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US WWII SILVER STAR & PURPLE HEART Grouping - 3rd Infantry Division - TOP!
SUPER original wartime government engraved Silver Start & Purple Heart named to Arthur A. KUNDE who served in the 10th Engineers, 3rd Infantry Division. He served in Africa, Sicily, Italy and France & Germany. Also comes with original white box for the Silver Star, original CITATION for the Silver Star for lifesaving actions in France on Sept 11, 1944 in Vesoul France (super!), Dog Tags, engraved Good Conduct Medal, original wartime 3rd Division Patch, Telegram to wife informing her of his being wounded,  many original newspaper clippings about his life and wartime exploits (appears he was a professional baseball player), interesting newspaper clippings indicating he played a commando-like role the night before the invasion of Sicily (Operation HUSKY) - possibly he just meant that he was in the first wave of the invasion..Needs more research! another article described him being wounded from a mine explosion in Italy, treated and then going AWOL and hitchhiking and walking his way back to join his unit, several good original photos, telegrams he sent home from Africa and Italy, and more!