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29.   US Female Red Cross Nurse Officer Photo Album - DACHAU LIBERATION - Nice!
Large album with MANY photos of a Red Cross nurse.  Well captioned throughout. Starts with many photos from  Luxembourg in Dec, 1944, then photos from BASTOGNE (!) from Jan 30 to Feb 14, 1945 - great rare photos, good photos of German POWs, artillery crews in action,  German children, many good photos from NÜRNBERG, destruction in Igolstadt, CAPTURED GERMAN Photos (she indicates she "captured" them) - good images of German GENERALS, photos of DACHAU taken a "FEW DAYS AFTER LIBERATION" with prisoners still there - rare images!!, photos of tortured and killed SS Guards,  photos from the BERGHHOF and Berchtesgaden, photos of her visiting PARIS, and more. great album!