in the NSKK and later Wehrmacht Army service. There are two victory banner/pennants that still have some NSKK insignia printing left, these is also an original photo of him with THESE PENNANTS on his race car after winning an NSKK race!! Also comes with newspaper articles about the race and more about the man, many ID’s and documents, great NSKK BETRIEBSBERECHTIGUNGSSCHEIN - NSKK Operation Qualification Certificate, Wehrmaccht Fuhrerschein with nice uniform photo, POW CAMP Feldpost, Military Discharge,  SOLDBUCH is salty but complete, served in various transportation units, award entries include Sudetenland Medal, Drivers Badge in Bronze and KVK2. Also comes with a letter on GREAT LETTERHEAD from Rudge-WHITWORTH Ltd. of Coventry.
$325  reduced to $200


41photos  - Luftwaffe Photo Album - ZERSTÖRER GESCHWADER 1+ SKG 10
206 photos. Very nice content of a ground crewman who served with ZG1, STUKA Geschwader 10, Nachtschlachtgrupper 20 and SKG 10. Contains content from the Ostfront 1942 through England operations through his being stationed in NORMANDY at the time of D-DAY through Holland 1945! Great photos of aircraft, KNIGHTS CROSS Winner pilots, original photos of GALLAND, MOELDERS and JOPPIEN, other photos of Knights Cross Winners, great ZG1 insignia painted Me 109, and more.
$725 - sold

42 photos - Army SOLDBUCH, Photo Album & Award Document Grouping - Gren Rgt 695 - 340 Volks Grenadier Division.
Nice grouping with album with 150 good quality front photos in two albums from France and Russia Campaigns. Comes with the man's original issue SOLDBUCH as well as Iron Cross Second Class and Silver Wound badge award documents. The man served in Grenadier Regiment 695 - part of the 340 inf Division and later the 340 Volks Grenadier Division. The division fought in the Battle of the Bulge (including BASTOGNE), as part of I SS Panzer Corps, and then retreated into Germany as part of XIII SS Corps before finally being destroyed in the Ruhr pocket in April 1945. SOldbuch is complete with all pages. Awards entered include EK2 and Silver Wound Badge. The album contains many identified locations in France, destruction, vehicles, captured aircraft, French POWs, captured French TANKS, artillery, foxhole positions, General with KNIGHTS CROSS at unit funeral ceremony, and more.
43 photos - Aviazione Legionaria LEGION CONDOR SPANISH CIVIL WAR - Italian PILOT - RARE!!
This is a VERY special album from an Italian pilot serving in the Aviazione Legionaria during his time fighting in the SPANISH CIVIL WAR! The Legionary Air Force (Italian: Aviazione Legionaria, Spanish: Aviación Legionaria) was an expeditionary corps from the Italian Royal Air Force. It was set up in 1936 and sent to provide logistical and tactical support to the Nationalist faction after the Spanish coup of July 1936 marked the onset of the Spanish Civil War.
Contains 236 original photos. Filled with photos of Italian aircraft with Legion Condor. Great images of planes in flight, dropping bombs on bombing missions, identified Spanish towns they were attacking, Italian pilots in uniform, high officers, medal award ceremonies, original photos of FRANCO, great images of camp paint scheme on Italian aircraft, personal aircraft emblems, photos taken in cockpit in flight, and more! Historically important content!
44 photos -  Original WILLRICH Card collection
HUGE original Willrich card collection, all from one collector. 67 total cards. Contains all the ones you would want - Rommel, Jagdflieger, Schlachtflieger, RK winners, Fallschirmjaeger, U-Boat celebrities, Panzer, and other rare ones.  Priced much cheaper than what I would sell them for individually.
$750 - sold
45 photos  - FLIEGER HITLER JUGEND Photo Album - Nice!
307 wartime (+300 post war) photos from one boy's service in the Flieger Hitler JUGEND. Well captioned throughout. Great photos of HJ boys making, flying and crashing gliders, good HJ uniform insignia, photos from his time at the NSFK Reichssegelflugbauschule 9State glider construction school), NSFK uniforms in wear, then photos from his Luftwaffe service, more.
46photos - Army OFFICER Photo Album & WEHRPASS - 207 Inf Division - ITALY - NETTUNO!
155 photos. All from the same Officer who served in Nachrichten Abt. 45, 823 and Armee Nachr. Rgt 524. this last unit was stationed in ITALY and faced the Allies at NETTUNO and other major Italian battles. His Wehrpass is complete. Named to Lt. Wilhelm Lützeler. Also comes with his Army driver's license. Wehrpass has harder to find uniform photo, many promotions, awards listed include KVK2, Ostmedaille, EK2.. Many great campaign entries - France, Holland, Belgium, Anti-Partisan fighting in the East, Leningrad, Italy including the great entry for defensive battles at NETTUNO(!) and also anti-partisan fighting in Italy, and more. Also comes with some POW documents and his Army discharge. nice portrait photos of him in uniform, field radio equipment, artillery, field positions, graves, more.
