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30.   2x Photo Album Grouping - 45 Infanterie Division - Battle of KIEV - Great COMBAT Images!
Appx. 265 photos in two albums from the same man who served in the 45 Inf Division. Many photos are captioned on the reverse with good details.  Vehicles navigating mud bogged Russian roads, graves, Captured Russian soldiers with hands up, captured Russian tanks, German BISON Panzerjager tanks, truck mounted flak cannons, KIA Russian soldiers, plane crashes, motorcycles, original photos 45 ID commanders, burning Russian villages, many photos of battles around KIEV in summer 1941 , medals in wear,  KIA soldiers, photos of the unit fighting in the Pripet Marshes, huge numbers Russian POWs, medics treating wounded in the field, bicycle infantry, graves, great salty/weary infantry images, more!  Great grouping!