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22.   WWII RAF Trunk Grouping - NAVIGATOR
VERY nice trunk/suitcase grouping named to P/O Raymond A. WOODHOUSE.  Original suitcase he brought/shipped his effects home in is in very good condition. It survived me checking it as luggage back from England last week!  It is full of, likely, everything he brought home,  Comes with a very nice, professionally framed display of his War Medal, Cap Badge, Nav WIng, photo and ID tag. On the reverse is a copy of his Record of Service from the RAF.  Comes with his officers flying tunic with label from Moss Bros & Co Ltd., Covent Garden, London, his officer's greatcoat, also from same tailor, period framed group photo, his painted RAF duffle/kit bag, ID tag, medal boxes and insert letters, Flying LOG BOOK & RCAF Sight Log Book (mostly training in Canada, he did make it over to the CBI theater after the war - he was assigned to TFU Defford in July 1945), his RAF Paybook, RAF Service & Release  Book, various other ID cards and booklets, invitations, box of various uniform effects - buttons, extra pair of shoulder boards, etc., a nice lot of photos showing aircraft, him and comrades in uniform, base life, photos when he was posted in India,  several maps he used in flight, engraved lighter in box, and more. great grouping that would make a very nice display.