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17   PANZER Wehrpass & Award Document Grouping -  Panzer Aufklarungs Abt. 1 - 3 Panzer Division
Grouping to Walter GOLDSCHMIDT who served in Panzeraufklarungs Abt 1 of the 3. Panzer Division. Comes with Drivers Badge in SILVER award document with org. sig. Abt, Kdr., WH Fuehrerschein with license to driver Panzerspahwagen, original WEHRPASS - assigned first to Aufklarungs Abt 4 from 1938 to May 1942, then Panzer Aufklarungs Abt 1. nice list of weapons qualifications, awards listed include Panzer Assault Badge, EK2, Ostmedaille, Wound Badge in Black, Driver's Badge in Silver & Bronze. Wounded twice.