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85  POLIZEI Document Grouping - Poland - NICE!
Very nice document grouping named to Polizeimeister Alois HIPPER. Comes with his original NSDAP Membership book with great photo of him in Polizei uniform, original NSDAP Ausweis fÜr Politische Leiter indicating he is serving as Block and Marschblockleiter and on reverse, Unterabteilungsleiter and also Schulungsleiter! (uncommon to find in groupings), original Luftschutz Medal 2nd Class award document (large formal version) issued when he served in ZIGENHALS (Głuchołazy Poland, congratulation letters on his 25th year anniversary of service from Polizei commanders in Poland where atrocities against Jews occurred including Zawiercie/Warthenau, Sudetenland medal award document, promotion document from HIMMLER promoting him to SS-UntersturmfÜhrer in 1939 , newspaper clipping about his SS promotion, his Hitler Jugend Dienstkarte, large official award document for 25 Year Polizei Service Medal, more!