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 71.   FALLSCHIRMJAEGER Photo Album - Balkans, Russia, ITALY, FRANCE
Named Paratrooper photo album to Karl DAMM who served in North Africa, Italy, Gran Sasso and Normandy.  Was captured by the Americans on June 12, 1944.  Portraits,  unit photos, parades, ephemera, paratrooper school training, good FJ uniform details, photo showing him identifying himself after jumping, photos of him in AFRIKA, nice photos of him in full jump kit including knee pads, gloves, rifle pouch, etc.,  many photos showing tropical uniforms in wear, many photos in identified locations in Italy, rare photos in France in Hedgerows (!!), phot of him awarded EK2 in the field, graves,  Las comes with items he possessed in Camp Forrest POW camp in Tennessee in clouding letter he sent home in Sept. 1944, nice lot!