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164.   USS ANCON Officer Grouping - Command Flagship - Omar Bradley, Mark Clark
Grouping of an officer who served on the USS ANCON. the Ancon played important roles during WWII. She served as the FLAG SHIP of Commander of the Atlantic Fleet Amphibious Forces during the invasion of SICILY. She carried Rear ADMIRAL ALAN G. KIRK, COMMANDER, TF 85, AND LIEUTENANT GENERAL OMAR BRADLEY on board. During the invasion of mainland Italy, she had been designated flagship for the Commander of the 8th Fleet Amphibious Forces in Northwest African Waters. On 6 September, Ancon got underway for Salerno. During the operation, the ship carried Lieutenant GENERAL MARK WAYNE CLARK who commanded the 5th Army. For the NORMANDY invasion, she was designated the flagship of the 11th Amphibious Force. On 25 May, King George VI of the United Kingdom and Field Marshal Montgomery visited the ship. She served as FLAGSHIP FOR THE ASSAULT FORCES THAT LANDED ON OMAHA BEACH IN NORMANDY. Throughout the invasion, the ship provided instructions for forces both afloat and ashore. She served important roles in the Pacific Theater, as well.
Comes with two garrison caps, pair shoulder boards, box of buttons and insignia, official ships newspapers, wartime restricted Naval Ordnance & Gunnery manual, wartime report of the ANCON during the SALERNO invasion, ship diagrams, rare original ship's organization manual, color photos, original photo of SALERNO landing craft on beach and more.