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55.  FIVE Photo Album Grouping - Same Soldier - 296 Infantry Division - TOP!
AMAZING huge FIVE album grouping containing 840 photos (!!) to the same soldier who served in the 519 infanterie Regiment of the 296 Infantry Division.  Filled with
great ephemera and mementoes (including rare Soviet propaganda leaflets)  of his service as well as meticulously captioned photographs!  Named to Unteroffizier Heinrich SPIEGEL.  Great front content, many identified locations - really reads as a diary of his service. Combat, vehicles, weapons, great salty infantry photos, foxholes. bunkers, winter camp, ski patrols, Russian tanks, KIA, also photos from the France campaign of 1940, armored trains UNIFORM INSIGNIA, soviet money, orders, portrait photos, photos from his Hitler Jugend service and more!  A rare find that has escaped the album-butchers’ hands!