- sold
47 photos - JAGDFLIEGER Photo Grouping
Grouping of photos of a German fighter pilot. great Me 109 photos including one with MANY tail victory insignias, and more.
$250- sold
48photos - Two Brother's WEHRPASS Grouping
Wehrpasses of two brothers. One served in "Feste Funkstelle Prag."
49photos - Army Photo Album - 297 Infanterie Division - Russia Campaign STALINGRAD
227 photos of a man who served in the 297 Inf Div. This division was destroyed at STALINGRAD! Well captioned throughout. Most content from the Russia Campaign. Good images of captured Russian tanks, many photos of KIA Russian soldiers, graves, female Russian soldier POWs, General PFEFFER in the field, MG positions, KO Panzer and crew graves, KO Russian tank and KIA crew, many identified locations, Panzer columns, roadsigns trees, aircraft, and more!
$425- sold
50 photos - Luftwaffe Photo Album - 8.8cm Flak unit
177 photos. Starts with his service in the Freiwillige Arbeitsdienst. Well captioned throughout. 8.8cm Flak cannons, aircraft, vehicles, Panzers, identified locations, more.
$175 - sold
51photos -  Luftwaffe Photo Album - 12x Photos of GALLAND!
192 photos. Most interesting are twelve original photos of Galland and his Me 109. Starts with his RAD service. portrait photos, destruction in France 1940, and more!
$1150 - sold
52photos - Third Reich Era Family Photo Album
121 photos. Family travel photos, SA photos, veterans parades, Luftwaffe, more.
53photos - Luftwaffe + Gebrgsjaeger Photo Album
Many captions, photos from Berlin, Templehofer Feld, huge Partei Rallies, parades in Berlin, 8.8cm Flak cannons, medals in wear, some Gebirgsjaeger photos, KIA Russian troops, motorcycles, destruction in Russia, Russian POWs, Pak cannons, more.
54photos - Luftwaffe FLAK Photo Album - France + PLOESTI
156 photos. Well captioned. 8.8cm Flak cannons, camp positions, vehicles, photos from Budapest, photos from Berlin and Munich, photos form DUNKIRK, other Balkan locations. then photos from his unit stationed at PLOESTI, Paris and more.
55 photos - Kampfgeschwader photo Album - Nürnberg Rally
75 photos of a Luftwaffe man who's served in Kampfgeschwader 77. Photos form 1934 Nurnberg Rally during his RAD service, high officers, aircraft, original photos of SPERRLE, aircraft postcards, more.
56 photos - Gebirgsjaeger Photo Album - Poland - Lemberg Atrocities
194 photos. Many photos from Poland - Lemberg, Krakow, Grodno, Cholm and more. Many captioned on the reverse, burning villages, infantry in full kit Russian aircraft, motorcycles, Marine HJ, MG positions, portraits, and more
57 photos  - Female DRK Red Cross Nurse Photo Album
103 photos of a mans service in the DRK. Starts with her female RAD service then DRK, also comes with a 1964 issue 25 year DRK service medal certificate, more.
$175 - sold
58 photos - WWI German Photo Album - Westfront
96 photos of a soldiers service in WWI. Well captioned throughout. Christmas celebrations, KIA soldiers, battlefield destruction, trench combat photos, aerial recon photos, high officers, mounted troops, portraits, identified locations in France, ceremonies, more
$175 - sold
59 photos  - Army Photo Grouping - Russia Campaign - Good Combat!
101 photos. KIA soldiers, troop movements in the field, ceremonies, destruction, vehicles, burning villages, POWs captured, artillery firing in the field, halftracks, refugees troops using captured vehicles, Russian POWs on the march, crashed and burning Soviet aircraft, heavy Mortar positions, female Russian soldier POWs, and more.
$275 - sold
60photos - Army Photo Grouping - Russia, Balkans
110 photos of a soldier's service in Russia and the Balkans. Well captioned on the reverse with good details. Graves, Pionier activity in the field, weapons, troops interacting with locals, vehicles, river crossings, many identified locations, weary troops in the field, crashed planes, halftracks, portraits, bunker building, destroyed Russian towns, more.
$165 - sold
61photos - German WWI Photo Album - Westfront - VERDUN -Nice!
46 photos of a soldier's service in WWI. Well captioned. Identified locations including VERDUN, trench positions, heavy mortar positions on French river positions, officers, medals in wear, KIA soldiers, crashed aircraft, more.
$175 - sold
62photos  - AFRIKAKORPS Grouping - 15 Panzer Division
81 photos of a soldier's service in the AFRIKAKORPS. Tropical uniforms in wear, portraits, troops in African towns, knocked out tanks, desert positions, vehicles in the desert, 15 Panzer Division emblems, more.
$145 - sold
63 photos - FALLSCHIRMJAEGER Photo & Document Grouping
55 photos and more form the same paratrooper. Comes with two Medic ID's, bullion medic sleeve insignia, Feldpost, medic training book and a nice selection of photos including FK jump smocks, FJ helmets, MP 40, winter camo, FJ badges, portraits, original Hitler photo and more.
