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4.   Army Photo Album - Westfeldzug 1940 - 22 Luftlande Division - HOLLAND - nice!
173 photos with many good photos from HOLLAND. He served in Inf Rgt 65 of the 22 Luftlande Division! Well captioned. Troops loading up for air transport to HOLLAND in the Westfeldzug 1940, destroyed aircraft, his transport Ju 52 crash landed in HOLLAND, SUPER photo of goops posing with locals and weapons in Dutch town of NAALDWIJK (also developed at town studio), DUTCH BUNKERS, vehicles, graves, troops marching in Dutch towns, funeral ceremonies in Holland, French tanks and armored cars, original photo of EBEN EMAEL FORTRESS, Belgian, French and Dutch POWS behind barbed wire, photos from Paris, and more! historically important album!!