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12.   LUFTWAFFE FELD DIVISION Photo & AWARD DOCUMENT Grouping - Jaeger Regiment 9 (L) - KUBAN, KRIM
Very nice grouping to Feldwebem Guenther IKEN who served in Jaeger Rgt 9  (L) of the 5. Luftwaffe Feld Division (L). Scarce meterial.  It fought in the KRIM, KUBAN, BLACK SEA, and ODESSA.  Comes with his original award documents for the KUBANSCHILD awarded Oct 1, 1944, IRON CROSS 2nd CLASS awarded July 1943 with original signature Div Kdr Oberst Hans-Bruno Schulze-Heyn, WOUND BADGE in BLACK awarded May 1943, original promotion document to Feldwebel, a Bierzeitungen and more.  Also comes with 75 nice photos - tropical uniforms in wear, STURMGESCHUTZ III in the field, many photos of Soviet AIRPLANES, Fieseler STORCH airplane in the field, and more.