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43   Aviazione Legionaria LEGION CONDOR SPANISH CIVIL WAR - Italian PILOT - RARE!!
This is a VERY special album from an Italian pilot serving in the Aviazione Legionaria during his time fighting in the SPANISH CIVIL WAR! The Legionary Air Force (Italian: Aviazione Legionaria, Spanish: Aviación Legionaria) was an expeditionary corps from the Italian Royal Air Force. It was set up in 1936 and sent to provide logistical and tactical support to the Nationalist faction after the Spanish coup of July 1936 marked the onset of the Spanish Civil War.
Contains 236 original photos. Filled with photos of Italian aircraft with Legion Condor. Great images of planes in flight, dropping bombs on bombing missions, identified Spanish towns they were attacking, Italian pilots in uniform, high officers, medal award ceremonies, original photos of FRANCO, great images of camp paint scheme on Italian aircraft, personal aircraft emblems, photos taken in cockpit in flight, and more! Historically important content!