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47 WWI Photo & Document Grouping - MEDIC - 25 Infanterie Division
Grouping to father of woman from #52 above. Contains 69 very good WWI photos from the Westfront. many excellent portraits, trench photos, medics wearing red cross armbands, field hospitals, destroyed French towns, decimated battlefields, and more.   Award Documents for KVK2 without swords (large formal version_ as Landesoberinspektor, 25 Year Long Service Medal Document, Hindenburg Cross Document, Iron Cross Second Class Award Document for service with the 25 Infanterie Division (San. Kemp. 2 of the XVIII A.K.) - very nice version, promotion doc to Landesoberinspektor, Award Doc. for Military Sanitats Kreuz, military ID card issued by the French government,  and more.