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Army Photo Album & Award Document Grouping Infanterie Regiment "LIST" - Rare!
170 photos, all from Hauptfeldwebel Michael MOSER, the Kompanie Spiess of 4./ Infanterie Regiment 199 "List." Many photos have detailed captions on the reverse! This was Hitler's unit in WWI. They were allowed to wear the special cufftitle "Infanterie Regiment List." Adolf Hitler served in Königlich Bayerisches Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 16, named "List" after its commander Oberst Julius List, of 6. Königlich Bayerische Reserve-Division during the First World War. Comes with his award documents for the INFANTRY ASSAULT BADGE awarded August 1944, KVK2 with original signature 57 ID commander Generalleutnant Otto Fretter-Pico (RK winner), and Ostmedaille with orig. sig. Regimental commander. The album is full of examples of the man and his comrades wearing the "Infanterie Regiment List" cufftitle. Many photos showing the man wearing Spiess sleeve tress, good front shots from Russia, photos of unit graves particularly a Lt. Moser - perhaps a relative?,vehicles, Russian POWs, KO Russian Tanks, PAK cannons, Identified KNIGHTS CROSS WINNER (Heindl, Josef 09.02.1943 Hauptmann d.R. Kdr I./Gren.Rgt 199 „List“) , burning Russian towns and cities, KIA Russian soldiers, motorcycles, and more.