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42  Army Photo Album - Army Doctor - Russia Campaign 
236 photos named to an Army doctor - Oberartz Dr. Richard BEYER.  Studio portraits, letter dated May 1945 concerning his Black Wound Badge was awarded for wounds received on May 3, 1945 and a photo of him received treatment on a leg injury. The Feldpost number on this document relates to Kommando 2. Panzer-Division, Begleitkompanie u. Feldgendarmerie-Trupp 82.  Christmas in the field, ceremonies, mounted troops, troop movements in Russia, Russian POWS, KIA Russian soldiers,  bicycle infantry, MG 34 crews in the field, Russian materiel captured, graves,  vehicles, officers, foxholes, burning Russian villages, MG 34 Zwillingssockel Wagons, more. Nice album.