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US WWII Rear ADMIRAL Medal & Document Grouping - USS LEXINGTON.
Extensive grouping named to Rear Admiral Alexander F. JUNKER. He graduated from the Naval Academy in 1922. His first assignment was to the USS Texas. In 1924 he entered submarine service. His first submarine assignment was the USS S 26 based in the canal zone. He served in various other submarines between 1930 and 1933. He served on the USS Porpoise as well as the USS Dolphin. He was assigned to the USS Lexington in July 1940 as engineering officer. He was on the Lexington win it was sunk by Japanese forces during the battle of the Coral Sea and received a Bronze Star citation for services he performed at the time. He went on to serve as commanding officer of the US Sabine and the USS President Jackson. He received a gold star for the bronze star and subsequently the combat V for the bronze star as well. He later was awarded the Legion of Merit for WWII service as well as the Distinguished Service Medal for service during the Korean War.

The grouping comes with his complete set of service medals, his gold officer submarine service dolphins, dog tag, a binder full of original as well as copy paperwork related to his service (MUCH MORE than is pictured below). Contains an extensive record of his service. Important original paperwork includes his formal bronze star medal citation, Gold Star and Combat “V" citation, letter regarding Gold Star and combat “V" award, legion of merit citation, letter concerning his award of the navy unit commendation ribbon bar, Distinguished Service Medal citation, original photo of him being awarded the DSM by the secretary of the navy extensive original letter concerning his award of the DSM and more.