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17.   THREE Album Grouping - Panzer Gren Rgt 12 - ADJUTANT - TOP!!!
300 photos of Oberlt. Ferdinand Buchele who was the Regimental Adjutant in P2 Gren Rgt 12. - starts with his HJ time - NlCE portraits, uniforms, parades, etc.then RAD (nice officer portrait), then Army. Nice portraits of the man, officers, Panzer uniforms, DKiG in wear, Many VERY good Sd.Kfz_ 251 SCHUTZENPANZERWAGEN photos (some of the best! have offered). camo painted vehicles, nice insignias painted on vehicles, many medals being worn including Army Flak Badge, Panzer Badge, DKiG, etc., KNIGHT‘S CROSS winners, officers reviewing maps, white came in wear,- captured AMPHI‘BI‘OUS Russian TANKS, CAMO UNIFORMS in wear, graves, many motorcycles, General wearing Knight's Cross, MANY photos of the man‘s grave,