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12.   FALLSCHIRMJAEGER Photo Grouping - KRETA - TOP!
150 photos, all from the same paratrooper who served in 2. Fallschirm Art. Abt!  Super content including great combat content from KRETA. Many excellent photos of FJ's in camo smocks, jump smocks, FJ helmets,MP 40s,  in flight before jumps,British soldier POWs on Kreta, photos of very salty looking FJ's on Kreta, wounded FJ's, several good photos of FJ's with KETTENKRADS in the field,  unit graves on Kreta, great original private photos of KURT STUDENT in the field wearing RK, captured British tanks on Kreta, FJ's in winter camo in Russia, other RK winner FJ's, fantastic photo of FJ's in foxholes in the field with MP 40 and egg grenades, crash landed planes on Kreta, FJ graffiti on trains, photos of FJ's jumping on Kreta, panzers in Russia, wedding ceremonies w FJ in helmet and medals, and more.  Fantastic grouping!