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9.  STALINGRAD KIA Document & FELDPOST Grouping - 79 Infanterie Division
RARE document grouping to man who served in the 79 Inf Div and was KIA in STALINGRAD! Named to Wachtmeister Lutz MEYER who served in Art. Rgt 179 of the 79 Inf Division. Comes with his official death certificate stating he was KIA in STALINGRAD in Jan. 1943, Iron Cross Second Class with original signature General der Infanterie Karl STRECKER (RK winner and surrender forces at Stalingrad on 2, Feb 1943), General Assault Badge with orig. sig. Rgt commander Oberstleutnant Prestien, West Wall award document, many other documents also confirming his death at Stalingrad. Also important are MANY original FELDPOST letters he sent from the field including several from STALINGRAD - at least one one sent in Jan. 1943, days before his death and the surrender of forces. Also comes with a returned letter his parents sent to him on Christmas Day 1942 - he was KIA by the time it arrived. Very rare!