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98.   US WWII Bronze Star Grouping - Historically Important - First Allied Radio contact w/ Russians & 700 Germans Surrender
Historically important grouping to Jewish 6th Armored Division soldier Sgt. Alexander BALTER.  He served in Combat Command "A" HQ Co.  His fascinating exploits included being the FIRST Allied soldier to make radio contact with the Russians as well as using his mastery of the German language to induce over 700 German to surrender - some through negotiation, some through clever manipulative ruses!  Also important is his detailed affidavit he compiled and submitted to the War Crimes Commission in May 1945 through interviews he made with prisoners at BUCHENWALD Concentration Camp.  It lists the immediate family members executed in Riga, Latvia by the SS and Latvian volunteers, those he interviewed at Buchenwald, and the names and descriptions of those who committed the atrocities. Comes with his original PURPLE HEART, BRONZE STAR with Oakleaf (there is a copy of his BS citation - I do not know what the second one was for), original formal BRONZE STAR CERTIFICATE, many newspaper articles discussing the above events, original wartime photos he took at BUCHENWALD after the liberation and of those he interviewed for his report (identified on reverse), original 6th Armored patches and other insignia, period ARMORED ATTACKER newspapers (6th armored div), many other pieces of original paperwork - orders, passes, ID's, etc.