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5.  Army Photo Album - MEDIC - Inf Rgt 72 - DIARY - HOLLAND, BELGIUM, RUSSIA
336 photos. Nice album form man who served in Infantry Rgt 72 of the 46 Inf Division. Unit made album from Christmas 1940 with original signature company commander. Good printed details of the unit's actions and personnel. Portrait photos of the man including day of his EK2 award and IAB and also wearing Medic armband. Medical vehicles, identified locations in HOLLAND - ZWIJNDRECHT, DORDRECHT, ROTTERDAM, infantry marching through Dordrecht, destruction in Rotterdam, French TANKS, French POWS, French river crossing, artillery positions, photos from TOURS, then photos moving through the Balkans, graves in Russia, KIA Russian troops, medics carrying wounded in the field, photos from his time recovering in hospital, ends with history of his time in NORMANDY after D-Day! Great album!