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30.  photos -   German FEMALE Luftwaffe HELFERIN Photo Album
55 photos. All from the same woman serving as a Luftwaffe Blitzmädel.
$100- sold

31.  photos - Luftwaffe Photo Album - Pilot
133 photos. JU 52 planes in flight, on airfield, other LW aircraft, group photos, ceremonies, Standard & Fahnentraeger, portraits, pilots in flight gear, crashed planes, cockpit photos, more.
$110 - sold

32.  photos - German Army Photo Album - France Campaign - Nice!
197 photos. KO Maginot Line bunkers, many great images of FRENCH TANKS, Krads, destroyed French towns and villages, bunkers built like houses, KO French armored vehicles, KIA French soldiers, captured French materiel, French artillery, French road signs, crashed planes, refugees, graves, railway cannons, the man later in a Panzer unit wearing panzer uniform, more. nice album!
$385 - sold
33.  photos -   Luftwaffe Bordbuch & Research File on British Gypsy Major airplane
$100 - sold

34.  photos -   German Army Photo Grouping - 93. inf. Division - France & Russia Campaigns - 500+ photos!
587 photos (!). Many captioned on reverse. Man served in Pioneer Batl 193 of the 93. inf Division. Wide variety of images - Krads, Tanks, award ceremonies in the field, French tanks, Maginot Line defense, French towns, trench positions, battle field photos, crashed planes, crashed planes, French soldiers just captured, French road signs, good battle field photos - explosions, identified French towns, graves, Me 109, portraits, Russian POWs, Russian tanks, more. nice group!
$435 - sold

35.  photos -    German Luftwaffe Photo Grouping - PILOT - KRETA!
315 photos. Many captioned on reverse, Pilot in cockpit in flight, He 111 aircraft, crew photos, planes in flight, medals in wear, photos from Greece, photos taken over KRETA during the invasion, photos form Sicily, gliders on Kreta, great photo of ship victories painted on tail of their HE 111, and more.
$375 - sold

36.  photos -  Period framed Photo - Polizei SA Sports Competition
$40 - sold

37.  photos -  German Army Photo Grouping - Russia Campaign
98 photos. Graves, Russian Tanks, KIA Russian soldiers, vehicles, destroyed towns and cities, KO Russian tanks and KIA crews, vehicles, British tanks, more.
$145 - sold
38.  photos -   German Army Photo Album - Inf Rgt 60
79 photos. Well captioned. Reichswehr service starting in 1931, artillery and Inf Geschuetz cannons, Berlin parades, high ranking Generals and Rudolf HESS, MG 08 crews in the field, 1937 maneuvers.
$110 - sold

39.  photos -   Panzer Photo Album
84 photos of a Panzer soldier. Nice Panzer IV long barrel, photos taken from optics on Panzer, Good Black panzer wrapper photos, medals in wear, more.
$120 - sold

40.  photos - Waffen-SS Feldpost Grouping
all form the same man in SS-Grenadier-Regiment Deutschland
$100 - sold

41photos  - German Army Letters and Diary - Inf Rgt 28
$80 - sold

42 photos - US WWII Photo Album - 82nd Airborne - Crashed LW Planes
150 photos of an 82nd AB soldier late war and also during German occupation. Good images of late war Luftwaffe aircraft including FW 190, gliders, destroyed German towns and cities, more
$375 - sold

43 photos - Commemorative Album - Bridge Cernavoda
Commemorative album concerning building of Bridge over the Donau at Cernavoda, Romania.

44 photos - British Engineer Photo Album - The Netherlands
Bridge building unit in the Netherlands. Also comes with Dutch notices and other interesting booklets
$100 - sold

Man served in various Flak units before being transferred to SS-Totenkopf-Sturmbann "Mittelbau." This was the ultra secret slave labor based V-Weapons factory Mittlewerke near Nordhausen.

