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5.   Kriegsmarine Photo Album, SOLDBUCH & Award Document Grouping - NORWAY
133 photos. Named to Heinz ZERLING. Comes with his SOLDBUCH, award documents for Minesweeper badge with original signature Admiral Norwegian NordKueste, KV2 award document with original signature Admiral Otto von SCHRAEDER. - recipient of the Knight's Cross. As a U-boat commander during World War I, he was credited with the sinking of 57 ships for a total of 54,663 gross register tons (GRT), a further 6 ships damaged for a total of 52,333 GRT, including SS Justicia, and one ship of 336 GRT taken as a prize. Schrader was taken prisoner of war in Norway at the end of World War II. He committed suicide in Norwegian captivity on 19 July 1945. Also comes with Hitler jugged related documents, very interesting large sports competition award document for Marinestammabteilung "Norwegen" Oslo (first of these we have offered), large KVK2 award document for relative Kurt ZEIBIG serving as Reichsbahnsekretär in Berlin. Also documents relating to him serving as a translator while in captivity at war's end. Soldbuch is complete with all pages and uniform photo, served in Torpedoarsenal "Norwegen, stationed in Olso, Drontheim and also served on the Minenraunschiff "PARIS." Award entries, very well filled out. Photo album has 133 photos. Large unit photos, ship photos, good photos. Large photo of the MRS "Paris" in Norway, large photo of a U-Boat in Norway, nice studio portrait of the man wearing medals, identified locations and personnel, nice photo of the Kommandierener Admiral Norwegen sign, more U-Boat photos, and more. Nice grouping!