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96.  US WWII Photo Album - Operation Torch -  North Africa, Oran, Italy
Very rare album of a man who served in the 105 Ordnance Company and participated in Operation Torch - the original invasion of North Africa!  Contains many photos of his time in Oran after the invasion and for the build up of materiel for for invasion of Sicily. Many excellent images of huge numbers of British TANKS, British Hobart Funny mine clearer tanks, DUKW amphibious vehicles,  captured GERMAN PANZERS in North Africa, super photo of GI on captured Italian Semovente da 75/18 Sturmgeschutz  - German designation - StuG M42 mit 7,5 KwK L 18(850)(i) - with camo paint named "Heidi 1," many other vehicles, other captured German vehicles,