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Rare award document of the EHRENSCHILD DES LUFTGAUKOMMANDOS NORWEGEN- Honor Plaque for Special Achievement. Issued MArch 27, 1942 with original signature commander Luftgau Norwegen Genlt. Willi HARMJANZ. The document is rarer than the plaque itself.
In March 1939 the Luftwaffe operational flying units were divided into four separate Luftflotten (Air Fleets) which in turn were sub-divided into assorted Luftgau (Air Districts). Each Luftgau was responsible for a pre-determined area of air space. With the rapid advances and occupations of 1939-1940 some of the Luftflotten were over extended so the Luftwaffe created two additional Luftflotten with one being responsible for a territory covering parts of northern Russia, Finland and Norway. Each of the Luftgau were command by a General. Four of the Luftgau created their own semi-official, non-portable award plaques to award personnel for special achievements. The serial numbered plaques came with an award certificate. The plaques were sanctioned by the Luftgau general and were always made by a local company. This plaque was awarded by Generalleutnant Eduard Ritter von Schleich. The only known maker was Kugusis. Approximately 8,100 Luftgau Norway plaques were awarded by the end of July 1944.