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1.  photos -  German Army Photo Album - Artillerie Regiment 70 - France Campaign 1940
85 photos. Good photos of French TANKS, artillery positions in the field, bunker positions, MG, French road signage, Zwillingssockel MG 34 Wagen, horses and wagons, victory parades and celebrations, hospital recovery, vehicles, more.
2.  photos - German Army Photo Album - France Campaign 1940
216 photos. Well captioned. Photos of girlfriends in bathing suits, portrait photos, identified locations in France, Battle photos of attack on Fort BOUCELLES (LIEGE), crashed French aircraft, French POWs, motorcycles and other vehicles, captured French motorcycles from Arras, KO British tanks, photos form DUNKIRK, French Tanks, photos from BREST, more.
3.  photos  -   German Military Band Photo Album
12 photos. Large format.
$60 - sold

4.  photos -  German Army Photo Album - 5. Infanterie Division - France Campaign - Nice!
197 photos of man who served in Panzer Jaeger Abt 5 of the 5 Inf Division. Well captioned. Good quality images. Many identified locations, destroyed French towns and cities, vehicles, French POWs, French roadblocks, Artillery cannons, river crossings, good images of French TANKS, PAK cannons, French aircraft, captured French Aerodrome, PAK cannons, captured French artillery, POW camp, good images of the unit at the demarcation line with Vichy France, good photos German troops in Fort L'Ecluse, and more. Great album!
$425 - sold

5.  photos -   German Army Photo Album - Artillery Unit - Russia Campaign
180 photos of a man in Artillerie Abt 777. Postcards, portraits, Tannenburg, vehicles, halftracks, artillery cannons, officers, ceremonies, motorcycles, vehicle emblems, bunkers, destroyed towns and cities, more.

6.  photos - FÜHRERHAUPTQUARTIER Photo Album - Rare!
Rare wedding album of a man wearing FÜHRERHAUPTQUARTIER AND General GÖRING cufftitles! Also wearing LW Hermann Goering Division collar tabs. Named to WALTER KEMMANN. Also wedding invitations and other ephemera identifying him as being in the FHQ!

7.  photos - RAF Photo Album - STIRLING Bomber Crew Member
45 photos. Great photos of the man serving in a Stirling bomber crew. Crew photos crew in flight gear, nose art on their bomber, plate in flight, Queen mother visiting their base, more.

8.  photos -   Luftwaffe Photo Album - Good Aircraft Photos - France Campaign
212 photos. Nice portrait photo of the man wearing Spanish Cross, French tanks, photos of his unit in Paris, crashed French and British aircraft, captured Allied airplanes, crashed Luftwaffe He 111 bombers, destroyed French towns and cities, damaged aircraft recovery operations, Do 17 airplanes, Ju 52 planes, quartered in French hotels, graves, French tankettes used as service vehicles, more.
- sold

9.  photos - German Army Photo Album - Infanterie Regiment 16
117 photos. Man was in IR 16. Well captioned. Starts with his early service in 1933. Unit photos, ceremonies, parades, weapons, mounted troops, bicycle infantry, identified officers, maneuvers, original photo of HITLER reviewing the unit, more.
$145 - sold

10.  photos - German Army Photo Album - Poland, France
151 photos. Well captioned. Starts with his RAD service, then Poland and France Campaigns, French tanks, destroyed French towns and cities, Jews in Opatow, troops in Paris, French POWs, artillery, mounted troops, Russian locals, graves, trenches, burning villages, more.
$245 - sold

11.  photosThird Reich Era Book - Flak An Rhein Und Ruhr
Published 1942

12.  photosThird Reich Era Book - Hans Lisa Sketchbook
Original wartime Hans Lisa Sketchbook. One of the best art related books Ade during the war.
$85 - sold

13.  photos - Third Reich Era Book - Kriegsweihnacht 1939

14.  photos - Army Photo Album - France Campaign
145 photos. Many captions, Grenade practice, mounted troops, many identified locations, French roadsigns, French tanks, motorcycles, vehicles with unit emblems, destroyed French columns, panzers, more.

15.  photos -  German Luftwaffe Photo Album - France & Russia Campaigns
180 photos. Well captioned. Many identified locations Good images of ju 87 Stukas, He 111 airplanes, Ju 88 planes, photos from Trouville, Le Harve and Etretat, Panzers in Russia, harsh Russian winter conditions, more.

16.  photos -   Hitler Jugend Photo Album - Landjahr
HJ album from boy's Landjahe service. Nice artwork, HJ uniforms, Landjahr insignias, extensive diary entries, photos form his time visiting Danzig and more.
$185 - sold

17.  photos -   Luftwaffe & NSFK Photo Album
128 photos. Starts with his NSFK service in 1934, good NSFK uniform photos, then LW service, photos from Poland and more

18.  photos  WWII RAF Photo Album - Yemen
135 photos. Good aircraft photos, medal ceremonies, base life, crashes, postcards, many photos from his time stationed in ADEN, Yemen, ephemera, more.

