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46.   Army OFFICER Photo Album & WEHRPASS - 207 Inf Division - ITALY - NETTUNO!
155 photos. All from the same Officer who served in Nachrichten Abt. 45, 823 and Armee Nachr. Rgt 524. this last unit was stationed in ITALY and faced the Allies at NETTUNO and other major Italian battles. His Wehrpass is complete. Named to Lt. Wilhelm Lützeler. Also comes with his Army driver's license. Wehrpass has harder to find uniform photo, many promotions, awards listed include KVK2, Ostmedaille, EK2.. Many great campaign entries - France, Holland, Belgium, Anti-Partisan fighting in the East, Leningrad, Italy including the great entry for defensive battles at NETTUNO(!) and also anti-partisan fighting in Italy, and more. Also comes with some POW documents and his Army discharge. nice portrait photos of him in uniform, field radio equipment, artillery, field positions, graves, more.