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140.  Kriegsmarine Photo Album, Cap & Document Grouping - SCHWERER KREUZER LÜTZOW - NETHERLANDS, Latvia, Norway, Finland

Very nice grouping to Wilhelm DREES who served on the Schwerer Kreuzer Lützow (Previously named the DEUSTCHLAND until renamed at the beginning of the war). Comes with his GESUNDHETSBUCH (G-Buch) filled with information about his service - Many LÜTZOW entries, many additional documents added inside, letters he received, his US military issueddischarge,six original LÜTZOW SHIP’S BORDZEITUNGEN (ship’s crew newspaper) from late 1943 (rare!), his KM Tellermütze cover with original ID number and name tags sewn inside, the PHOTO ALBUM contains 326 photos! Many captioned on reverse Starts with many great KM studio portraits of the man and comrades, then photos of him in HOLLAND (Rotterdam?), then serving on smaller ship (minesweeper probably) prior to the Luetzow, good images of their camp-painted ship, photos of the ship based out of TERSCHELLING NETHERLANDS, then photos stationed in Latvia, then photos on the LÜTZOW in Norway & FINLAND, good photos of the ship’s captain and officers on bridge, crew at duty stations, hiding in Norwegian Fjords, at sea under operations, other ships in convoys, and more!