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11.  US WWII 9th Air Force Photo Album - Operation VARSITY + Luftwaffe Airplanes + TIGER TANK
120 photos of a C47 pilot. Photos taken after dropping paratroopers during Operation Varsity, posing with British/Canadian paratroopers in front of their C47, great photo of makeshift nose art done by Canadian Paratroopers from 1st Canadian Para Bn., VE Day parades in Lille, good aircraft photos with nose art, British aircraft, USO shows, troops interacting with French locals, GIs wearing german helmets and caps, crashed Luftwaffe Aircraft, once nice photo of a Beutefluzeug - French D520 fighter plane with LW insignia, Me 109, nice photo of a TIGER tank, captured Fieseler Storch with emblem, planes in flight, more! Great album!