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92.  NSDAP + SA Photo Album + Gebirgsjaeger OFFICER + Austrian Anschluss - 1 Gebirgs Division - NICE!
179 photos. Man was a SA officer and later high ranking officer in Geb. Art. Rgt 79.  Well captioned. Nice Third Reich parades with banners and flags, many photos of SA and NSDAP troops,  and officials, SS officers, group photos, then photos from his service as an officer in  Gebirgs Artillerie Regiment 79 of the 1 Gebirgs Division - nice Alpine photos, field radios set up in mountain positions, Gebirgs Artillerie cannons, good photos of Gebirgs artillery equipment carried by mules, then photos of the Austrian Anschluss (Annexation of Austria), swearing in Austrian troops in to the Wehrmacht, good photos from Innsbruck, more. Beautiful album.