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18.  Army Wehrpass, Award Document & Photo Grouping - OFFICER - ART. RGT. 619 - KRETA + S. ART. ABT 768 CHANNEL COAST
Grouping to a Hauptman (Captain) who served as a Batterie Fuehrer in various Artillery units including schwere Art. Abt 768 stationed on the English Channel Coast (Kanalkueste) and Art. Rgt. 619 on KRETA (Sicherung KRETA).  Comes with his official discharge, SUPER Wehrpass filled with entries, awards include German 1936 OLYMPIC Medal (rarely seen in Wehrpasses), Austrian Anschluss Medal, Sudetenland Medal, Iron Cross Second Class and Ostmedaille.  Many good campaign entries. Also comes with his original Ostedaille award document.  77 photos - several studio portraits of the man, conferring with other officers in the field, destruction in France, graves in the field, bivouacs, view from inside Channel Coast bunkers looking out to sea, vehicles, more.