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66.  Award Document Grouping - SILVER CLOSE COMBAT CLASP - 23. Panzer Division!
Great award document grouping named to Obergef Peter LINMER who served in Panzer Pionierbat. 51 of the 23 Panzer Division. Great grouping with his SILVER NAHKAMPHSPANGE award document awarded Oct 1943, Bronze NAHKAMPFSPANGE award document also awarded on same day (Very uncommon!), Iron Crossings FIRST Class with original signature 23 Panzer Division commander Generalleutnant Josef von Radowitz (RK+EL winner) awarded April 16, 1945(!!), Iron Cross Second Class awarded March 1943 with signature 23 Panzer Division commander General der Panzertruppen Nikolaus von Vormann (RK winner), General Assault Badge with original signature Bail commander, Ostmedaille, several photos and more.