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4.  Kriegsmarine ZERSTÖRER Photo Album - Destroyer FRIEDRICH IHN - Nice!
84 photos of a sailor who served on the Destroyer Friedrich Ihn. He also served on the Z24 and  Z27.  Named to a Ob. Fk. Maat WERNER MAAK. Comes with his ORIGINAL Zerstörer Friedrich Ihn cap tally!  Well captioned throughout.  photos start with his KM training in Stralsund, identified officers, ship postcards, good photos of him and the crew onboard the Ihn, Ihn cap tallies in wear, arriving in Hamburg harbor, photos of the ship's captain and other officers, photos inside the ship, great STUDIO PORTRAITS of the man wearing Ihn Cap Tally and another wearing his DESTROYER BADGE! medal award ceremonies, photos of the ship in NORWAY, ship convoys at sea, photos from Copenhagen, original documents named to the man including an ID card/document indicating he was awarded the Destroyer badge on Oct 19, 1940 with original ship's stamp.  At the end of the album is a good typed summary of his service!