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WWII 8th Air Force DFC & AIR MEDAL Grouping - 388 Bomb Group - Interned in Sweden!
Rare grouping of original wartime government engraved AM & DFC, both in original white cardboard boxes, named to Sgt John W. PRICE. He was a member of the 388th Bomb Group, 563rd Bomb Squadron. He was serving as tail gunner on B-17 42-31137 "Classy Chassy" when forced to emergency land in Sweden on April 9, 1944 as result of Flak damage. The crew spent the rest of the war interned in Sweden.
"Our second mission was a doozy –the longest in the history of the 8th, bombing a ball bearing factory in Poznan, Poland. We encountered heavy flak over our target that knocked out 2 of our engines. The plane on our wing took direct hit and went spiraling down. I was on the wrong side, so couldn’t see if any chutes came out. We hit our target, but used over our fuel. We couldn’t make it back to base and would have had to ditch in the English Channel. Instead, I had the navigator plot course for Sweden, where we were interned for 6 months.”