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95.   Award Document Grouping - PANZER LEHR DIVISION - Wounded in Normandy!
Great grouping named to Feldwebel Herbert EHRENTHAL who served in Panzer Gren Lehr Regt 901 of the PANZER LEHR DIVISION! His award documents include Wound Badge in SILVER awarded JUNE 12, 1944 (!!) for wounds received in NORMANDY, defense of CAEN, on that date! Iron Cross Second Class for service with 5./Panzer Lehr Rgt. 901 with original signature 19th Panzer Division division commander Generalleutnant Gustav Schmidt. The regiment was initially subordinated to the 19th Division. Schmidt's is an uncommon signature as her committed suicide to avoid capture, Beresowka, 7 August 1943. Panzer Assault Badge (undesignated) for France Campaign service with the 6. Panzer Division with original signatWEst Wall Award Document, original signature General der Panzertruppe Werner Kempf (RK + Oakleaves). Black Wound Badge warded for service in the POLAND Campaign with Schuetzen Rgt 4. Also comes with a binder full of documents related to his service through post war service as a Police and customs officer. Also comes with a number of photos.