19.  photos -    Kriegsmarine LOGBOOKS - Cruiser EMDEN and Sailship Leo Schlageter
Good cruise books from his time on these two ships
$225 - sold

20.  photos  US WWII Air Corps Photo Album - Far East
85 photos. Portraits, photos from China 1945, aircraft, vehicles, more.

21.  photos -  British WWII Photo Album - Officer Cadet Training Unit (OCTU)
70 photos. Vehicles, photos from his college days, Officer Cadet Training Unit (OCTU) training in Wouldham, unit photos, more.

22.  photos -   British Woman's WWII Photo Album
Named to Dorothy Ames, Lots of ephemera and clippings, letters, drawings, soldier portraits, more.

23.  photos -   US Woman's WWII Photo Album - Red Cross
200 photos. Photos from her time in Tufts University, swimsuit photos,
Making Russian war relief packages, dig other Red Cross work, soldier & pilot photos, more
$80 - sold

24.  photos -   British Army WWII Photo Album0 Queens Own West Kent KIA 1944
60 photos. Named to Wilfred Cannon who served in the Queens Own West Kent Regiment. He was KIA in Italy in 1944. Photos form North Africa and Egypt, tanks,, barracks life, portrait, more.

25.  photos -    British Army Photo Album - Holland, Germany
80 photos. Tanks, vehicles formation, photos from Amsterdam and other locations in Holland, also photos occupations Germany.

26.  photos -   US WWII NAVAL Photo Album
75 photos in original cardboard case. Well captioned. portraits, show girls, menus and other ephemera, more
$70 - sold

27.  photos  US WWI Aviation Photo Album
120 photos. Good portals with early aviators wings in wear, good aircraft photos, camp images, newspaper clippings, sea planes, insignias ,General Pershing, more.
$335 - sold

28.  photos -  German Army Photo Album and Award Document Grouping - 25. Panzer Grenadier Division - RUSSIA
140 photos. Well captioned - diary like entries. Comes with his Ostmedaille award document. He served in the Nachrichten Abt. of the 25. Panzer Grenadier Division. Motorcycles, unit emblems on vehicles, Hand drawn maps, KO Russian armored vehicles, Russian POWs, Panzerspahwagens, bunker positions, battlefield view from trenches, great photo of vehicle camo, more.

29.  photos  German WWII Photo Album
90 photos. In a WWI type album. graves, troop movements, postcards, portraits, parades, more.
- sold

30.  photos German Army Photo Album
80 photos. Graves, troops in harsh winter conditions, vehicle columns, motorcycles, winter camo, medals, captured Russian rocket launchers, Russian T34 tanks, troops interacting with Russian locals, destroyed Russian towns, field bivouacs, more.
- sold

31.  photos - Luftwaffe Photo Album - Many Aircraft Photos - Aircraft Recovery Unit
99 photos. Me 109 fighters, aircraft on transport, photos from Poland, many pane crashes, Ju 87 Stukas, planes with Staffel emblems, Me 110, Ju 17, captured French aircraft including an Auto Giro, more.
- sold

32.  photos - German Luftwaffe Photo Album
85 photos. Well captioned. Portraits, vehicles, Krim Shields in wear, artillery, ,motorcycles, VW Kubelwgen, troops in harsh Russian winter conditions, more.
33.  photos -  Luftwaffe Photo Album - Good Aircraft Images
137 photos. RAD service, Parades, Fahnentraeger, nice studio portraits, aircraft photos, more.

34.  photos -   German Luftwaffe Photo Album - France Campaign
78 photos. Vehicles, destroyed French towns and cities, photos from Belgium, photos from Chartres, crashed French airplanes, photos from Paris, Refugees, French tanks, French POWs on the march, portraits, more.

35.  photos -   German Army Photo Album - France, Balkans & Russia
123 photos. Well captioned. Ceremonies, vehicles, portraits, photos from Leningrad, Stalino, Kiev and other locations, more.

36.  photos -  Army Photo Album
70 photos in an original wooden album he brought back from Poland. Destruction, artillery, river crossings, refugees, portraits, post war visit to Dachau, more.
- sold
37.  photos -  Army Photo Album - France, Balkans, Greece
100 photos. Photos from Saloniki Greece, graves, vehicle, destruction, refugees, French POWs, POW camp, photos from Paris, more.
38.  photos -    German Document Grouping

39.  photos -   Mixed Third Reich Album & Photo Groupings - Dealer Lot - Army, Waffen-SS, Theodor OSTERKAMP +
Dealer's lot of albums and photo groupings, Apps seven separate lots including some SS photos with several good portraits and small grouping from WWI and WWII Fighter Ace Theodor OSTERKAMP. Also comes with a FLUGBUCH, some Luftwaffe Navigation books and more.
- sold

40.  photos - US & British WWII Dealer's Lot of Photo Groupings
Appx 4-5 separate lots. 98th Bomb Group photo grouping, US Nurse, Pacific theater groupings and more.

