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19.   Woman's YWCA Worker WWI Photo Album - AMAZING!
MASSIVE full leather album of a female YWCA worker stationed overseas during WWI. Named to Helen Martha Price. The album would have been significantly expensive at the time. All privately bound and embossed. Comes with numbers period newspaper clippings about her and her service, many original documents, she spent much time in KOBLENZ and there are many photos from there. She shared as billeting secretary for the YWCA. Interesting images of YWCA uniforms and insignia. Also comes with herID documents, many pieces of WWI ephemera, her Passport, many photos of her with soldiers, photos from England, original photos of GENERAL PERSHING, GENERAL ALLEN, portrait photos, aircraft and crews, in the back of the album are very nice large photos with many high personalities, all identified on typewritten sheets, Gernal LEJUNE, Sec Navy DANIELS, GENERAL AULTMAN, GENERAL LIGGITT, GENERAL NEVILLE, GENERAL MARSCHALL, and more. Great piece of history!