46photos - WAFFEN-SS WEHRPASS425
Man served in various SS units including SS Inf Rgt 6 (mot of the 6th SS Mountain Division Nord. Combat in Finland.
$385 - sold

47 photos - German Luftwaffe Photo Album - Kampfgeschwader 26
144 photos. Nice content! MANY GREAT aircraft photos, Fieseler Storch, Me 109 photos - one with JG 52 emblem, He 111, bombs being loaded, cockpit photos, French towns, French aircraft, and more. very nice album!
$425 - sold

48photos - US WWII Bell Aircraft Official Technical Album and Reports on P-63 & P-59 Airplanes
99 photos. Interesting content. From Bell Aircraft.
$275 - sold
49photos -  Army Photo Album - POLAND Campaign + France.
119 photos. Polish POWs, Halftracks and artillery, burning Polish villages, graves, portraits, photos from Paris, destroyed French towns, more
$185 - sold

50 photos - US WWII Photo Album - JAGDTIGER, He 219
131 photos. All from member of a Signals unit. Photos from Corsica, Sardinia, advance into Germany and Austria. Contains two photos of a JAGDTIGER and a LW He 219 as well as other LW aircraft. Well captioned.
$335 - sold

51photos - US Navy WWII Photo Album/Scrapbook - Good Combat Photos
Named to Seebee WO Ernest E. Gorman. Original photos, many hand written captions, press photos, ephemera from his service, photos of captured Japanese equipment, KIA Japanese soldiers, combat photos, good aircraft photos, original citations - one directly from Admiral Halsey, more.

52photos - Luftwaffe Document Grouping - Fighter PILOT
Grouping of a LW Pilot, Lt. Herbert PÖPEL. Flight Licenses - qualified on the Ju 52 and JU 88, Si 204 and others. Pilots Badge award document, flight instructor documents, and more. Appears he served as a fighter pilot late in the war with JG 102 and EJG 2 and JG 53, according to his service history. Also comes with several Bierzeitungen
$285 - sold

53photos - Huge Research/Testing Reports on the Grumman F6F from MIT
Report on the Construction and Testing of a high speed flutter model of the Gruman F6F done at MIT, there volumes. Done in Jan 1945 and declassified in 1948.
$150 - sold

54photos -  Army Photo grouping - Standard + Tanks
34 photos. Good Standarte & Fahnenträger photos, KO Russian tanks +
$65 - sold

55 photos - Mixed Third Reich Photo Group
36 photos.
$35 - sold

56 photos - German Army Photo Album
195 photos. Many cavalry photos, parades, weapons, maneuvers, vehicles, artillery, field kitchens, portraits, medals and more
$135 - sold

57 photos  - Australian WWII press Photo Grouping
90 photos. Japanese KIA, combat, Montgomery in North Africa, captured DAK General, hanging, more.
$150 - sold

58 photos - US GI Photo Grouping - Captured LW Aircraft
$100 - sold

59a photos  - JAEGER Photo Grouping - SNIPER
GJ unit photographer grouping of a Jaeger unit. Several photos of a sniper rifle in use in the field.
$250 - sold

59b photos  -  2x Kriegsmarine Photo Album & Feldpost Grouping
300 + photos. Well captioned. Photos from his training, service on the Köln's word cruise, officers, many identified locations, other identified warships,
Destruction of the Deutschland, HITLER at funeral of the Deutschland's crew, more.
$345 - sold

60photosGerman this Reich Photo Grouping
Planes, Tanks, SNIPER RIFLE (private photo), more.
$140 - sold

61photosLuftwaffe NIGHT FIGHTER Bordfunkerschein
$90 - sold

62photos  - Luftwaffe Construction Maintenance File for the Ju 87
Original factory file from 1938, Nice!

63 photos - Gebirgsjaeger Photo Album - Russia Campaign - Good Combat Content
298 photos of a mountain troop unit. Portraits, GJ gear, destroyed tons and cities, Krads, ceremonies, graves, POWs, vehicles, field bivouacs, STUGs, refugees, Russian tanks, GJ KNIGHTS CROSS WINNERs, females Russian POWs, gruesome KIA photos, bunkers, more. Great album
$385 - sold

64photos - GEBIRGS POLIZEI Photo Album - Greece
115 photos. Nice photos of aGebirgsjaeger Polizei unit.
$195 - sold

65 photos German Army Photo Grouping - France & Russia Campaigns
300+ photos. Many captioned on reverse. Big grouping! Brads, combat in Russia, graves, tanks, Flak cannons, troops interacting with locals, Russian aircraft, tanks, vehicles, POWs, panzer crews, convoys, medals in wear, more.
$335 - sold

