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86.   PANZER Photo Album - 2./(Pz.Spah.) Aufklarungs Abteilung 6 - Sudetenland - Top!
287 photos named to Panzer soldier Walter MEYER. Amazing album starting with the man's service in the Hitler Jugend in 1932 with very good photos of his HJ unit at the 1933 & 1944 NURNBERG PARTY RALLY, great photos of HJ uniforms, HJ drunms and musical instruments, rallies, ceremonies, marching, camping, Zeppelins, portraits, high ranking HJ officers, then photos from NSKK Motorsportschule, then photos of him in his Panzer service starting with 2./(Pz.Spah.) Aufklarungs Abteilung 6. Great photos of 8-wheel Panzerspahwagens, 6 and 4-wheel Panzerspahwagens, nice Grand and Kradschuetzen photos, Panzers, Panzers on transport trailers, photos from the SUDETENLAND Camapign, good photos of Panzerspahwagens rolling through Czech villages, early Panzer uniforms and panzer berets, and more.