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45 SS POLIZEI Holocaust Document Grouping - POLAND - Jurgen STROOP Signature!
Grouping named to Polizeirat Hermann SCHNEEMILCH. Comes with his KVK2 award document dated Sept 1 1944 with original signature SS Gruppenführer JURGEN STROOP. Very desirable signature. Pass document for Polish man permitting him to come to work in LODZ, transfer letter on Polizeiprasident in Litzmannstadt letterhead, additional Litzmanstdat related documents, also documents related to his service in PILA, Poland (Schneidemühl, in German) his WWI large format EK2 award document, Hindenburg Cross document and more. Rare grouping to a Polizei man with documented Holocaust related service in Poland.

Background to Jürgen Stroop: Born Josef Stroop, 26 September 1895 in Detmold, Germany – Died 6 March 1952 in Warsaw, Poland. Stroop joined the NSDAP and the SS in 1932, Noted for his leadership qualities, Stroop rose through the ranks quickly, ending up with the rank of General. Stroop was put in command of putting down the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Directly afterwards, he wrote the Stroop Report, a book-length account of the operation. Following the defeat of Nazi Germany, Stroop was prosecuted during the Dachau Trials and convicted of murdering nine American POWs. After his extradition to the People's Republic of Poland, Stroop was tried, convicted, and hanged for crimes against humanity.