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130.   US WWII Photo Album- North Africa, Italy, Germany - 314th Fighter Squadron!!
280 photos of a man who served as a ground crewman in the 314th Fighter Squadron.   Great images of aircraft, super portrait photo of him wearing 314th squadron patch on his field jacket - uncommon!!!, sandstorms in North Africa, convoys in the desert, P-40's in the desert, destruction in Germany, Mobile canteen in the desert, crossing the Rhine River, photos of him and unit on ship bound for Africa, good photos of them onboard ship - rough sleeping conditions, posing with captured Italian tank, wearing German field gear, 314th squadron base signs, Mt Vesuvius erupting, captured Luftwaffe Ju 52 with unit emblem, jeeps, nice P-47 photos, Flak cannons, good base life photos, Nose Art, crashed planes, crashed He 111, portraits, more.