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80.  US WWI Aero Squadron Photo Album & Document Grouping - 91st & 95th Aero Squadrons - TOP!
This is probably the best WWI US aviation album we have ever seen offered anywhere. 462 photos and numerous original documents named to Signal Officer Lt. Clyde YOUNG. Young served in the 91st, 94th and 95th Aero Squadrons. All comes in three original period albums, many with and written captions. Filled with amazing images go WWI aircraft - US, British and German. Super sharp images! great large unit photos with aircraft in the background, photos of unit emblems, identified personnel, original photos of famous pilots including BILLY MITCHELL, unit mascots, identified locations in France and Germany, photo section trailers and vehicles, aerial recon photos, great aerial photos showing air bases with planes in airfields, medal ceremonies, Christmas celebrations in the field, great photos of pilots in flight gear and in cockpits, French Chateaux and Churches used by US and German troops as HQ's, German POWS, crashed planes, original photos General PERSHING, photos from BREST, France, promotion documents, orders, receipts, training school documents, and more. Super lot!