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37.   US Army OFFICER Grouping – SICILY, ITALY + Monte CASSINO!
Large grouping of 100+ photos from an Army officer serving in SICILY then ITALY in 1944/45. You can see several photos of him throughout. Many photos are captioned on the reverse side. Bren Carriers, using captured vehciles including nice sports car, photos from MONTE CASSINO, many other identified locations – URBINO, BOLOGNA, MESSINA, MILLAZO RONCOFREDDO, FLORENCE, and more, SOLAROLO, ELVITO, MONTE SANTA MARIA liberating ROME 1944, Mules being loaded for mountain operations, Italian refugees fleeing battle, British troops and officers, KO Tanks, destroyed Italian towns and cities, photo of “the one little bridge Jerry did not blow” with German mines US sappers lifted, US Red Cross Club in Rome, officer graves and more.