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11.   Luftwaffe Photo Album & Document Grouping - Nachr. Rgt. NORWEGEN - Norway, Finland, Lappland
446 photos in an expensive hardback book type album. Filled with original photos, postcards and extensive ephemera from his wartime experiences. It appears that he kept almost every scrap of paper form his service. Combat photos from Narvik, troops interacting with locals, identified towns and cities, medal ceremonies, several original private photos of DIETL in the field, bunkers, destruction, field newspapers, pornography, and more! Also contains his award documents includingSudetenland Medal (LW version), rare Goldkordel zum Ärmeltätigkeitsabzeichen des Kraftfahrerpersonals der Luftwaffe award document, KVK2 (Luftgau Norwegen version), Ostmedaille award document, and also some items from his time in POW camp. Great extensive grouping.