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146.   Waffen-SS Photo Album - 32. SS-FREIWILLIGEN-GRENADIER-DIVISION 30 JANUAR - Late War Panzervernichtungs Training
114 photos.  All from man who, by the end of the war, was serving in the rare unit -  32. SS-FREIWILLIGEN-GRENADIER-DIVISION 30 JANUAR.  Named to Rottenfuehrer Kurt GUTSCHE. He was an older soldier (39 at time of his death in 1945), probably serving earlier in the war in behind the line duties but throuwn into action at the end.  It is also likely that he served previously with SS Kampfgruppe SCHILL, which was later absorbed in the Division and earlier shared the same Feldpost Nummer. Comes with document from 1945 showing that he was KIA with this unit (Feldpost Nummer 26667) listing all of his personal effects.  Super album with SS runes embossed on cover. Nice 9x13cm studio portraits. Starts with a couple of early SS photos from Dusseldorf and then many VERY good photos of him attending a late war (1944-45) PANZER VERNICHTUNGS Training - single hand tank destruction course!  Many of these photos are captioned on the reverse.  Good photos of LAH cufftitles in wear, medals in wear, SS camo smocks, SS MG training, SS Tank destruction training, photos of officer in HJ leader uniform wearing KNIGHTS CROSS & Oakleaves, SS service dogs, SS Spiess, then field service against the Russians, KO T-34 tanks, SS FLAK Halftrack units, vehicles, troops in late war Hungary, KIA Russians, field bivouacs, wedding photos of SS comrade, SS artillery, Russian planes, lots of photos of destruction & devestation, graves, and more!