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2.   WAFFEN-SS Medal, Document & Photo Grouping - SS Division "DAS REICH" - TOP!
One of the best SS groupings we have offered. All directly from the family. Named to SS-Sturmann Josef BRANDSTOETTER, He served in 13./(I.G.) SS regiment "Der Fuehrer" of the SS Division "Das Reich." After his wounding in Russia, he served in occupation duty in the NETHERLANDS. Comes with his Black Wound Badge, Infantry Assault Badge, court mounted EK2 with original envelope and extra ribbon inside. All in the original box they were kept in since the war. Comes with a large folder with many great documents including INFANTRY ASSAULT BADGE with orig. sig. "Der Fuehrer" commander SS-Standartenführer Georg Keppler (RK winner), IRON CROSS SECOND CLASS with orig. sig. PAUL HAUSSER (RK+Swords), two BLACK WOUND BADGE award documents - oe from hospital and the other from the Regiment, also with original signature Rgt Cdr. SS-Obersturmbannführer Otto KUMM (RK+ SWORDS winner), His original SS Fuehrerschein with photo also with original signature KEPPLER, app 44+ pieces of Feldpost he wrote, military discharge, documents related to him working for the British Army in 1946, many other documents related to his service, original SS-Der Fuehrer Bierzeitungen, and more. Comes with Three photo albums and loose photos totaling appx. 360 photos. Has a SUPER very LARGE format portrait photo of him in SS uniform, many other excellent SS Studio portraits, good photos from the France Campaign - shot down and burning British planes, FLAMMENWERFERS, unit graves, bunkers, good photos of Infanterie Geschutz cannons and crews in the field, SS camp smocks and helmets in wear, SS vehicles, KO french Tanks, Panzers, French POWs, photos of Hans Albin RAUTER, photos o him interacting with Dutch locals and kids, several large unit photos and more!