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1.  WWII B-17 PILOT Grouping - 381st Bomb Group - Squadron Patch, Bomb Tags, Photo Album, Air Medal ++ TOP!
EXTENSIVE grouping to 381st BG, 535th BS B-17 pilot Capt. Ralph E. QUATRINE. He flew 35 combat missions from Sept 3, 1944 to Feb 3, 1945 - including OPERATION MARKET GARDEN!  Comes with his Visor cap, Garrison cap, three pairs wings, dog tags, engraved bracelet, SET OF SILK ESCAPE MAPS, flight headset, cold weather mittens, flight goggles, flight cap, ORIGINAL WARTIME Chenille SQUADRON PATCH and another as well, two plaques, cased air medal. ribbon bars, extra uniform insignia, English made 8th AF patch, and a fantastic photo album.scrapbook filled with original paperwork, original medal citations, SET OF ARMING PIN BOMB TAGS with mission details (Super!), hand written mission dairies, typed list of all mission flown, great photos of him in A2 wearing squadron patch, base life photos, great mission photos of planes in flight, bombs dropping, flak bursts, “little friend” P-47s escorting, crew photos, studio portraits, souvenirs he brought back from Belgium when he had to make an emergency landing there, ID cards, telegrams and more!  Super grouping!