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6.   SS POLIZEI Award Document Grouping - NORWAY - Historically Important
Grouping named to Wachtmeister Paul SCHMIDT. Comes with his Ostmedaille award document for service with 10./Polizei Rgt. 13, his Bronze Driver's Badge for service with II./SS-Polizei Rgt. 7 with orig sig Rgt. Cdr.. SS-Pol Rgt 7 was stationed in Spillum Norway at this time. Also comes with his KVK2 award document. He was Feldwebel at this time and was serving in the Gen. Kdo. XXXIII Armee Korps in DRONTHEIM, Norway. Original signature General and cdr. XXXIII AK Friedrich-Wilhelm Neumann 9RK winner). Also interesting is that the reverse of his KVK2 has a typed grounds for the award, in this case, for his personal courage in participating in arresting SS Oberfuehrer Heinz ROCH - very uncommon. ROCH's service can be found below. He committed suicide before the arrival of the Allies.