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US/RCAF WWII SPITFIRE/HURRICANE Fighter Pilot Grouping - North Africa - 92 Squadron - Top Rare!
Super grouping named to W/O Frank SHAFER. He was a US citizen from Cleveland, OH who made his way to Canada to volunteer in the RCAF. Comes with a super wartime portrait photo of him in uniform wearing US and RAF wings, his original flight Log book listing hundreds flights, many ops in North Africa. He included many interesting details including other pilots' crashes, deaths, German plane shot down, etc! A treasure trove of information about 92 Squadron! He also flew missions during Battle of El Alamein!! The logbook also contains several original signatures of F/Lt JH Wedgwood - very famous RAF ACE KIA during the war - rare signature!! (see link below). Probably others as well, but this is the only one I immediately recognized. Also comes with several letters he wrote to his sister, newspaper articles and more.  (Available again; buyer never paid)