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79.  VIETNAM GENERAL Photo Album & Document Grouping - Major General Lloyd B. RAMSEY - Americal Division
A fantastic photo album, from personal estate of Major General Lloyd B. RAMSEY. Ramsey had very colorful service from WWII through Vietnam.  During WWII he served as Aide-de-Camp to British General ALEXANDER during the North Africa Campaign, participated in the Battle of Kasserine Pass, he and his unit were the FIRST to BERCHTESGADEN (Sorry 101st AB, it wasn't you), was present at the raising of the American Flag over the Eagle's Nest, and recipient of multiple Purple Hearts, Silver Star and multiple Bronze Stars.  During Vietnam, he served as the commander of the Americal Division. This album covers his Vietnam service. It is a MASSIVE, heavy thing, hand made from wood with personalized engraved name plate on cover. Also comes with award document from South Vietnam and a large pile of letters, many from other Generals and high officers as well as Ramsey's response letters, after his injury from an in country helicopter crash.  The album is filled with excellent photos - many excellent color photos,  everything you would want to see, combat, many named officers (including NORMAN SCHWARTZKOPF and COLIN POWELL), tanks, heavy weapons, on stage with Bob Hope, helicopters, Ramsey receiving medals, many articles about significant battle he commanded, photos of his helicopter crash and him recovering in hospital and much more!  A historically significant album!