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20. US WWII 8th Air Force Photo Album - 91st BOMB GROUP - SUPER!
One of the best 8th AF photo albums we have offered. There is a very interesting letter to General Jacob DEVERS (ETO commander) to 8th AF commander General Ira EAKER dated June 1, 1943. This may be from one of their estates. The album is filled with fantastic photos, all from the 91st Bomb group. The previous owner added the modern printed captions. The photos are all wartime and the paper “slugs” are included with man. Many are Air Ministry tamped on reverse. There are many excellent photos of IKE visiting the base, many identified personnel, photos of other personalities including General SPATZ, medal ceremonies, great Nose Art images, painted A-2 jackets, crew photos, portraits, bomb run photos, squadron patches in wear, base images, and more.