41photos - Pilots Flight Log Book - B-25 Pilot - North Africa & Sicily
Flight log book of a B-25 pilot. Combat flights in North Africa. Should be easy to research
- sold

42 photos - Japanese WWII Photo Grouping

43 photos - Mixed WWII Photo & Document Lot
British, German, Italian, etc.

44 photos - British WWII Photo & Album Grouping
Mixed grouping including one photo album.

45 photos  - WWII Female Nurse Photo Album - England, France
Well captioned. Apps 200 photo. Photos from the US then stationed in England, great color photos, then stationed in France, good photos from Paris, German POWs, destruction, photos from Luxembourg, more. nice album
- sold

46photos - British Female WWII Photo Album + More
well captioned. Good photos of her in uniform, portraits, identified locations, also other photo groupings. more.

47 photos - US WWII Photo Album - Italy
100 photos. Well captioned photo album of a US soldier's WWII service. Starts in Rome, also photos of Germany, identified personnel, Jeeps, German girlfriends in swimsuits, US tanks and more.

48photos - US WWII Mixed Album Grouping - German Panzers+
Mixed lot of three different groupings.  One Pacific theater and two European.
49photos - US WWII Pacific Theater Photo Album
Appx 200 photos.  Well captioned. Good combat content from the Pacific Theater.
- sold

50 photos - 2x Photo Album Grouping- ARTILLERY - France Campaign - Nice!
240 photos. Well captioned. Many identified locations including ST LO, Toul and others, vehicles, motorcycles, artillery, graves, cavalry, field bivouacs, halftracks, France POWs, BUNKERS, photos from LUXEMBOURG, photos from BELGIUM, MG, bicycle infantry, more.

51photos - German Army Photo Album - HOLLAND, Poland
63 photos. Well captioned. Photos date to 1944. Content from Holland as well as LODZ (Litzmanstadt) Poland. more.

52photos - 2x German Army Photo Album Grouping - France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, Russia
160 photos, many missing but still great content. Well captioned. Content from France, Belgium, Luxembourg 1940. Identified locations, crashed French planes, artillery, destroyed towns and villages, French POWs in forced labor, motorcycles, French refugees, captured French vehicles and weapons, graves, photos from Lodz and Kostki Poland, Russian campaign content and more!

53photos - US WWII Photo Album - AIR CORPS - Pacific Theater - 8th Bomb Squadron
300 photos of a man in the 8th Bomb Squadron. In a large leather album. Portraits, aircraft, vehicles, good aircraft and crew images, plane maintenance, portraits, captured Japanese materiel, KIA Japanese soldiers, good photos of Japanese POWs and officers, Good Nose Art images, USO show images, more!
- sold

54photos - US WWII Photo Album - Air Corps
Original WWII photos and paperwork of Harold SLUTZKER. Typed service history, an many other documents and ephemera from his service.

55 photos - 3x US WWII Photo Album & Scrapbook Grouping
Three albums from serviceman David PAWOROZNEK. One contains original photos from his service, one has newspaper clippings and the other is filled with wartime pinups.
- sold

56 photos - US WWII Photo Album
150 photos. Named to Lee SCHULER. Comes with two Medic armbands, original paperwork, many captions, France liberation parades, good portraits, original field hospital newspapers, tanks, and more.

57 photos  -  US BLACK Soldier Photo Album
Appx 100 photos. Many good portraits, foreign currency he brought back, and more

58 photos -   US Coast Guard WWII Photo Album - USS Spencer
Photo album of a coast guard sailor on the USS Spencer. Hard to find. Named to John FISH. photos at sea, nice portraits, ship's log, Shelllback certificate and ID card , Discharge, and more.

59 photos  - German Army Officer Photo Album Grouping
Appx 30 photos plus very nice hand carved wood cover for the second
- sold

60photos - US WWII Photo Album
Appx 100 photos. Starts with him in France, then trip to southern France, then ship home. Many captions.
- sold

61photos - British WWII WREN Photo Grouping
Appx 200 photos of a British WREN.

62photos  - German WWII BDM Photo Grouping - ITALY
Appx 200 photos. Nice photos of a BDM unit's trip to Italy. Interesting uniform content. Ceremonies with Italian Facists.
- sold

63 photos - British RAF WWII Photo Album - Pilot
Appx 100 photos. Named to PW Walker, pilot in the RAF. Photos from Italy, gliders, interesting photos of a rations show in 1945, good images of planes in flight, more.

64photos - WWII South African Photo Album - 6th Armored Division - Nice!
Appx 100 photos of soldier who served in the 6th South African Armored Division. Photos form MONTE CASSINO, visiting Pompeii, vehicles, photos from SALERNO, visiting Rome, destroyed German materiel in Italy, Italian-Swiss Border, French girlfriends,
photos taken from a KIA German soldier, two photos of German soldiers marching partisans off to be executed, one photo of an Italian Facist showing severed head of a partisan, Mussolini after being killed. Great album!
- sold