66photos - Luftwaffe FLUGBUCH
Nice original hardback Luftwaffe Flugbuch. 300+ flights recorded through march 1945. Many various planes flown.
$120 - sold

67photos  - Luftwaffe Photo Album - PILOT
90 photos. Well captioned. Many good aircraft photos starting in 1926. Balloons, funeral of crashed KIA pilot, very nice Me 109 photo, more.
$145 - sold

68 photos - 2x Luftwaffe Photo Album Grouping - Do 17 Crew - Poland + France
295 photos of a Do 17 bomber crew member who served in Nahaufklärungsgruppe 1. Starts with the man's service in the Poland Campaign, many identified locations in Poland, Many good aircraft photos, Me109 images, crashes, Ju 87 Stukas, Polish aerodromes, photos taken from his Do 17 in flight, bombs being loaded, panzers, Polish refugees, destroyed Polish towns, Polish artillery, nice photo of Panzer II on tow trailer, crew graves, large aerial recon photos, good photos from the France Campaign mission celebrations, of 1940, photos taken in cockpit in flight, French bunkers, captured French munitions, french Tanks, Panzers, several goof Ju 87 photos, ends with him serving in a FW 189 crew, more. Great grouping!
$465 - sold

69photosUS WWII Navy Photo Album - Sea Rescue Plane Crew
Nice hand make wooden. leather and hand painted album. Destroyed Japanese weapons and materiel, wounded being treated on boat, Japanese POWs, ships natives, sea rescue planes in flight, Nose Art, more.
$165  - sold

70photos - Rare Original Luftwaffe Aircraft Manuals - He 177, Ju 86 +
Rare Original Luftwaffe Aircraft Manuals including Ju 86 stoke and the rare He 177 Greif !!
$120 - sold

71photosGerman Army Photo Lot - CHOLM !
38 photos of a soldier in the Cholm Kessel. Great battle photos, drop containers being opened, Russian tanks, winter camp, trench photos, supply drops, more! Rare photos!
$225 - sold

72photos - AFRIKAKORPS Panzer Negative Grouping
30 original negatives and modern prints made from them. Great photos from Africa of Panzers, gear tropical uniforms, desert bivouacs, captured British armored cars with german markings, and more!
$350 - sold

73 photosGerman Balloon Photo Grouping
$145 - sold

74 photos - Luftwaffe Photo Grouping

75 photos - WWII US Fighter PILOT Photo Album
Great P-47, P-51 and P-39 photos, photo of the man in a captured Fw 190 with US markings, damaged FW 190 in destroyed hangar, captured FW 200 condor images, British aircraft, more.
$335 - sold

76photos -  Canadian WWI Photo and Document Grouping
Dat H'Ampire H'air Train Plan book and a postcard album, other photos and letters.
 - sold

77 photos - WWII British Photo & Map Grouping - V-2 Attacks
Map of Pence with markings of V-1/2 attacks. Group photo.
$45 - sold

78. photos - Army Photo Grouping - Nurnberg Rally
148 photos. Various content. France, Russia & Italy Also photos from a Nurnberg Rally.
$100 - sold

79. photos - US WWII Photo Grouping - German & Luxembourg
US GI photo grouping. Content from Germany & Luxembourg. Many captioned on reverse side.
$65 - sold

80. photos - WWII CHURCHILL Press photo Grouping
$150 - sold

81.  photos - FELDPOST Grouping
Huge lot of Feldpost.
$100 - sold

82. photos - Allied WWI & WWII Photo Group
WWI aircraft, WWII soldiers, more
$90 - sold

83.  photos - Army Photo Grouping - RUSSIA
48 photos. bunkers, trenches, camo, artillery, more
$40 - sold

84. photos - US Navy Photo Grouping - USS MISSOURI
Nice grouping from a sailor who served on the USS Missouri. Good photos and original ship ephemera.
$250 - sold

85.  photos - US GI Photo Grouping - Alps
Grouping of photos of a US GI with photos from the Austrian Alps.
$80 - sold

86. photos -  WWII US Gi Photo Grouping - Italy, Greece
200 photos.
$80 - sold

87.  photos - US GI Photo Album - Berchtesgaden
Good photos from Berchtesgaden