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1.     RAD Photo Album - WESTFELDZUG - BELGIUM & FRANCE - Nice!
183 photos of a RAD unit's field service during the France campaign 1940. Well captioned. Starts with man's service in the RAD. Good photos of him stationed in Belgium with visit of high RAD leaders to ANTWERP including RAD high commander HIERL, many identified locations MONS, LOEWEN, NOUVELLE. PERONNE, PONT LE BRIE, AMIENS, troops feeding Belgian children from their field kitchen, BELGIAN POWS marching through MONS, bicycle infantry, BELGIAN TANKS, knocked out French/Belgian tank columns, KIA French soldiers, crashed Fairey Battle airplanes, foxholes, Fieseler Storch airplanes, nice ME 109 photo, Ju 87, Ju 88, Italian airplane with Goofy insignia, more. Nice album!