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92.   US WWII Photo Album - 90th Tough Ombre Division - Great Combat Photos!
SUPER photo album from Albert Edward DE MARTINO who served in the3 57th Infantry Regiment of the Tough Ombre Division. Comes with many original documents related to his service. Nice large color studio portraits, great photos of captured German armor during the Battle of the Bulge, KIA German soldiers, amazing photo of a KIA German soldier still sitting on a KETTENKRAD (!!), infantry moving through german towns, bunkers, Generals in the field, captured Panzer IV tank, Nebelwerfers, captured 8.8cm Flak cannons, vehicles, captured STUG III, troops posing with mommy guns, camp helmets in wear, KO Panther tank with KIA crew, German POWs just captured, troops posing with Nazi Flag, captured armored rocket launcher halftrack, and more. Rare images!