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47  Army UNIT PHOTOGRAPHER Photo Album & DIARY Grouping - France & Russia Campaigns - Nice!
Large grouping of 503 photos of a unit photographer. Many photos captioned in the albums & on reverse.   Great example of how servicemen got most of their photos through unofficial unit photographers such as this man. Come with "sample albums" which would be passed amongst the unit, in which you would indicate which images you wanted a copy of.  This grouping is also nice as it comes with his FIELD DIARIES! Extensive entries.  Good images from the France Campaign 1940 as well as Russia. French POWs, identified French towns and villages, graves in the field, French troop graves, crashed RAF planes, photos from PARIS, MP 40, Russian POWs, officers, vehicles, artillery positions, observation balloons, StuG III, schwere Mortar units, hanged partisans, winter camp, Pak cannons, unit emblems, and more! Great lot!