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69.    GROSSDEUTSCHLAND Officer Photo Album & Award Document Grouping - TOP!
Amazing complete grouping of Oberleutnant Friedrich HARTZ who served in Infanterie Regiment GROSSDEUTSCHLAND.  Comes with his award documents for Infantry Assault Badge with original signature regimental commander, Iron Cross Second Class with original signature 20 Inf Division commander & RK winner Generalleutnant Mauritz von Wiktorin, Wound Badge in Silver, Iron Cross FIRST CLASS dated April 1944 while serving with Füsilier Regiment GD with original signature Division commander Generalleutnant Hasso von Manteuffel  - RK + Swords and Diamonds winner (great signature!!), many pieces of original Feldpost, photo album with many very good photos starting with his service in Inf Rgt 69 then transfer to GROSSDEUTSCHLAND, great original portrait of DKIG winner Kohlhaas - later photos of his RK ceremony, Ludwig, great photos of GD insignias and cufftitles in wear, good battle photos in Russia, StuG III with GD insignia, later photos of him assigned to training HJ boys in 1944 after his last wounding, several original photos of HJ commander AXMANN,several good photos of Harz with GD commander Generalleutnant Walter Hörnlein (RK+OL winner), ends with photos of his Bundeswehr service. many other document from his service.