$625 - sold
64photos - AFRIKAKORPS POW Grouping - Canada
Nice grouping of an AFRIKAKORPS POW serving time in Canadian POW camps. Original DRK issue POW diary! Contains several nice pieces of original artwork he did in the camps. portrait photos of the man in uniform as well as in POW camp, group photos, more.
$335 - sold
65 photos - POLIZEI Document Grouping - Poland - NICE!
Very nice document grouping named to Polizeimeister Alois HIPPER. Comes with his original NSDAP Membership book with great photo of him in Polizei uniform, original NSDAP Ausweis fÜr Politische Leiter indicating he is serving as Block and Marschblockleiter and on reverse, Unterabteilungsleiter and also Schulungsleiter! (uncommon to find in groupings), original Luftschutz Medal 2nd Class award document (large formal version) issued when he served in ZIGENHALS (Głuchołazy Poland, congratulation letters on his 25th year anniversary of service from Polizei commanders in Poland where atrocities against Jews occurred including Zawiercie/Warthenau, Sudetenland medal award document, promotion document from HIMMLER promoting him to SS-UntersturmfÜhrer in 1939 , newspaper clipping about his SS promotion, his Hitler Jugend Dienstkarte, large official award document for 25 Year Polizei Service Medal, more!
66photos - Award Document Grouping - SILVER CLOSE COMBAT CLASP - 23. Panzer Division!
Great award document grouping named to Obergef Peter LINMER who served in Panzer Pionierbat. 51 of the 23 Panzer Division. Great grouping with his SILVER NAHKAMPHSPANGE award document awarded Oct 1943, Bronze NAHKAMPFSPANGE award document also awarded on same day (Very uncommon!), Iron Crossings FIRST Class with original signature 23. Panzer Division commander Generalleutnant Josef von Radowitz (RK+EL winner) awarded April 16, 1945(!!), Iron Cross Second Class awarded March 1943 with signature 23 Panzer Division commander General der Panzertruppen Nikolaus von Vormann (RK winner), General Assault Badge with original signature Bail commander, Ostmedaille, several photos and more.
67photos  - FELDPOST Grouping - Infanterie-Divisions-Nachrichten-Abteilung 295 - STALINGRAD UNIT!
Feldpost grouping of man who served in Infanterie-Divisions-Nachrichten-Abteilung 295 which was destroyed at STALINGRAD!
$125- sold
68 photos -  Gebirgsjaeger Photo Case in original mailing carton
69photos - WWI SOLDBUCH & Militärpass Grouping
six original pieces including a harder to find Marine issue.
$110 - sold
70photos - Luftwaffe FLAK Photo Album - Flak Abt 51 - BOMBING of ROME 1943
Huge album with apps 250+ photos. Contains many excellent photos of 88cm Flak and other Flak cannons. Also rare photos of 1943 Flak positions outside ROME with Italian soldiers, photos of Allied first bombing on Rome on July 19, 1943, then another Allied bombing raid on Aug 13, 1943, well captioned. Many photos missing.
$375 - sold
71photos - SA BROWNSHIRT Photo Album - Rare!
Rare original SA issue photo album. Contains may good images of SA troops in uniform, also SS portrait and HJ photos, more.
$225 - sold
Very rare original report on OPERATION BINGO. This particular one was issued to the 340th Bomb Group.
$120- sold

73 photos -  US WWII Blue Devils Association Material
Very nice grouping of Blue Devils veteran membership material including an ID card and other "swag." Sent May 1946 with wartime stamp. Very nice!
74 photos - WWII German Map and more Dealer's Lot
$125- sold
75 photos - German Photo Album - Bombing of DUREN- HÜRTGEN FOREST
Very large album, officially recording the Allied bombing of Duren, Germany on Nov 16, 1944. The city of Düren was located on the main fighting front during the Allied invasion of Germany in World War II. During 1944 and 1945, the protracted and bloody Battle for Hürtgenwald was fought on Düren's district area, and on November 16, 1944, Düren was completely destroyed by Allied air bombings. Approximately 22,000 people lived in Düren at that time, and 3,000 of them died during the bombing.
76photos -  Third Reich Magazine Grouping - Dealer's Lot
$40 - sold
77 photos -  RARE Czech Nazi Party Banner Grouping - RARE!
Wartime originals!
78. photos - PROPAGANDA LEAFLET Grouping
Rare grouping of original wartime propaganda leaflets. From one collection. Includes the Eisenhower Safe Conduct Passerschein.
- sold
79. photos - BERLIN AIRLIFT Operation VITTLES Grouping - Nice!
RARE collection of very desirable items from a Berlin Airlift pilot. Comes with Berlin Airlift calendar with cards still inside, group of nice photos, Operation Vittles card, the pilot's Templehof ID cards, and Christmas/New Years card.