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77.  Army Photo Album, Wehrpass & Award Documents - Jewish Content +  STALINGRAD!
VERY nice grouping to Stabsgefreiter Wilhelm HONOLD who served in Heeres Nachr. Rgt 570.  Great entry in the Wehrpass for campaign participation at STALINGRAD!  Comes with original KVK2 award document with original signature Generalfeldmarschall FEDOR VON BOCK (RK winner) - von Bock was KIA in May 1945, Ostmedaille award document with orig. sig. Rgt. commander, award document for Driver's Badge in Bronze (uncommon unit-made version) also with orig. sig. Rgt. cdr.. Wehrpass is complete with all awards entered, promotions, units, campaigns, etc.  Many campaign entries for Poland 1939, France 1940 and Russia including STALINGRAD. The photo album contains 88 good images from Poland, France & Russia  including POLISH JEWS, KIA civilians, French TANKS, French POWs, studio portraits, vehicles, He 111 airplane crashed, Soviet Sturmovik crash landed, KO Russian tanks & KIA crews, funerals in the field, more.